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    Quote Originally Posted by Darvin View Post
    Hasn't Dalen already seen unusual healing from Aliani in the previous world? If we're talking about what I'd ordinarily roll with respect to another party member... well, I wouldn't even bother making a check at all under normal conditions.

    Anyways, I'm under no rush for the "reveal" here. It will come eventually, and even if we restrict Dalen just to taking 10 it's likely Aliani will get caught once we're 5th or 6th level.
    I was about to say you're wrong, but then I realized it's not actually tied to the Perform check. Which is kind of too bad; oh well!

    But, I think there were likely some wounds mysteriously closing from the imp fight and Lamm of course, but there's probably a mystery as to where that even came from.

    Inspectre, that's one issue that we should probably discuss; how the Hidden Priest handles channeling energy and disguising that action. What we'd previously decided was that it needed some sort of action involving touching the holy symbol (now, I'd add "as the holy symbol may be disguised"; thanks to magic items it will turn into a necktie, button, or other similar objects, though always in some rose-like form), but would otherwise be disguised as such. I don't know if there's any additional checks to make (again, the Perform check is trivial, if you treat it like a spell ability). Let me know how you want to handle it. I am going to be a healing battery in combat, like, a lot.

    edit: also, haha, let's just do this.
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