It was tempting to linger hope for the hellknights to noisily drop her some more tidbits. On the other hand the way things were going for Stross right now, whenever he exited that hole he might decide to take his mounting frustration out on a certain nearby sewer waif. The best course of action right now seemed to be locating shiver den topside, which was hypothetically the source. While there was a chance this was a false lead, it was better to sniff it out now that she potentially had a head start on it.

Miz bobbed her head to the guard and eased away down another tunnel, looking for a discreet area to climb up to the open city. Before going topside she hunted around for an alcove to squat in and brew up one more extract, making sure no dangers or other watchers were nearby before quickly infusing it. Once done she hoisted herself up to the surface, carefully popping her head out and assessing the area to make sure she was chose a safe spot.

Assuming everything went well she steps out into the main street and glaces over the crowd to see if she can locate any Acadamae ducks or apparent shiver users to guide her to the Denès location.

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