Like the supreme hunter he is, Xazrith sneaked into the shadows, the darkness cover him, and his sharp eyes reveal more or less the scene before him; in the canal a changling is pinned down, by a monstrouse crocodile-ish, beast hovering over the fragile bug.
The Beast is as big as rhino, his back and legs were covered with layer of fungus, which smelled like.. fungus of sewer crocodile.
On the edge of it's tail grew bulbose stalk with an eye, which looked around.

Xazrith might wonder, why the changilng stay- but as Xazrith shifting his weight between limbs, he feel rustling and thin object. Examining it will discover a dragonfly-like ripped wing.
Also, he can see marks on the wall- this changling fought here, and got severly injured.

The changling kicked the jaw of the monster, squealing with terror, managing to buy to himself another moment of living. "BROTHERS!" He yelled with despair. "We are from the same hive! You can't do this to me!"

Ooc: You now have a situational advantage! Use it wisely.

Ruby Lantern roared and sent barrage of magic eye beams- luckily, the enchanted armory of the soldiers absorbs most of the damage- and exploded, sending them flying, steaming, barely alive.

Amber Lantern sent yellow ghastly beams, but rather then hitting the guard ponies- it stopped before them and took a shape... of their fears.
For one guard, the yellow beam turned into giant spider, and crawled on his face- the gift and the orange faded from his eyes.
"..S..stop it!" They begged. "We are sorry!"
But there still were dozens more...

For other, the beam turned into a clown, for a third to a water elemental and so on.
Fast as rocket, Rocket jump and avoid all the magical blasts, landed behind Topaz Lantern catching his throat, backed up by Astral.
He chuckled. "My my. Aren't you bunch of tough guys? Sure. What ever." She shrugged, and the gifts have dissapeared, the guards stood confused and ashamed.
"Now, that you have proven yourself as noble and mighty heroes, are you pleased with the show I have arranged for you? Now you will be popular here. You welcome." He smiled.
"Don't be so uptight! It was merely an ice breaker! I would never steal your lovely ship. Now would I? Just wanted to reopen the negotions.. no hard feeling?"