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    Default Re: Magic The Gathering Thread XXIII: Modern is Dead, Long Live Modern

    Quote Originally Posted by Silfir View Post
    I'm boring, so all I can think of is "not enough creatures". Hammerhand doesn't look like it should be in a deck with eight creatures, one of which costs eight Mana, another is a suspend dude that doesn't work with aggro strategies and two more are walls.

    But from the sound of it you had success with it, so what do I know?
    yeah went 3-0 with the deck. :D

    I basically Dropped one or two creatures and then went face with unblockable. Hammerhands as a one off was very powerful on Spellfist.

    Game 1 was against Janky control, guy didn't really understand how to play or build control

    Game 2 was against mardu threat tribal piloted by one of the best pilots I know, I lost match 1 but won match 2 and 3 both off Rift Bolt and Keldon Halberdier going face. That was one of the most stressful games of magic I've ever played, was completely exhausted afterwards.

    Game 3 was against mono black memes. It wasn't that great. Guy understood he built jank but he wanted a laugh.
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