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And as for the if the storm people are living at the latitudes describes in the Silurian Map (being at the north end) and you are going to include the polar bear story above you are still going to be dealing with a lot of farming issues. And the linked preservation issues. I could see them importing a lot os spices and favor additives from elsewhere that travel well but they are going to have a bear of a time growing most food crops which would limit local variety.... And honestly without a map I dont see why it work the way you described instead of the trade going in the direction of the storm peoples islands instead.

EDIT: Okay I was looking at the large landmass in the south center as a large island, but you're saying it is more like Anatolia in cutting off the water to the west as an inland sea. Got it...I was was confusing that with the enclosed body of water defined by the triangle of the Storm People Islands and the continent. And also the Sea of Marmara equivalent body of water that the Twilight main city is on which is what I was taking as the Inland sea. It does beg the question of where the Choumin are taking this stuff. A wider view would be helpful but not critical.
Hmm, I'm not really getting it across. To give a sense of scale, that inland sea is about the size of the Black Sea, and it connects two oceans. The islands to the east are the start of the long arc of islands that make up the greater Choumin "homeland" (similar to the arc shown on the Silurian age map, which is the reason I posted it originally). The landmass to the south is an entire continent, as is the landmass to the west and southwest. The Zath capital is at about 50 degrees north latitude, with a cool temperate climate.

The Choumin / Storm People live across an entire range of climates, stretching south past the equator.