"You see?!" Amber hissed. "You can't trust him! He is selfish, manipulator, thief and a liar!"
"Hey!" Topaz for once looked angry.
"I may be many things, but I am NOT thief NOR liar! I am just a buisness pony, trying to make living, you know? Thievery and deception, just doesn't pay off on the long run. No need to pollute my reputation like that! So if you have nothing to say- shut up!"

Ruby barked. "You tried to sell our mother! YOUR mother!"

Topaz rolled his eyes. "And your point?"
Ruby just growled.

He turned back to Rocket chuckling and shurgged. "Do you have any idea just how big is the market for souls like your?! I had at least to try to buy you. Beside, I did nothing but advertising my products! Is that so wrong?!"

To Astral Gleam he smiled.
"Well, here a wise pony! So rare... believe me. Very well... my price is simple- a copy of the blueprints of your lovely ship." He paused letting the outragouse offer to sink in.
'Before you say no, let me give you piece of information for free(!); I already sold the wereabouts of the golem, to the changling spies which lurk in this city. They are already down there... tracking the golem down."


You know what to look for- but it's still not an easy task with so many distracting (and gross) sights and smells. But as you going (or flying?) You notice a strange thing at the corner of your eye, at turn on left- you getting closer to take a look-
A living geltaniouse cube, a bit oozing because the walls of the sewers a bit too small, for the jelly-ish being. Random objects floating and slowly digested within it; crystal shrads, broken vials, coins, dead critters, and bones of what hopefully is pony sized rats.

. It glows with shfiting colors of crimaon, dark purple and blue- maybe expressing pain?
You can't miss in the middle of the cube a huge hole penerating ot from both sides, at general form of a tall pony.
The cube vibrating toward you.