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Wow, Mercy's ult is really, really boring. It doesn't even feel like ulting, it's just doing what you did, only a little better. They could have at least made it so that you can instantly resurrect people.
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She was quite marginal during the triple-tank meta after the introduction of Ana, and there have been maps where Zen/Lucio was strong (King of the Hill).
Yeah, for a long time there it seemed like they were nerfing all the other healers just to try and push more players to Mercy. I don't recall her ever really getting nerfed until after the rework.

Also, add me to the tally of people who think the new ultimate is boring. Personally I think she should have a lesser version of that all the time (limited flight and an option to chain heal for ~half the amount of her single target heal), and then get her team revive ultimate back.

Actually, I have an idea for how to rework her team revive ultimate that might help to avoid the pitfalls it had before. Let me know if this is a good idea or a stupid one.

How about when her ult reaches 100%, that gives her a single-target resurrect, similar to what she has now but at a longer range and with instant activation. However, let her keep charging and bank up to 3, maybe 4 of them, which can be used in rapid succession. Put a 30-second cooldown on each teammate so that she can't just keep resurrecting the tank over and over again, and let's say a 2-second cooldown between charges, so that the enemy team has a chance to stop her from raising multiple teammate in a row.

So for example, when Mercy's ult hits 100% she banks a single resurrect, her meter resets to zero, and she begins charging another one, up to whatever the maximum is. Three teammates die to an enemy ult, so Mercy flies in, raises her tank, then hides behind him for a couple seconds until she can raise another, then another.

I think this would help encourage Mercy to revive teammates rather than hoard her ult, hide from teammates, and hope for that game-changing mass revive. There are a couple safeguards built in to prevent it from becoming too obnoxious and to allow some shutdown opportunities.

I'm sure there are still some flaws I haven't seen, but what do you think?