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    Default The Crimson Echo OOC

    A reboot of Shizu's Curse of the Crimson Throne game.

    The former OOC thread

    The Crimson Echo IC Thread

    Player Character Campaign Trait Class Race Harrow points
    Steveodore Miz Hudson Unhappy Childhood Alchemist (Vivisectionist/Beastmorph) Skinwalker (Bloodmarked) 3
    PiccadillyPi Silas Rata'da Drug Addict (Personal Addiction) Ranger(Dandy Ranger) Tiefling (Beastblood) 3
    Stelio Kontos Aliani Rose Lost love(Orphaned) Bard Half-Elf 3
    Darvin Dalin Rittle Drug Addict(Addicted Friend) Wizard Human 3

    Spoiler: Book One Harrow Point Uses

    • Gain a +5 Fate bonus to AC (normal, touch, and flat-footed) against any one physical attack being made against you (must decide to use before taking your next combat turn).
    • Reroll a Reflex Save with a +5 Fate bonus (must decide to use before taking your next combat turn).
    • Reroll a skill based on Dexterity. Treat as if you had rolled a Natural 20. (must decide to use immediately after making the original skill roll, before the result of that roll is described by the DM).
    • Immediately move up to an extra 30 feet. Gain +10 of movement speed for the remainder of the encounter (must use on your combat turn).

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