Came here to see whether Warding Bond was listed. Strange spell in terms of targeting, not sure how it'd work with the "share a spell" feature of Find Steed.

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Any updates in the works for new books?
Find Greater Steed definitely makes this route (bard steedmaster) way stronger. Greater steeds (potentially) bring flying, massive speed, and of course a much larger HP pool. They're meant to be Tier 4 paladin boosts, but of course that makes them Tier 2 bard boosts lol

The Dragon's Breath spell is also a pretty massive boon for Find Steed. Cast it on yourself, your steed gets it too; it's not an attack action, so your steed can use it even while you're mounted. Even if you have better uses for your action, giving your steed the option to do 3d6 fire/lightning/acid/cold/poison each round, scaling with spell level, is pretty sick. It's very thematic for my dragonborn sorcadin, too. Oh and if you're a sorcerer with find familiar, you can hit your mount and twin it to hit your familiar as well, for double the fire-breathing minions.