As the beams from the brainwashed soldiers flew past his head, Astral quivered in despair. He watched the Topaz's unwilling minions heading to his beloved Whinnielight. His legs wanted to buckle and drop him into a grovelling pose where he would comply with all of the Lantern's demands, if only they would stop destroying everything he loved.

But he saw Rocket charge the Lantern. Quiet tenacity had its limits, he decided.

Astral charged forward, headless of any danger, and joined Rocket behind Topaz. He leaned forward, and whispered in the Lantern's ear.

"This Pony has made dragons quiver with a word. I can tear apart your spell with my hooves. Yield to us."

There was no anger or passion in his words. Instead, they were drowned in a calm sea of vehemence, deep and dark.

OOC: Helping Rocket to give him +1 to his roll and burning a Fate point to invoke Astral's hatred of the Lanterns to give an additional +2.