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    Quote Originally Posted by Max_Killjoy View Post
    The idea of some sort of automation was always in the back of my mind, a way to fill that economic "bottom rung" that Zath just aren't going to fill, without having an underclass of humans or others. Given their overall loathing of servitude and slavery, I really doubt they'd create sentient/sapient laborers, so it's likely automatons at the bottom, and then intelligent constructs doing some of the supervising.

    The logger isn't doing all the hard, dangerous work, they have automatons and supervisor constructs doing most of that.

    The baker has machines that he can set up just so to make the bread perfect, "just like I'd make it", and customers appreciate the craft that goes into getting the bread just right regardless of the tools used. It still takes the baker's personal touch, but he doesn't have to repeat all the little steps over and over for each individual loaf or cake for days and weeks and years on end.

    Also would make their actual military, in a standup fight, kinda terrifying to face for what amounts to a peak Roman army (the Rasenna)... that entire front of enemy troops lined up across the field is an emotionless order-following killing machine that is going to march forward with no more concern than if it was advancing into a field to cut down the wheat as soon as the sun goes down. Every one of them can see in the dark, and has a body made of metal thicker and better than the armor you're wearing, too. And that's just the ones you can see, there are also the ones you can't see, lurking out there somewhere, waiting for the darkest hours... and those horrible shrieking rocket arrows...
    hmmm... This part seems separate from the rest so I am just going to respond to it now in a separate post. And I think is a really good way to fill a need your system has. But the underlined part made me think of a tweak. What if the lower automaton class are at heart mimics. Their actions would be distorted shadows of actions the original Zath who "programed" them. This would both tie in with the Zath into the theme of Shadows, as well as making the work such automatons do more closely linked with individual Zath business owners, personal guards being personalized in action (not just decorations), and other things that could aid the narrative.
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