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    Spoiler: Eida Brightmoon, Cleric of Selūne
    Name: Eida Brightmoon
    CG Hill Dwarf Acolyte Cleric of Selūne 1

    Orphaned as a baby when what was presumably her parents' trade caravan was attacked by Gnolls, Eida was found by Merric Brightmoon, a halfling priest of Selūne from a nearby village. He brought the infant Eida to his son and daughter-in-law, Garth and Nora Brightmoon, who adopted and raised Eida. Growing up happily with the only family she'd ever known Eida followed in her grandfather's footsteps and joined Selūne's priesthood, whilst also helping her mother work the forge and wrangle the 4 younger brothers and sisters that joined the family after her.

    After 36 winters Eida, a grown woman by halfling reckoning yet still a child by a dwarf's, set out to travel as a priestess of Selūne. Her first destination after a teary goodbye to her family was to seek out dwarven lands, hoping to learn more of heritage. It was, in a word, a disaster. The free-spirited Eida clashed harshly with the traditionalist culture of the gold dwarves that still viewed her as an ignorant child, almost completely extinguishing any desire Eida may have had to learn more of drawven culture. The only bright spot in the trip was the friendship she struck up with Gardain Glanhig, a priest of Dugmaren Brightmantle. It from him that she learned what little she knows of the traditional dwarven history and skills, and the two exchange correspondence still.

    Moving on from dwarven lands, Eida took to wandering in Selūne's name. As she interacted with the wider world and the rest of Selūne's clergy she first encountered Varra Drazlad, fellow cleric of Selūne and lycanthrope. The two became fast friends and took to travelling together, eventually entering a relationship. Recently Eida was called back home to attend her grandfather's funeral and Varra was unfortunately called to Chult. When communication abruptly stopped, Eida resolved to journey there herself and rescue her love. She's heard of a wizardly merchant offering free transport to those lands for any willing to undertake a quest for her...

    Personality: Infectiously cheerful, known for her strange ideas.
    Ideals: Follows the teachings of Selūne
    Bond: Varra Drazlad
    Flaw: Doesn't take orders well. Not at all. (Exceptions made for her goddess, her superiors in the priesthood and her parents. Mostly.)

    STR 14
    DEX 10
    CON 17
    INT 10
    WIS 16
    CHA 11

    Hit Points 12/12 (1d8)
    Initiative +0
    AC 18

    Warhammer +4, 1d8+2 Bludgeoning, Versatile (1d10)

    Proficiency Bonus: +2
    • Light Armour, Medium Armour, Heavy Armour, Shields
    • All Simple Weapons, Battleaxe, Handaxe, Throwing Hammer, Warhammer
    • Smith's Tools
    • Wisdom and Charisma Saves
    • Medicine, Perception, Insight, Religion
    Languages: Common, Dwarvish, Halfling, Celestial

    • Shelter of the Faithful
    • Darkvision
    • Dwarven Resilience
    • Stonecunning
    • Dwarven Toughness
    • Spellcasting
    • Divine Domain: Life
    • Domain Spells
    • Disciple of Life

    Spells 3/2/- (Attack Bonus +5, DC 13)
    • Guidance
    • Sacred Flame
    • Thaumaturgy
    Domain Spells
    • Bless
    • Cure Wounds
    Prepared Spells
    • Command
    • Detect Magic
    • Detect Poison and Disease
    • Healing Word

    • Holy symbol amulet
    • Prayer book
    • 5 sticks of incense
    • Vestments
    • Set of common clothes
    • Belt pouch containing 15 gp
    • Warhammer
    • Chain mail
    • Dagger
    • Explorer's pack
    • Shield with holy symbol emblem

    EDIT Sheet finished.
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