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    Hello, I know it's late but I'd like to add my character to the pile!

    Clara Whistlewindle, Gnome Cleric, Acolyte

    Spoiler: Character Sheet

    Clara is a recent acolyte of a temple to Chauntea, Goddess of Agriculture. She grew up in a religious family, living her whole life in a temple famous for the brewery it operates. She is used to hard work and spent her childhood working at the brewery with her two brothers, eventually joining the ranks of the Amber Cloister. However recently a dark sickness has been infecting the people of her town - those she swore to most help through divine restoration - and she has done all she can to help her order help those afflicted. One day while working at the Temple her god gave her a vision - of twisted dungeon paths and dark shadows - and so she decided to leave the safety of clerical life to help stop this terrible disease.

    Class - Cleric/Life Domain
    Race - Rock Gnome
    Deity - Chauntea
    Alignment - NG
    Background - Acolyte

    STR: 12
    DEX: 9
    CON: 13
    INT: 12
    WIS: 15
    CHA: 14

    Proficiencies: Religion, Insight, Medicine, Perception

    HP: 9
    AC: 16
    Initiative: -1

    Speed 25ft
    Passive Perception 14

    Mace: +3 to hit, 1dd +3 bludgeoning
    Scale Mail AC = 14+DEX
    Shield +2 AC

    15 GP
    Priest's Pack (Incense, Vestments, 10 Candles, Tinderbox, Alms Box, 2 Days rations, Waterskin, Blanket)
    Travelling Clothes
    Holy Symbol
    Artisans Tools

    Other Proficiencies/Features
    Darkvision 60 ft
    Artisans Tools
    Gnome Cunning - Adv on INT, WIS, CHA saves against magic
    Artificer's Lore - Double proficiency bonus when making History checks about magic items

    Sacred Flame
    Spare the Dying
    Bless (life domain)
    Cure Wounds(life domain)
    +3 Prepared

    The Amber Cloister Temple & Brewery

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