Because some days, being a hideous shapeshifting horror in one way just isn't enough.

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Guardian of the White Tower

Spoiler: Story
Giolt started his life as an outcast. Half Zern, Half-Farspawn, a result of the experiments of the Chaos Wars. Even among his own kind they reviled him, he was not pure of form like them.

Cast out from the undercity of Zaran'Thesk, Giolt wandered the dark reaches until he met with an interesting individual. Zath'Or by name, a Drow fleshwarper by trade. Zath'Or hired Giolt on as a bodyguard seeing as he was more than capable of handling himself, and that the two were evenly matched in terms of fighting prowess. The two wandered the planes, from the orderly workings of Mechanus, to the twisted streets of Sigil. While not much of one for the magical arts Giolt learned many things on his travels with Zath'Or, dark things, how creatures worked inside and out.

These skills served him well. For one day Zath'Or underwent a ritual to ascend to godhood, But many good creatures were against this. They succeeded in interrupting the ritual but not before Zath'Or could grant a small semblance of his power on his friend and bodyguard. Giolt used his newfound power to exterminate the weakened opponents who had killed Zath'Or. Wounded but alive Giolt went into hiding for a time. Only reemerging to hunt down the families of the ones who raised arms against them.

During this revenge Giolt came across a lich by the name of Adrovras. The lich had heard of Giolt and Zath'Or and was seeking any relics that might have been left behind, he didn't expect Giolt to still be alive, but offered him a job. Guarding his tower. Giolt agreed on the condition that Adrovras help him commit genocide against the other Zern. A task that both took to with a grin, Leaving the Zern cities in shambles and the remaining denizens in warped or undead states.

Giolt now remains as the Guardian of the White Tower that overlooks the reaches of the Magewrought Isle. Keeping all supplicants of the lich from entering when he wishes it, and sometimes working as an enforcer. Many undead and living citizens of the Magewrought isle have come to resent Giolt to some degree. As Giolt is rather harsh at times, leaving people dead instead of sending them away. The past few years has seen Adrovras withdrawn to the tower and many question whether the ruler of the White tower is to be seen again. Giolt continues with the last request from Adrovras "Do not let anyone or anything enter...or exit..."

Spoiler: Bonus: Stat Block
Giolt CE CR 20 Half-Farspawn Monster of Legend Outsider(native)HD: 8d8,10d10(288), Fast Healing 5
AC: 32, 18 touch, 24 Flat-footed (8 dex, 14 natural)
BAB: 18/13/8/3.
Saves: Fort 23| Ref 20| Will 17
Resistances: Spell resistance 18, Acid 10, Electricity 10. DR 5/magic
Speed: 30
Immunities: Poison, Paralysis, Stunning, polymorphing and mind-affecting effects
Ability Scores: Str 28, Dex 26, Con 32, Int 20, Wis 21, Cha 21
Attacks: 4 tentacles (1d6, Treated as Magic), Ripper 2d6
Space: 5’, Reach 10’
Senses: Darkvision 60’, Blindsight 60’

Spoiler: Build Table
CR Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
8 (8 HD) Zern W/Half-farspawn +8/3 +2 +6 +6 Balance 1,Craft(Flesh Sculpting) 3, Escape Artist 8, Heal 9, Intimidate 10, Knowledge(The Planes) 3, Knowledge(Arcana) 3, Listen 10, Spot 10, Use Rope 4 (1)Combat Reflexes
(3) Evasive Reflexes
(6)Aberration Blood: Tail
Adaptive Defenses, Warping Energy, Malleable Form, Shifting Guise, Transmutation Affinity, Change Shape, Spell-Likes,
Blindsight 60’, Immunity to poison, Resistance 10/acid & electricity, DR 5/magic and natural attacks treated as magical, SR(10+HD)

9 Crusader 1 +9/4 +4 +6 +6 Balance 3, Knowledge(History)3, Knowledge(Religion)3 (9)Improved Natural Attack(Tentacle) Furious Counterstrike, Steely Resolve 5.
Vanguard Strike, Charging Minotaur, Stone Bones, Douse the Flames, Leading the Attack.
Stances: Leading the charge

10 Crusader 2 +10/5 +5 +6 +6 Balance 5, Knowledge(History)6, Knowledge(Religion)6 - Indomitable Soul
Stances: Leading the charge, Martial Spirit
11 Crusader 3 +11/6/1 +5 +7 +7 Balance 7, Concentration 3, Jump 3 - Zealous Surge
Maneuvers: Mountain Hammer
12 Crusader 4 +12/7/2 +6 +7 +7 Balance 9, Intimidate 13, Jump 6 (12)Inhuman Reach Steely Resolve 10
Maneuver Swap: Stone Bones for Tactical Strike

13 Crusader 5 +13/8/3 +6 +7 +7 Concentration 5, Knowledge(History)9, Knowledge(Religion)9 - Maneuver: Defensive Rebuke
14 Crusader 6 +14/9/4 +7 +8 +8 Knowledge(The Planes) 5, Knowledge(Arcana) 5 - Smite 1/day
Maneuver Swap: Douse the Flames for Revitalizing Strike

16 (14 HD) Monster of Legend +14/9/4 +10 +11 +11 - Bonus Feats:
Improved Initiative, Multiattack

Raging Blood:(Electricity)
Immunities: polymorphing, mind-affecting effects
Reflective Hide
Ability bonuses: Str +10, Dex +6, Con +10, Int +2, Wis +2, Cha +4
Saves: +3 to all

17 Crusader 7 +15/10/5 +10 +11 +11 Intimidate 18
Skill Trick: Never Outnumbered, Nimble Charge

(15)Deepspawn: gains two more tentacles

Maneuver: Divine Surge
18 Crusader 8 +16/11/6/1 +11 +11 +11 Balance 8, Spot 12
Skill Trick: Clarity of Vision, Spot the Weak Point

- Steely Resolve 15
Stance: Thicket of Blades

19 Crusader 9 +17/12/7/2 +11 +12 +12 Bluff 2, Sense Motive 2.5 - Maneuver: Tide of Chaos
20 Crusader 10 +18/13/8/3 +12 +12 +12 Bluff 4, Sense Motive 5 Robilar's Gambit
Bonus Feat: Die Hard

Die Hard

Spoiler: By CR
CR 8 - Giolt is little more than a powerful wandering monster. He is quick and dangerous though and his Malleable form helps him adapt to different situations.

CR 12 - Giolt has met and has been traveling with Zath'Or for a while now and has picked up a few tricks. He prefers using his ripper and maneuvers. He only uses his Change Shape when its in dire need.

CR 16 - Sweet spot - Giolt has lost Zath'Or but has gained considerable power, becoming a true force to be reckoned with. He uses his reach, reflexes, tentacles and maneuvers to outdo many or few opponents. Spells find a hard time gaining purchase on Giolt as well.

CR 20 - At this point Giolt is a whirling frenzy on the battlefield and quite intelligent when not. He keeps the stance Thicket of Blades or Robilar's Gambit up depending on the situation. He prefers to open using his skill tricks to get in a free touch attack with his Ripper, and using his reach and stances to harry opponents. He uses his skill tricks when outnumbered and will use his reflexes to strike against opponents depending on how many there are.

Spoiler: Special Qualities
Spoiler: Zern
Adaptive Defenses(Ex): It is immune to all spells and effects that require a Fortitude save unless the effect also works on objects or is harmless. A zern can choose to allow an effect the requires a Fortitude save to affect it.

Warping Energy(Su): As a standard action, a zern can use this ability to make a melee or ranged attack that deals 1d6 points of damage per 2 HD plus the zerns int mod. The ranged version of this attack can reach 120’ and has no range increment.

Malleable Form(Ex): As a swift action, a zern can gain one of the following benefits. Each benefit has an unlimited duration. Generally, a zern remains in one form and then slips into another one as the situation dictates. When a zern uses a swift action to gain one of these forms it loses the benefit of the form it previously held.
Adrenal Surge: The zern’s upper body muscles bulge and grow with enhanced power. It gains a +2 bonus on attack rolls and +4 bonus on damage rolls, including those using its warping energy ability.
Boneless Form: The zern’s body seems to melt into a puddle of goo as its bones liquefy. It gains a +8 bonus on escape artist checks, which increases to a +16 on checks to squeeze through a tight area.
Impervious Hide: The zern’s skin shifts into plates of armor. It gains a +4 bonus to AC and DR 5/piercing.
Size Shift: The zern can shift into large or small size. Gaining the benefits or drawbacks those sizes give.
Speed Burst: The zern’s legs lengthen and its lower body muscles bulge and grow. Its base land speed increases by 30’.

Shifting Guise(Su): As the alter self spell; at will; caster lvl 8th. A zern can choose to shift into a different monstrous humanoid form or any humanoid form.

Transmutation Affinity(Ex): The save DC’s of any transmutation spells or spell-like abilities used by a zern increase by 4.

Spoiler: Half-Farspawn
True Strike(Su): Once per day, the creature can make a normal attack with a +20 insight bonus on a single attack roll. The Half-Farspawn is not affected by the miss chance that applies to attacks against a concealed target.

-Half-farspawn’s natural attacks are treated as magic weapons for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction.

Change Shape(Su): As a standard action, a half-farspawn can take the form of a grotesque, tentacled mass. This ability functions as described for the change shape ability except as follows:
-The creatures movement modes do not change.
-The creature retains the tentacle attacks granted by this template and gains two additional tentacle attacks, that it can use when making a full attack.
-The creature becomes amorphous. It cannot be flanked, and is not subject to extra damage from crits.
-Creatures native to the material plane take a -1 morale penalty on attack rolls against a half-farspawn in its amorphous state.

Spoiler: Monster of Legend
Raging Blood(Su): Whenever damage is dealt with a slashing or piercing weapon, its blood sprays out in a 5’ cone dealing 1d4 points of damage of electricity to all within range(no save). A Monster of Legend is not harmed by its own blood.

Immunities(Ex): Immune to polymorphing and mind-affecting effects.

Reflective Hide(Su): The creature has a silvery sheen to its skin and is permanently protected by a Spell Turning effect as the spell.

Spoiler: Spell-Likes
- At will. Reduce Person(DC(15)
- 1/day. Baleful Polymorph(DC(19), Gaseous Form
Half-Farspawn (CL equals creatures HD, save DC is cha based)
-3/day. Blur
-3/day. Blink
-1/day. Touch of Idiocy
-1/day. Stinking Cloud

Spoiler: Maneuvers & Stances
Devoted Spirit
-Vanguard Strike
-Defensive Rebuke
-Revitalizing Strike
-Divine Surge
-Tide of Chaos
Stone Dragon
-Charging Minotaur
-Mountain Hammer
White Raven
-Leading the Attack
-Tactical Strike

Leading the charge - Swift, 60’ rad centered. All allies who hear you and make a charge attack in the area gain a bonus on damage rolls equal to your initiator level. You are your own ally.

Martial Spirit - Swift. You or an ally within 30 feet heals 2 points of damage each time you make a successful melee attack. Each time you hit an opponent in melee, you can choose a different recipient within range to receive this healing.

Thicket of Blades - Swift. any opponent you threaten that takes any sort of movement, including a 5-foot step, provokes an attack of opportunity from you. Your foes provoke this attack before leaving the area you threaten. Your opponents also cannot use the withdraw action (PH 143) to treat the square they start in as no longer threatened by you.The Tumble skill cannot be used to avoid the attack of opportunity this stance grants. In addition, lower level maneuvers that specifically state that they do not provoke an attack of opportunity are subjected to Thicket of Blades' effect. Maneuvers of equal or higher level than the Thicket of Blades stance are unaffected.

Spoiler: Optional Bonus: Equipment
+2 Keen Adamantine Ripper. 2d6 18-20 x3
Periapt of Health & Endurance: Immune to Disease, protected by the Endure Elements spell. (MiC 254, 253)
Finned Guantlets: Swim speed 30', can always take 10 on swim checks. (MiC 249)
Dimension stride boots of landing: take 2 fewer dice of falling damage & always land on feet. +2 on jump and 5/day 60' teleport. (MiC 248)

Spoiler: Sources
Monster Manual 4 Pg 195: For the Zern base creature
Monster Manual 2 pg 213: for the Monster of Legend template
Lords of Madness pg 152: for the Half-Farspawn template. Same book for many feats
Complete Scoundrel: for skill tricks
Planar Handbook: for the Ripper
Tome of Battle: for the Crusader class and a few feats