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    Karl Franz

    Alias: Nameless Guy, Summoner------ None After he remembered his name
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human.
    Age: ~25?
    Alignment: Rather Good
    Class/Profession: Summoner, Adventurer
    Power Rating: A-D depending on his Summons and state.
    Description: This man falls under the section normal. in a crowd you wouldn't find him since he leaks anything that makes him unique. He is around 1,70-1,80 meter in heigth, mostly wears a shirt and pants like an adventurer in a fantasy setting. Otherwise he doesn't have any equip, since he doesn't need it.
    Personality: He is a friendly guy, but due to the fact he lost some part of his memories he can't say this is his normal self.
    Equipment: Nothing. He didn't brought any items with him he didn't got on his body

    This man is a summoner. He got a wide range of creatures he can summon, mostly for day by day work. Like water elemental for cleaning or a fire elemental for a cooking fire. There are only a few combat related summons.
    Some might think he is a necromancer, but in reality he just summons up skeletons from another plane. The beter he got with the spell the more he can summon. Each of them is on E level. They are near indistructable, thought they have to return to there plain to regenerate broken bones.
    Current Number: 6
    Carbuncle is a small animal that can be the size of a dog or just of a mice. While he is there he can support people by granting a shield that will absorb physikal damage up to a point or reflekt magic up to a point. This summon is very Strong so if he summons others he will get exhausted soon or even collaps.
    A fire djinn able to summon a meteor to crash down on his opponent. He appears to be a big humanoid person with dark red skin and the head of an ox, 8simular to a minotaur) his fur is fire and wherever he steps he ignites the ground.
    An ice djinn. Afemale person which appears to be frozen in time making her an eternal beauty for most men. Water arround her appear to freez fast. She attacks either by throwing ice spikes at enemies that freez the area they land or she could just freez all water in a cone in front of her.

    Mukade, the Dragon-Eater Centipede (Learned in hunting grounds)
    The one Karl summons will probably not be as gigantic. Maybe only as long as a bus?
    Its carapace is impenetrable except at the joint between two segments.
    Its bite is poison and its eyes are sharp as an eagle.
    It can dig very quickly with its jaws and scythe-like front legs, burrowing beneath the earth.

    If Karl combines with it, I imagine he would get a lot of extra arms.

    Summon Fusion:

    A rare ability that can be used to fuse with the summoned creature. Granting the person a weapon and armor related to the creature used. The outcome is related to the relationship between the summoner and the beast/s.
    Nameless man can do this with all battle summons, but carbuncle is sometimes not willing so he declines it.

    Backstory: Not much known about him. in another world he was an adventurer, maybe even famouse there. One day he had visited all places in his world and took a break in the last Tavern he found. This tavern was Trog's. for some reason he stumbled while something hit im in the back of his head. At that point he was the nameless man.
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