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    Basic information
    System: Dungeons and dragons fifth edition
    Gaming medium: The entirety of this campaign will be conducted through the GitP forum.
    Number of players: We shall be accepting no new players.
    Genre: So far the predominating genres of this campaign will be mystery and war, with elements of dark fantasy in the form of slightly lovecraftian horror, swashbuckling and of course a little bit of epic fantasy (as befit of a D&D game). I may show elements of other fantasy sub-genres or decrease the influence of pre-existing ones depending on your requests though. This campaign is actual somewhat of an anomaly, as it is essentially a high-magic adventure in a low-magic world that is not used to dealing with such threats. (See plot for more information)
    Playstyle: This campaign will have massive player agency and freedom so your choices will have immense impact on the world around you, thusly playstyle is largely dependent on your character’s choices. So far my plan is to make a fairly even balance of combat, exploration and social interaction but certain pillars of play will become more predominant than the others depending on the choices of your characters. I would prefer to run a more serious game and include some elements of horror and darker themes (such as war), but that being said I see no reason to completely exclude elements of humor and whimsical fun. How your character’s respond to the situations at hand though will cause me to alter the mood to suit the player’s desires though. Due to the minimal amount of railroading and excess amount of player freedom though be aware that the consequences of your actions may be more pronounced than usual. This does not necessarily mean the campaign will be realistic or gritty though, it simply means that bad luck mixed with poor tactical decisions (I try to be open minded about your ideas on effective strategies) may prove to have major, possibly (metaphorically) devastating, effects on your character and the world around them.

    Spoiler: Plot over-view
    Note: The plot here may seem to show evidence of elements and tropes featured in science fiction, but any attempts at doing so are completely unintentional. This is a distinctly fantasy campaign with very little presence of science fiction elements, and will not include any references to such advanced technologies. I apologize if my wording misleads you.

    As the cold wind whistles through the pine trees of the island continent of Recnam, eldritch monstrosities hide among the rocky cliffs, awaiting for their chance to spread misery and cataclysm onto those that live in the natural world. Aberrations descend from magical portals to devastate the land, the dead rise from their graves to prey upon the living, and people undergo horrid physical alterations as their sanity deteriorates alongside their humanity. For the boundaries to the plane of magic, some call it the dreamscape, have been ruptured and through it the gates to the distant realms have been opened. Despite the people’s best attempts to fend off these invading magical threats, they are inexperienced with fighting such a force and prove incapable of providing meaningful defense. As the government and society of Recnam slowly unravels and collapses from the unknown dangers everyone is left asking the same question: why is this happening and how do we stop it? And you brave adventurer, will be their answer! Venture into the mysterious world of eldritch power to discover what is behind these forces of impending doom and stop them before all is lost. Pick up a sword, ready a spell, raise your holy symbol or wait for your opportunity to strike the killing blow, but whatever you do; do not falter; Lest you be stricken down by those that haunt the darkest abyss!

    Spoiler: campaign setting
    This campaign will take place on the remote island continent of Recnam. The coast is made up of rocky cliffs which gradually give way to deciduous forest as one goes farther inland. While Recnam does experience all four seasons, it is always slightly colder than other temperate habitats. For centuries this island has been ruled over by an ancient, shapeshifting aquatic dragon by the name of Banrignamara who resides in a half-submerged castle on the coast. So far she has proven to be a decent ruler and has established a feudalistic confederacy on this island. While Banrignamara may be the supreme ruler, the fiefs are still largely independent and responsible for taking care of themselves.

    Almost all of Recnam worships the same pantheon of gods. In the Recnamian pantheon there is one god for each domain; knowledge, life, light, nature, tempest, trickery, war and death. There are very few magic wielders in Recnam, but the existence of them is well known and respected through-out the country. Most of the arcane magic users in Recnam either work for the government as “court wizards” or are associated with the college of Banrignamara (the dragon named the capital city which houses the college after herself), almost all of the divine magic users are part of a church which corresponds to a god in the Recnamian pantheon, and most of the nature-based magic users live with the more tribal denizens of the island.

    Recnam has always been a relatively peaceful place. Common problems of violent land disputes, organized crime and the presence of dangerous, semi-magical animals (owlbears, ankhegs, dire wolves, etc.) have always occurred, but they are always easily solved by foreign adventurers. There are so many mercenaries in the country that the government actually relies on them to solve most of these issues. Because of this many adventurers from “the mainland” travel to Recnam to find work opportunities. People of all kinds of races can be found all through-out the country, although it is still predominantly human.

    Spoiler: House rules
    Sometimes I may ignore minor rules or make a ruling if I believe it improves the game, but over-all I do not utilize that many house-rules. Here is a list of all the house rules that will be in play over the course of this campaign.

    Levels and leveling up: Instead of gaining experience points from killing enemies or completing specific challenges, your character automatically gains a level whenever they complete a particular quest, mission or other specific objective. I will clearly mark whenever a particular quest has been finished. They will gain a level even if they failed to accomplish their objective.

    Economy, monetary resources and re-fluffing equipment: Due to the vague and inconsistent nature of the core D&D 5e economic system, I have implemented an entirely different economic system for this campaign. Expect the costs of items to be extremely different from what is presented in the core rule books. Also be aware that in Recnam silver pieces are the most predominant coin to be used in transactions. In addition to that, copper pieces are worth 1/100 of a silver piece and gold pieces are worth 100 Silver pieces.

    Note that any costs related to learning spells or casting spells will be ignored. It costs no money to cast a spell even if the spell specifies that it does expend gold and copying a spell into your spellbook (if you are a wizard) is free to do. It is also unnecessary for you to buy ammunition for any ranged weapons as I will not be counting how much ammunition you have, and thus your weapons effectively have an unlimited well of projectiles.

    Also be aware that I will allow you to reflavor, refluff and rename your weapons and armor. If you wish to use the statistics of a pre-existing weapon or set of armor to represent a piece of equipment that does not exist in the rulebook or is badly represented, then feel free to do so. If this is a weapon then you may also change the damage type so that it better suits the desired weapon’s design. If you are including a re-named piece of equipment on your character sheet than put the name of the equipment that formed the basic statistics of your current weapon or armor in parentheses next to that piece of equipment. For example, if you wanted to wear a “gambeson” that uses the same statistics as studded leather than on your character sheet in the equipment section write Gambeson (studded leather) or if you wanted to wield a “scythe” that uses the statistics of a spear except that it does slashing damage than on your character sheet in the equipment section write scythe (spear).

    Spoiler: Character creation specifications

    Character sheets: So long as I have access to and can read your character sheet than it does not matter to me too much what system you use to display it. I would prefer it if you wrote it on a digital character sheet which is identical to a physical one (such as a downloadable one found in this link from the WotC website), but it is by no means necessary for you to do so.

    Allowed content: Any official D&D 5th edition material published by Wizards of the Coast is allowed for use. There are no restrictions on multi-classing or feats. Homebrewed content is permitted if you or anyone else in the party created or assisted in the creation of said content (Evaluating and criticizing another person’s project does not count). Unearthed arcana, homebrew and third party content are only allowed if the majority of the table (excluding the DM and the person who asked to use the content which is being scrutinized) agrees that such supplements are balanced.

    Alignment: I am going to be completely honest with you, I view the alignment system rather contemptuously. To me it seems to present more problems than it does benefits, so thusly I have excluded alignments from the game. Any and all effects which reference alignment will be ignored. Feel free to record this information on your character sheet, but be aware that I will never acknowledge the existence of the alignment statistic.

    Starting experience: All new characters will start out at level fifteen.

    Determining ability scores and hit points: Your character’s ability scores may be generated by using the standard array or variant: customizing ability scores, but you cannot roll to determine your ability scores. Whenever you gain a level you cannot roll to determine how high your hit point maximum raises either, you must use the average number marked in the “hit points” section of your character’s class.

    starting equipment: Instead of receiving equipment from their class and background or rolling for wealth by class every character starts out with...
    •a set of traveler’s clothes
    •a backpack
    •one set of armor (if they are proficient with any)
    •a spellcasting focus (if they are of a class which can use one) •two weapons
    •one tool
    •an equipment pack of their choice
    •and 50 silver pieces.
    •They also get their choice of either (A) a shield, (B) two extra weapons, (C) an extra tool, or (D) 50 extra silver pieces.

    Details on backstory: A backstory is required to play in this campaign. The mainland is intentionally kept rather vague, so if most of the events from your backstory are on the mainland than you could essentially create whatever backstory you want without contradicting pre-existing setting details. Please be aware that I will be pulling characters from your background to use as NPCs with major positions in the plot.

    Spoiler: Rules of posting
    Post formatting: State your character’s actions in normal text, write their exact words in any colored font and italicize any character thoughts.

    Posting rate: You should post at least once every 48 hours, although I will be viewing the thread much more than that, almost as much as six times a day. When in combat, If 48 hours have passed since the enemies’ last turn/beginning of combat , or if 24 hours have passed under the conditions that everyone except for you posted, then your turn will be skipped. On a side note, please be aware that we will be using side/group initative instead of normal initiative.

    Dice rolls: You can use whatever system you want to roll dice with, but anytime you declare that you want to make a roll than you must record the total result (dice roll + modifiers) on the same post that you stated your action in. When making an ability check still record your roll for that check, and I will later decide if you can even do that action and if you succeed in doing so. During combat I will be recording all of the enemies’ defensive statistics in the same post that the enemies take their turn in. If you hit an enemy make sure to also roll for and record the damage dealt. Whenever you force a creature to make a saving throw or opposed check, you should roll the saving throw for that monster too and announce whether it succeeded or failed. Be aware that whenever a creature forces you to make a saving throw, I will be rolling for you. Some examples are below

    "I am fighty the fighter, and I will hit the bandit that just attacked me with my great-axe. I rolled using a dice app and the total result of the roll was a 19. That is higher than the bandit's AC, so I can roll for damage. I once again rolled using a dice app and the total damage I rolled was a 7. The bandit is now dead."

    "I am magicy the wizard, and I wish to cast burning hands on the three bandits which are crowding me. I used a set of physical dice to roll their saving throws and added their dexterity saving throw bonus to the roll. Bandit 1 scored a 17, bandit 2 scored an 11, and bandit 3 scored a 4, which means that bandit 1 succeeded the save but bandit 2 and 3 failed. I rolled for damage using a set of physical dice and the total damage I dealt equals 12. This means that bandit 2 and 3 take 12 damage, but bandit 1 only takes 6 damage. Bandit 2 is dead but all the others are still alive."

    "I am McStabby the rogue, and I wish to pick the lock on that door. I rolled using a set of online dice and added my proficiency with thieves' tools to the (probably) dexterity check. The total result I recieved was a 14. Does that pass the DC?
    (two hours later)... I am the DM, and I say that yes you can decide to pick the lock and that you have added the proper modifiers. Unfortunately though, the target number was 15 and you were incapable of successfully picking the lock.

    reactions: Due to the slow nature of PbP games, reactions will be much harder to conduct. Combatants are allowed to state that they will make a reaction outside of their own turn so long as they have not made another turn since the person's action which triggered the response. Whenever someone makes a reaction they are technically "re-writing" the past, which will cause a re-evaluation of the action's done by the person who is opposing the person who is re-acting. This will change the events to properly suit around the newly established circumstance, making the assumption that you retro-actively did that reaction. Even if another creature took advantage of the circumstance (EG: if you were knocked prone by one enemy and a second enemy also attacked while you were prone) then their actions will be re-evaluated and changed too. I am allowed to veto your reaction if it would prevent another person's previously stated actions from being possible (for example, if you made an oppurtunity attack against a monster and killed it but one of your allies targeted it with a spell before you stated your reaction, than i could veto it because that would force your ally's actions to become entirely invalid)

    For example, if you are hit by a monster and take damage but cast the shield spell to avoid getting hit then the event will be "warped", effectively making it so that the attack never hit and the damage was never existent in the first place.

    Spoiler: magic item collection

    folding boat: held by Diggory
    3 feather tokens (1 anchor, 1 tree, 1 whip): held by Brann
    Lily's magical rapier: fire damage, temperate,
    Zadion's magical dagger : cold damage, language (ancient common),
    Zaladane's magical sling: radiant damage, waterborne,

    Brann's Staff of Fire: fire damage, sentinel (undead),
    Diggory's +1 Oathbow
    Lily's Staff of the Woodlands
    Zaddion's Frostbrand (Rapier)
    Zaladane's Staff of Thunder and Lightning

    Current players
    •2d8 HP (playing as Diggory .
    •Glutteus Maximus (playing as Brann).
    •Illven (playing as Lily).
    •Zergrinch (playing as zaladane)
    •Seanfall (playing as Zadion)
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