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this is starting to explain a lot. But labeling these kinds of things will help pick new names if you want but just to keep track of what we are each saying.

The water in the far upper Right....Open Ocean beyond the Choumin isles. Pick a name but I'll refer to it as Open ocean for now
Then we have the ocean between the Choumin Isles and continents - just to avoid confusion I'm going to call it the Choumin Sea
Then we have the Body of water that the Zath City is on. Lets Call that the Zath Sea for now.
Then you have a second ocean to the lower left. the Resenna Ocean perhaps?

But since you said those were the northern Choumin isles - and we have repeated said the northern choumin isles are both rather far north and thus subarctic to polar bear levels of cold this gives us a rough indicator of how far north we can expect the Zath Cities to be located. Where the rest of the Choumin live is kinda irrelevant. All I care about is what that northernmost island is like in order to compare it to the nearby land mass.

If you told me those isles on the map were the Southern end of the chain then I wouldn't have an issue with climactic limitations on them growing lots off different stuff. If you want to have the Choumin not be dealing with freezing their butts off you can warm the world up a couple degrees. Or you can slide the islands up farther north and work to the south to somehow send energy up north.

But without that your Zath City is on the East Coast of the Northern Hemisphere and will thus have a climate link closer to well, Nova Scotia (or Petroplavosk on a good day) than London (they are both at 51 degrees North). The Japan Current/Gulf Stream will not be helping them in this physical location unless you mess in a kinda huge way around down near the equator to make it happen. Otherwise most of the warmth pickup up in the surface water is going to run up the Open Ocean side of the Choumin Islands (and frankly since there would most likely be a current drawing from the north against the body of the continent least to some really epic storms there....which honestly I thought you kinda planned....was that just lucky?)
I'll have to expand that map at least in rough form to give the full picture. There are a LOT of islands stretching out into that long arc.

Plus some of the problem is I think my bad drawing skills.