Good points.
Even with the +10 DC for hearing through a wall (and another +5 or so for distance), Malder still hears Trinia & Miz ascending the stairs to the second floor.
He also sees Silas even with the penalties for distance and low-light.
He does not see Dalen, although I'm going to rule that the Sleep was Dalen's surprise round - even so, he's still "invisible" to the guards at this point, which is fortunate for him since otherwise they'd all be shooting at the "twiddlefingers" that can instantly end this fight (if luck doesn't continue to favor them so much. ).

So, for simplicity's sake - the fight starts. It's the party's round of actions first, and then the guards, assuming any of them are still standing by the end.
Guard #3 loses his first round of actions as he's still enthralled, and it seems unlikely that will be broken in the first round unless Aliani punches him or something.