Techs of all shapes, sizes and races have already swarmed over the Nephilim by the time Athrusa makes it out of the cockpit. An entire team is already working on the suit's damaged wing, while others reload its machine cannons, refill its fuel tanks, or patch and reinforce other damaged areas. The man she hands it to turns out to be the Nephilim's own crew chief, who nods, and takes the drive without fanfare. As soon he gotten it, he's away, tasking teams with more repairs. Standing off to the side, however, is Nurse Celeste, who's got a databoard and a tray with several bottles on it. She nods at Athrusa and smiles gently as she moves up quickly.

"How are you holding up, Athrusa? I don't see any damage to your suit; you haven't been injured any further, have you?"