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Narfle, The Garthog
Anthraxia Temple Guard, Chevalier First Class


CE Shadow Faratsu (Fiend Folio 42) Fiend of Possession 6 (FF204)/Dread Necromancer 1 (Heroes of Horror 85)/Marshal 1 (Miniatures Handbook 11)
Total HP: 12d8+7d6+76

Demodand/Faratsu/Shadow Traits

Continuous Freedom of Movement, Poison Immunity, Outsider Traits: All Good Saves, 8+INT skills per HD (x4 at 1st lvl = 32 +80 = 112 @CR12) Simple/Martial weapon proficiencies. Light Armor Proficiency, Shield Proficieny, don’t need to eat or sleep. Darkvision 60 ft, can’t be raised or resurrected except w/ limited wish/miracle/true resurrection.
Init +5, Speed 40, AC 25 (+1 DEX, +14 natural) touch 11, flat 24
BAB/Grapple 11/23 Attack: Claw (1d4+4) +15 Full: 2 claws +15, bite (1d6+2) +10
Size: Large
Skills at CR 1: Bluff 4, Concentrate 2, Hide 4, Initimidate 4, Knowledge Arcana 2, Knowledge Religion 4, , Spot 2, Sense Motive 4, UMD 4.
Add 80 total ranks for skills at CR 12: Bluff 12, Conc 6, Heal 10, Hide 14, Intim 14, Know Arc 10, Know Rel 12, Spot 6, Sense Motive 14, UMD 14

Shadow Template

Manual of the Planes 190 (only listing changes to base)
Speed: as base x 1.5 = 60ft
Gain Cold Resistance 5+1/HD, Lowlight Vision, Shadow Blend: in conditions other than full daylight, disappear into the shadows and gain 90% concealment. (Su) abilities based on HD: 4- +2 luck bonus on all saving throws, 8- Regenerate 2 hp/round, 12- Mirror Image 1/day, 16- Evasion
Skills: Move Silently +6

Special Attacks:

Adhesive Slime


A thick tarlike substance that is secreted and acts as a powerful adhesive. +8 bonus to Grapple and disarm checks. Any weapon strike requires a REF save DC 17 or it’s stuck. A STR check DC 17 is required to free it. Dousing in Oil dissolves the slime, requiring 10 mins to “regrow” it. Can dissolve at will, slime breaks down 1 minute after creature dies. Grants a +8 racial bonus to Climb.

Improved Grab

If it hits w/ claw attack, can attempt grapple as a free action w/o provoking AoO. Grapple Bonus is +23, or +25 when raging.


3/day. +4 to STR and CON, +2 to WILL saves, -2 AC. Following in effect at CR12 (will of course change as stats/classes change) 11d8+66 (110 hp), AC 23 (9 touch, 22 flat) BAB/Grapple +13/+25. Full attack: 2 claws +17, bite +12 (1d4+6/1d6+6). Lasts 7 rounds, NOT fatigued at end of rage.


At Will: Detect Magic, Clairaudience/Clairvoyance, Fear, Invisibility, Tongues
3/day: Fog Cloud, Ray of Enfeeblement
2/day: Dispel magic
CL 11, DC 13+ spell level

Summon Demodand

1/day attempt to summon 1d4 faratsu’s (as summon monster). success on 70-100% roll. Summons last for 1 hour. Once summoned, can’t use its own Summon Demodand ability for 1 hour.

Acid&Poison Immunity, Cold&Fire Resistance 10, DR 10/+1, Outsider Traits, Scent, SR 23


STR 19
DEX 13
CON 14
WIS 12
CHA 16

Elite Array:
STR 19-11+8= 16 (+3)
DEX 13-11+10= 10 (+0)
CON 14-10+14= 18 (+4)
INT 8-10+12= 10 (+0)
WIS 12-10+13= 15 (+2)
CHA 16-10+15= 21 (+5)
All points into CHA = CHA 25 at CR 19 (+7)


Narfle was tired of being picked on by the damned Kelubar and Shator who just thought ‘SO MUCH’ of themselves. As a youngling he was forced to act as a scullery maid and clean up the summoning chamber after things went awry, as was more often than not. He was constantly subjected to a dimensional anchor as they kept an active gate in that room. Then one day, they slipped up and it wasn’t cast on him, he played the dummy, and at the first opportunity bolted through. The gate led to the Material Plane that he’d heard so much about, a dreamland of sorts in comparison to the hell that is Carceri.

He wandered for a time, eventually finding a home of sorts at the Temple Anthraxia, a sort of dumping ground for relics and items of power from across the land. The grounds were immense, several massive pryamids, surrounded on all sides by statues of every size and shape. They were made of every material imaginable, stone, steel, glass, even gold, diamond, cold iron, and adamantine!

The Temple’s guardians recognized in him something special, and took him in. His training began as a lowly Groundskeeper. Here he learned every nook and cranny of the enormous complex. At times he would stumble into a party of thieves bent on pillaging the sacred idols, and occasionally would fly into a seemingly endless rage while he tore them apart.

He was promoted to Temple Guardling, the lowest rank of that caste. He gained new powers by eavesdropping on some of the Temple’s guardians. He could now hide within his precious statues and spy unseen on the entire complex. He quickly became a vicious and feroucious Guard, promoted time and again. He surpassed his keepers again, and became the first outsider to be placed in charge of security for the entire complex.
The others, when he chose to appear before them, now bowed and scraped and showed him the respect, not the other way around. Those that chose to ignore him, or speak ill of him in the shadows soon found themselves suddenly in his thrall. Many never came back at all from that, or if they did, would walk about in a trance for hours at a time, as if automatons.

The constant desire to simply be more led to him adding grafts to himself, further increasing his abilities.

Narfle could be anywhere, at anytime, in anything or anyone. This was his POWER.

Build Table

CR Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
12 Shadow Faratsu +11 +7 +7 +7 Bluff 12, Concentration 6, Heal 10, Hide 14, Intimidate 14, Knowledge Arcana 10, Knowledge Religion 12, Spot 6, Sense Motive 14, UMD 14 1- Mad Foam Rager, 3- Blessing of the Godless, 6- Naturalized Denizen, 9- Craft Rune Circle (B) – Improved Grab Continous Freedom of Movement, Outsider Traits, Shadow Template, Adhesive Slime, Rage, SLA’s, Summon Demodand
13 Fiend of Possession 1 +11 +9 +9 +9 Hide 15, Spot 7 Frightful Presence Ethereal Form, Hide Presence, Possess Object
14 Dread Necromancer 1 +11 +9 +9 +11 Hide 16, Concentration 7 - Charnel Touch, Rebuke Undead, Spells
15 Fiend of Possession 2 +12 +10 +10 +12 Hide 17, Spot 8 - Curse, Magic Item
16 Fiend of Possession 3 +12 +10 +10 +12 Hide 18, Spot 9 Create Graft Control Object
17 Fiend of Possession 4 +13 +11 +11 +13 Hide 19, Spot 10 - Animate Object, Possess Creature
18 Fiend of Possession 5 +13 +11 +11 +13 Hide 20, Spot 11 - Ally or Enemy, Possess noncontinuous object
19 Fiend of Possession 6 +14 +12 +12 +14 Hide 21, Spot 12 Ability Focus: Control Creature Control Creature
20 Marshal 1 +14 +14 +12 +16 Hide (cc) 22 Spot 14 Skill Focus (Diplomacy) Minor Aura: Motivate Charisma

Class’s Breakdown:
(( I actually think each level is more awesome then the one before it, and there for every level is the sweet spot ))

At creation, you can summon 1d4 of your base self 1/day with a 30% chance of success, which means at any given time you could have 1-4 other farastu’s around for an hour to grapple things to death, or fly into a rage, or spam SLA’s to their hearts content. Mad Foam Rager means you can delay the effects of any harmful action until the END of your next turn, basically a “nope” button for a round. Later on this will become even more useful. Naturalized Denizen removes the Extraplanar subtype from you, meaning one of your greatest weaknesses no longer exists. Blessing of the Godless has 3 ceremonies, all of which are beneficial to you: Dark Pact grants your Class Level x number of participants (yourself and up to 5 others) in temporary health points per 24 hours that anyone can draw from. At CR 20, that’s 120 temporary HP’s that can be used for healing (if you’re not counting racial HD as class levels, then you have 8 levels X 6 participants for 48 hps). Anoint the Wicked grants a +4 bonus on checks to save against Intimidate as well as fear saves. Shield of the Godless grants +4 on saves vs Divine spells, DR 5/smites, and if any are affected by a divine spell, all participants w/in 60 ft get +2 on attack and dmg rolls for 1 round. Craft Rune Circle is picked up and can start to be used to create or repair others in the temple already. Improved Grab and Freedom of Movement work together to make it so you (and your summons) can grapple all they want w/o being grappled themselves. Shadow template gives 90% concealment anytime there’s a shadow around, as well as the first 2 special abilities: +2 to all saves and Regeneration 2. At this level you’re a beatstick, who might have a beatstick or 4 more next to you. You can spam invisibility for all of them at will, as well as several other SLA’s. Resistances, DR and SR on top of all that. Your summons can cast summon Damodand in the instant before they themselves wink out of existence, over and over, so assuming a continual chain of successes, you’ll always have at least 1 underling around.


Fiend of Possession and Dread Necromancer combine to allow you to be able to first and most importantly become Ethereal at will and possess mundane objects freely. Mad Foam Rager means you can be hit w/ something nasty, turn ethereal, no longer be effected by whatever hit you, and then go on about your day. Using clairvoyance/audience as an at will SLA allows you to be able to see normally whenever you’re ethereal or in possession of anything, knowing what’s coming from every direction as you can just create as many of them as you want and bounce between them. Once inside an object, you can spam fear as an SLA at will every round, driving enemies away.

An ethereal creature is invisible, insubstantial, and capable of moving in any direction, even up or down, albeit at half normal speed. As an insubstantial creature, you can move through solid objects, including living creatures. An ethereal creature can see and hear on the Material Plane, but everything looks gray and ephemeral. Sight and hearing onto the Material Plane are limited to 60 feet. Force effects (such as magic missile and wall of force) and abjurations affect an ethereal creature normally. Their effects extend onto the Ethereal Plane from the Material Plane, but not vice versa. An ethereal creature can’t attack material creatures, and spells you cast while ethereal affect only other ethereal things. Certain material creatures or objects have attacks or effects that work on the Ethereal Plane (such as a basilisk’s gaze attack). Treat other ethereal creatures and ethereal objects as if they were material.

Dread Necro gives us our only actual spellcasting beyond SLA’s, most importantly undetectable alignment, meaning two castings will hide you completely as evil and chaotic. Maybe 1 casting depending on how you interpret the spell. Hide Presence allows you to make a hide check with a few extra benefits. Namely you could be possessing an object or creature and be carried through things like a circle of protection against evil, you could prevent a smite evil attack from working by denying the ability from detecting you as evil, etc (effectively stopping any alignment based spells or abilities). Curse combined w/ possess object allows you to use “bestow curse” freely as well. How about you possess the stones in a bridge, as the party walks over it, they’re all subject to -6 to an ability score, permanently. How about a door, a bridge, a trap, etc. Anything that’s one continuous slab. At these levels you can possess anything from Tiny to Huge. Add Magic Item into that, which allows you to also grant up to your class level in enhancement bonus’s to a mundane item, or increase an already magic item’s enhancement even further.

You leave a magic sword laying on the ground in the temple somewhere, a measely +1 longsword. Then you possess it and turn it into a +4 sword or anything. You make your hide check, you’ve cast undetectable alignment for the day so you can’t be detected by detect evil. The party comes along, identifies the sword as a +4 sword, you bestow curse on the idiot that picks it up (the item isn’t cursed until you decide it is), then abandon the sword by turning ethereal and possessing the next thing and bestow another curse applying another -6 penalty, wash rinse repeat. The text of Frightful Presence states “anytime you attack or charge” but doesn’t state you have to be visible. Anytime you’re activating any of your abilities, you’re obviously attacking, and so everyone in the area has to make a fear save or be shaken (unless they’ve saved against it in the last 24 hours).


Create Graft comes online to let you start augmenting yourself with Fiendish Grafts. You can use UMD or find someone in the temple to cast the spells necessary. Over time, you’ll just end up with every one in the book if you’re not killed. Control Object and Animate Object lets you possess any non-magical material object and animate it. So now all those huge statues around the temple can come alive and attack intruders. That Ballista can fire down the hallway, doors can shut again or refuse to open in the first place, traps can rearm, catapults can fire, wagons can roll, etc. You can now possess Gargantuan and then Colossal objects as well, nothing like a 32-64 ft tall statue, weighing up to 125 tons, (colossal is even bigger!) coming alive and trying to kill you w/ a massive stone sword/mace/shield/fist (that now has a +6 enhancement bonus of some kind) that when it touches you bestows a curse, and who’s controller can’t be banished out of it as you can’t detect him, nor cast spells targeting an extraplanar creature to force him out of possession. Possess Creature allows you to piggyback inside another being, your undetectable alignment means their protection against evil doesn’t stop you automatically. You merge with that creature, so can’t be targeted individually from it. (can you bestow curse on them from inside? They’re touching you technically..) Ally or Enemy means you can grant or penalize any ability score by 4 points, at will as a free action. On top of the -6 from bestow curse means a -10 to an ability score of an opponent that failed it’s possession save.. Non-continous object now allows you to possess things like a pool of water, dust clouds, whole sections of walls or flooring to continue the assault.

CR 19-20


Control creature comes online to now allow you to take over the PC’s entirely. An opponent failing their will save DC 29, or 36 w/ Marshal’s aura is now completely under your control for a minimum of 13 rounds with access to all the abilities, skills, feats, and spell knowledge, acting for all intents as the creature itself while using your own INT/WIS/CHA (remember you can grant a +4 bonus to yourself now while in control If you need to meet spell req’s..) while gaining all of its physical stats. (remember you can’t be banished or dismissed..) Marshal grants skill focus diplomacy, however in most other instances, an evil character has the ability to have diplomacy function as Intimidate, which we’d apply. Minor Aura Motivate Charisma lets us double up on our CHA modifier (+7) for everything it relates to, which happens to be every ability we use in the entire build, and especially DC’s for them.


Minor Aura: Motivate Charisma - Add your CHA bonus (+7) to all CHA checks and skills. So we’re double dipping our CHA to increase the DC of all our spells, as well as our possession abilities.

1- Mad Foam Rager (PHB2 80) – once per rage, delay the effects of a spell, ability, or attack until the end of your next turn
3- Blessing of the Godless (EoE 23) – ceremonies based off Know: Religion. Each takes 6 mins to perform, lasts 24 hours.
6- Naturalized Denizen – (UA 94) Lose the extraplanar subtype, can no longer be banished/dismissed or the like that targets extraplanar creatures.
9- Craft Rune Circle – (Races of Stone 137 & 168)

The examples listed on 168 are for dwarves, gnomes, goliaths, but you can create a rune circle to affect those as you see fit, so modifying a few of the sample ones to instead target Fiends shouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility, or to conform w/ your CL restriction.
Most commonly used: Deep Hollow Circle- Grants 1 additional Faratsu when casting summon Demodand, meaning you’ll always get at least 2 provided you succeed. Or maybe you create one to increase the probability of your summon being successful..
Goliath’s Rage Ring – any round spent inside the 40 ft radius circle doesn’t count towards rage’s duration.

12- Frightful Presence – (Draconomicon 107) – when you attack or charge, all opponents within 30 ft of you who have fewer levels or HD than you become shaken for 1d6+CHA rounds, DC 10 + ½ char level + CHA negates. (doesn’t say they have to be able to see you…)
15- Graft Flesh (FF 207) – can create and apply Fiendish Grafts to yourself or another
18- Ability Focus (MM 303) Gain +2 DC to special ability: Control Creature

Dread Necromancer Spells (*’s most commonly used) can cast 5 per day (3 from class, 2 bonus)

Know: Bane, Bestow Wound, Cause Fear, Chill Touch, Detect Magic, Detect Undead, Doom*, Hide from Undead, Inflict Light Wounds, Ray of Enfeeblement*, Summon Undead 1, Undetectable Alignment*

Fun things:

Fiendish Grafts can be applied one at a time, over time. Any missing spells can be gotten via Fiend of possession 6, or UMD for wands/staffs.
Same for Craft Rune Circles, you can get spells you don’t have access to in that way, or use the ones you have to create runes beneficial to you.


Draconomicon 107
Exemplars of Evil: 23
Fiend Folio 42, 204, 207
Heroes of Horror 85
Manual of the Planes 190
Miniatures Handbook 11
Monster Manual 303
PHB2 80
Races of Stone 137, 168
Unearthed Arcana 94