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    Spoiler: Doctor Anika Vanhal

    Name: Doctor Anika Fazira Vanhal
    Age: Early 40s
    Career: Seneschal (Purser)

    WS: 32
    BS: 31 (Advance +5) 36
    S: 30
    T: 31 (New Horizons -3) (Advance +5) 33
    Ag: 34 (Advance +5) 39
    Int: 37 (Savant & New Horizons +6) (Advances +10) 53
    Per: 33 (Advance +10) 43
    Wp: 34 (Nobleborn -5) (Advance +5) 34
    Fel: 32 (Nobleborn +5) (Advances +10) 47

    Wounds: 11 (Sound Constitution 1)
    Fate: 3 (Used 3 after trauma roll)

    Insanity: 30 (2 + 5 for Yu'vath gribblies + 1 for the Ark + 3 for going outside in the Processional + 19 for Processional salvaging)
    Corruption: 18 corruption after the processional

    Spoiler: Origin Path

    Homeworld: Nobleborn
    Birthright: Savant
    Lure of the Void: New Horizons (Seeker of Truth) (100xp)
    Trials and Travails: Lost Worlds (Beyond the Pale) (100xp)
    Motivation: Renown
    Career: Seneschal
    Lineage: A Long and Glorious History (Prominent Ancestry) (200xp)

    Spoiler: Skills

    Awareness +10 (Per)
    Barter (Fel)
    Charm (Fel)
    Commerce +20 (Fel)
    Common Lore (Koronus, Underworld) (Int)
    Deceive (Fel)
    Dodge (Ag)
    Evaluate (Int)
    Forbidden Lore (Archeotech, Heresy, Pirates, Xenos) (Int)
    Gamble (Int)
    Inquiry (Fel)
    Literacy (Int)
    Performer (Musician)
    Scholastic Lore (Archaic, Legend) (Int)
    Scrutiny (Per)
    Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader) (Int)
    Security (Ag)
    Silent Move (Ag)
    Speak Language (Eldar, Low Gothic, Traderís Cant, Fllurlokr) (Int)
    Tech-Use (Int)
    Trade (Archaeologist) (Int)

    Carouse (T)
    Climb (S)
    Command (Fel)
    Concealment (Ag)
    Contortionist (Ag)
    Disguise (Fel)
    Intimidate (S)
    Logic (Int)
    Search (Per)
    Speak Language (High Gothic) (Int)
    Swim (S)

    Spoiler: Talents

    Basic Weapon Training (Universal)

    Enemy (Pirates)

    Melee Weapon (Primitive)

    Peer (Academics, Nobility, Military, Underworld)

    Resistance (Fear)

    Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)

    Talented (FL Xenos)

    Spoiler: Traits

    Etiquette: Nobles are schooled in how to comport themselves in all manner of formal situations. They gain a
    +10 bonus on Interaction Skill Tests when dealing with high authority and in formal situations.

    Legacy of Wealth: To be born an Imperial noble is to inherit a legacy of staggering wealth. Even a scorned scion enjoys access to resources beyond the wildest dreams of the toiling masses. This adds +1 to the groupís starting Profit Factor.

    Seeker of Lore: The Seneschal may spend a Fate Point to automatically succeed at any Ciphers, Lore, or Logic Test. Doing so means that the Test is resolved in the minimum time required. In addition, the Seneschal adds one bonus Degree of Success to any successful Commerce, Inquiry, or Evaluate Test.

    Supremely Connected: Nobles have extensive connections, and they know that dropping the ďrightĒ names into a conversation can open more doors than a fistful of Thrones. A starting noble born character begins play with the Peer (Nobility) Talent. Also, to reflect his familyís power base, he also gains one additional Peer from the following list: Academics, Adeptus Mechanicus, Administratum, Astropaths, Ecclesiarchy,
    Government, Mercantile, Military, or Underworld.

    Vendetta: Every noble house has its sworn enemies and rivals who would do it and its members harm. Even the protection of a Rogue Traderís mission merely forces those who wish you harm to be a bit more cautious and subtle in exacting their vengeance. As a result, starting noble born characters have powerful enemies, perhaps in the shape of a rival noble house or some other powerful group. The details of these enemies are left to the player and the Game Master to define, working together to create a formidable threat. Whilst they do not
    dog the characterís steps at every turn, these enemies aim to inconvenience, harm, or kill him whenever he crosses their path. The noble character, of course, is free to return the favour when itís expedient to do so.

    Immune to Fear (1) Due to all the Insanity gained from the Processional

    Purser: When replenishing Morale by spending Achievement Points (ROGUE TRADER page 226), the Purser only has to spend 25 Achievement Points, and may always make a Routine (+20) Barter Test instead of a Charm Test. (This test is always Routine, no matter how many times Morale is replenished in this manner.)

    Spoiler: Wargear

    Best Craftsmanship hellpistol, Common Craftsmanship boltgun. Xeno mesh armour. Autoquill, dataslate, micro-bead, multikey, two sets of robes, synskin, chrono, cameleoline cloak.

    Preysense Googles
    Lingua Vox-Servitor (Into the Storm 136) (Servo-Skull) (Treat all Speak Languages as basic skills) - Jacob
    Mono Sword (Common + Scarce, Good Craftsmanship)
    Amasec (Scarce)
    Pict Recorder (Common)
    Travel Survival Kit (Rare- Into the Storm 138) (Good Craft) (+20 to Survival tests)
    Wideawake (Trivial supply)
    Survival Suit
    Twist Pistol (Faith and Coin)

    Flechette Blaster (See beginning of Hollowed Ground - xenos merchant)

    New gun
    Sight for the bolter
    Inferno shells for the bolter (rare)
    Clip harness for climbing (Common)
    Survival Suit (Plentiful)
    Auspex (Scarce)
    Concealed Holster (Scarce Storm)
    Emergency Hab (Scarce Strm)
    Long Range Auspex (Very Rare)

    Spoiler: Advances

    Total XP: 10,600 spent / 10,650 total after episode 4
    XP to spend: 50

    Character Creation
    First 400xp spent on origin path
    Performer (Musician) (100)

    Rank 1
    Awareness (100)
    Charm (100)
    Sound Constitution (200)
    Dodge (100)
    Secret Tongue (Rogue Traders) (100)
    Security (100)
    Silent Move (100)

    +5 BS (250)
    +5 T (250)
    +5 Ag (250)
    +5 Int (100) +5 Int (250)
    +5 Per (100) +5 Per (250)
    +5 Wp (500)
    +5 Fel (100) +5 Fel (250)

    Rank 2
    Commerce +10 (200)
    Melee Weapon (Prim) (100)
    Scrutiny (200)
    Trade (Archaeologist) (200)
    Gamble (200)
    Tech-Use (200)
    Common Lore (Koronus) (200)

    Rank 3
    Awareness +10 (200)
    Commerce +20 (200)
    Speak Language (Eldar) (200)

    Forbidden Lore (Heresy) (200)
    Talented (FL Xenos) (200)
    Speak Language (Fllurlokr) (100)
    Resistance (Fear) (100)

    Spoiler: Background

    Messy version until I can do a better job

    Anika is the daughter of a mid-ranking noble family from the spire of Hive Tarsus on Scintilla. The Vanhals have a prestigious ancestry dating back to one of the lesser companions of Saint Drusus, and have a long history of military service in the Scintillan Fusilliers. Both her parents have minor administrative positions in the Lucid Court. Some of her brothers and sisters are serving in the Margin Crusade and the Spinward Front. Most notably, her grandfather was a Lord General before his retirement.

    By the standards of this family Anika was something of a disappointment growing up. She could fight, but was only ever considered average with a sword. Matters of military history, tactics and memorising the Tacita Imperialis bored her and she wasn't afraid to show it when she even showed up for her lessons. While she read extensively on other subjects, few were considered suitable by her parents. There was a brief attempt to marry her off to try to bring some honour to her family, but she managed to get out of it and in doing so created a vendetta with the other family that continues until this day. Finally, her parents gave up trying to force her. She would be sent to be educated at the Lexis Maxima in Hive Sibellus in order to make something of herself on her own terms. A small allowance would be provided for her in exchange for the promise that she would try her best not to embarass her family name too much.

    Anika's school operated under the umbrella of the Hetaireia Lexis, which was a nominally a body that operated independently from any oversight from the Sector government or the Adapta. This independence made it popular with some parts of the Calixian nobility, who saw a place like the Lexis Maxima as a finishing school for their children. The patronage of the nobility helped give the Hetaireia Lexis it's reputation for free-thinking and ocasionally being a breeding ground for dangerous ideas, and Anika fit right in, even eventually becoming a member of the faculty herself.

    She was officially a Doctor of History specialising in the time of the Angevain Crusade. The study of history attracted her in part because it undermined the pretensions of noble families like her own. Over a long enough time scale even the greatest families in the sector came from low origins, and the only difference between her famiy and the lowest of underhive scum was historical accident. Through research, she now strongly suspects that her own families claims to be descended from one of Saint Drusus' companions was made up by one of her ancestors a few centuries ago.

    While she was still obliged to teach occasionally, Anika's work as a student and eventually as staff gave her an excuse to get away from Scintilla for the first time. She travelled the civilised parts of the Calixis Sector for academic conferences, and increasingly began travelling to the fringe to do fieldwork in archives and archaeological digs. Here, her work began to stray into trying to better understand everything that was here before the Crusade, including humans living outside the Imperium's borders and xenos races such as the Yu'vath. She firmly believed that it was better to uncover as much as possible about what was here before the Imperium.

    Not even the Hetaireia Lexis would condone such interests, at least officially, as encouraging it was understood to attract the attention of the Inquisition. The school's reputation had long gained it the Inquisition's notice, where it was seen alternatively as a source of potential acolytes or of potential heretics that they might one day have to hunt down. Anika is unaware of whether her work was ever noticed or how it might have been judged if it was.

    Eventually Anika had been travelling farther afield into the fringes of the Calixis Sector or beyond it into wilderness space, and this led to her expedition to the Kadath system on the edge of the Periphery. She had heard a second hand account with accompanying picts from a Rogue Trader acquaintence of hers. The picts detailed a site of immense carved stone ruins on one of the system's planets. Perhaps these were the bones of some city once inhabited by a long-lost xenos species, but there was no signs of life or technology to be found and it was not clear what else the ruins might have been intended for.

    ...(Insert Beyond the Pale here

    The resulting expedition to study these ruins ended Anika's career and made her an outcast from her school.

    -expedition leads to recovering a load of alien writing from the main building at the centre of the city - Anika hopes to one day translate it

    -exploring a series of tunnels located below the city and waking up the creatures living down in the tunnels - who proceed to pick off many members of the expidition until they finally escape to the shuttles

    -Anika lost friends and colleages on the expedition and has ocasional nightmares about it to this day)....

    After returning from Kadath Anika lost her position at the Lexis Maxima, and was avoided by many of her old colleages out of a fear that the bad luck associated with the expedition would rub off on them. For her employers part, fear that news of what Anika and others had witnessed on Kadath would reach the Inquisition and it would reflect badly on those who had helped to fund it.

    Joined a Rogue Trader ship as it is the only way she can travel. Grateful for anyway that she can continue her work. Wants to see what is out there and be known as the one to write about it. Whether she can publish it and be known throughout the sector, or merely to be known amongst her old colleages, including those that rejected her after Kadath.

    Her previous life meant she has had alot of contact with people at alot of different levels of society, and so she is a natural Seneschal, even if she only considers the position a means to an end.

    Although a dislike for many nobles has led to Anika trying to move away fron her upbringing, being born into a life of wealth and privilage has still left a mark on her. She long ago learned to talk or lie her way out of trouble, as it at least could make things easier, yet if she has no reason to hide how she really feels, or even if she doesn't care enough to try, she ocasionally reverts to being one of the arrogant noble class that she grew up with.

    Anika prefers not to dress formally for her role as a Seneschal to a Rogue Trader. Partly this is due to a lingering nobleborn ambivalence about working for someone else, which is particularly an ambivalence for working for someone like Macharius, who she has known for a long time and views as more or less an equal. Yet her attitude is also consistent with her previous career as an academic, where she viewed the obligations of her job as something to be avoided whenever they didn't interest her. Yet as a concession to her rank on the ship she does try to at least stay tidy, if only because it makes it easier to draw on the authority of her position when she has to deal with people in an official capacity.

    For most everyday business she dresses for practicality. Her black hair is cut short and she wears clothes that are worn for comfort first as it is never entirely predicatable what she might have to do aboard ship. Over the top of these is worn a grey and much-patched Imperial Guard greatcoat that shows no sign of rank or regiment. Inside the coat are many pockets including those that she has added to herself over the years. The pockets are full of such useful items as her dataslate, knives and hellpistol. Most of her more valuable gear including her robes of office are normally left in her quarters until she needs some underling to fetch them for her.

    Spoiler: To do list

    Felidae's pay
    State of the fishmen - Anika's guilt

    Captain Mission and his base