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Soulfused Construct, Lost, Advanced Alchemical Golem, Totemist 2, Fighter 2, Warblade 1

Spoiler: Storytime
The intrepid adventurers were deep underground now, having finally found the long forgotten fortress they were searching for. Buried centuries before by some powerful mage duel gone wrong.
Kal-trax gathered together treasure seekers from across the land and led them down, convinced of salvaging powerful magic items. Everyone knew of the tale of the fortress, but no one knew where it was. Only rumors and tall-tales sung at taverns.

“We saw it, it’s real!” One of Kal-trax’s companions whispered wide-eyed to him. “Everyone thinks it’s just a legend, but we SAW it!”
“What exactly did you see?” Kal-trax demanded. He knew the stories of a guardian creature that fell with the fortress, that was never relieved of duty. Still tirelessly patrolling it’s Master’s home.
“It was huge! Looked almost human or dwarf like, but everything was swollen and misshaped. Like it wasn’t fully formed!” His companion had a confused look on his face. As if searching for the right words to describe it.
He shook him, trying to get him to focus.
“It looked inside out. We could see inside it. Fluids and oils bulging all over it, swirling around like a dirty pint of mead. Everything was red! Looked like blood at first, but smelled like it was burning.”
“Did it carry weapons?” Kal-trax asked.
“We didn’t see any. But it’s arms and legs were massive. Had on some weird boots and spiked gauntlets that just sort of melded into it. And mist was coming from it’s head. Like it was wearing a crow of ice.”
“It was stomping through rubble and crushing stone like it was nothing. Screw the treasure. Screw the gold. We gotta leave before it notices us.
Kal-trax stared at his companions eyes as they widened in fear. He’d been hearing that faint thumping sound for some time now. They all had. Now, each time it sounded, their eyes would grow bigger and they’d have a sharp intake of breath.
In a low voice, barely a whisper. “That’s the beast! It’s coming. I’m leaving now before it catches us!”
Kal-trax shook his head, let go of his companion, and watched him rush through the old archway that marked the entrance to cavern they decided to camp in. His other companion had made his way to the far side of the cavern and was rocking back and forth holding his head, muttering nonsense. “ohno ohno ohno...”
That pounding sound seemed much louder now, as if it was coming closer.
“ohno ohno ohno...”
From outside the archway there was a scream. Moments later his companion came sprinting into the camp again, a look of panic on his face. Speechless.
All three treasure hunters were staring at the archway. Kal-trax ready with a sword in his hand. One companion wide-eyed and in shock from what he’d just seen. The other still on the ground holding his head and crying ever louder. “Ohno... Ohno... Ohno...”


From behind them, a faint crunching sound was heard by the one on the ground.
“Ooh Nooooo!”
The cavern wall busted apart and in burst the creature. Humongous and filled with bright red chemicals.
Before they could react, it opened it’s mouth letting out a hate filled scream. Burning bile exploded from it's mouth covering the treasure hunters, instantly melting their faces, and they knew no more...
Spoiler: Oh Yeah!

Spoiler: How’s and Why
K.A.M. was created as a guardian long ago by a talented mage. She created and lived in one of the most spectacular fortresses of that time. The mage needed something to drive off intruders and thieves while she was away. As killing every creature that came by would eventually get her in trouble with the local authorities, and disposing of the bodies would become tedious and tiresome, she created a golem to handle of security. Golems are naturally not the best thinkers around, being completely mindless, so K.A.M. was given orders to destroy the weapons and armor of any intruder that came to her home. If that didn’t drive them off, K.A.M. would continue pulverizing the creatures until that wised up and ran for it, or were killed. It did this job for many, many years, and earned a reputation where most would-be thieves avoided the mage’s home completely.

Late one morning, the mage got into it with another powerful spellslinger over some slight and they had it out at her home. The ensuing battle destroyed much of the surrounding land and ended up burying her home deep underground. It was well protected by enchantments and survived with nearly everything intact, including it’s protector K.A.M.

Years passed and K.A.M. did it’s duty. Occasionally an intelligent creature would come along and find the fortress, K.A.M. would attack and sometimes they would get away. The legend of the fortress and it’s guardian persisted.

Eventually K.A.M. wore down, having no way to repair itself or even realizing that it needed to in order to keep existing. But still it did it’s duty protecting the mage’s home. The magics of the fortress were strong, but eventually they started to break down to as the mage wasn’t around to restore them. The magics started do strange things to K.A.M. Every creature he killed had a bit of it’s soul torn away by the magics and somehow attached them to K.A.M.

One day he woke up. He experienced sentience for the first time. He instinctively knew how to control and use all those bits of soul stuffed inside him. He could make decisions, experience emotions, ...pain. It quickly drove him insane and he became Lost. A creature full of nothing but hatred and barely more than an animal. Surviving on instinct alone.
Instinct combined with programming and he eventually regained a bit of it’s mind but couldn’t pull himself away from his home and his duty. It’s all he has ever known and all he cares to know. Nothing else interests him except guarding that which has been long abandoned to time.

Spoiler: Ability Scores
Racial Soulfused
Lost Hit Dice Total
Str 15 +12 +0 +4 +1 (HD 24) 32 (+11)
Dex 14 +2 +2 +0 +2 (HD 28,35) 20 (+5)
Con 10 - 10 +4 +0 14 (+2
Int 8 - 3 -6(Minimum 1) +2 (HD 32,36) 3 (-4)
Wis 12 +0 +0 +0 +0 12 (+1)
Cha 13 -10 +4 +0 +1(HD 35) 8 (-1)

Spoiler: Build Table
CR Class/HD Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features Essentia
11 22 HD +16 +7 +7 +7 - - Acidic Touch
Breath Weapon
Alchemical Healing
Immunity to Magic
Construct Traits, DR
12 26 HD +19 +8 +8 +8 - - - -
13 30 HD +22 +10 +10 +10 - - - -
13 31 HD +23 +10 +10 +10 - - - -
14 Soulfused Construct template +23 +10 +10 +10 Speak Language – 1 (Common)
Speak Language – 1 (Ibixian)
Intimidate – 16 (32 points)
Power Attack
Improved Bull Rush
Improved Sunder
Power Lunge
Strength Devotion
Shape Soulmeld (Mauling Gauntlets)
Shape Soulmeld (Thunderstep Boots)
Open Least Chakra (Feet)
Essentia Pool
Soulbound Resistence
15 Lost Template +23 +10 +10 +10 - - Bile of Hatred, DR, Twisted Mind -
16 Totemist 1
32 HD
+23 +12 +12 +10 Intimidate – 16.5 (33 points) - Wild Empathy
17 Totemist 2
33 HD
+24 +13 +13 +10 Intimidate – 17 (34 points) Cobalt Power Chakra Binds
Totem Chakra Bind (+1 capacity)
18 Fighter 1
34 HD
+25 +15 +13 +10 Intimidate 18 (35 points) Combat Brute Fighter Bonus Feat 10
19 Fighter 2
35 HD
+26 +16 +13 +10 Intimidate 19 (36 points) - Dungeon Crasher 11
20 Warblade 1
36 HD
+27 +18 +13 +10 Intimidate 20 (37 points) Bind Vestige (Aym) Battle Clarity (Reflex Saves)
Weapon Aptitude

Spoiler: Write ups
Basic Combat Stats: CR 20
HP: 33d10+2d8+1d12+30(Construct)+72(Con). Average 304
AC: 32 (If 10+ damage dealt, 5d6 acid (Ref) & 2 Con(Fort) damage is sprayed DC:30
DR:10/adamantine, 20/piercing or slashing, 10/magic
Immunity to Magic
Speed: 30 ft.
BAB/Grapple: +27/+42(up to +60 w/ essentia)
Breath Weapon: 15ft cone, 5d6 Acid(Ref) and 2 Con(Fort) damage
Breath Weapon: 30 ft cone, 36d4 Acid, Ref DC:30 for 1/2
2 Slams: +38(minimum), 2d8+11+2d6(acid), x much more from feats/maneuvers/soulmelds
Bull Rush: +37 w/ essentia, more with charging, ect…
Sunder: +42(minimum), massive bonuses on damage, ignoring hardness, ect...
Spoiler: CR 15
This is where K.A.M. really comes online. Before now, he’s just a big basic hammer with a corrosive coating. A bit scary up close, but able to be chipped away eventually once you know what to avoid.
Now, he is a big hammer with a lot of accessories and industrial strength acid at his command. All he cares about is getting up close and personal and doing as much damage as he can. All his feats were taken at the same time he gained an Intelligence Score, and they’re all focused on damage to his opponents or their gear. He has two soulmelds to boost his strength checks and damage even higher than normal, and plenty of essentia to power them. He'll usually have a soulmeld bound to his Totem chakra, or Thunderstep Boots bound to his feet to stun opponents after they take damage. He’s a heavy hitter that you don’t want to get close to, but since you’ll only encounter him underground at his home territory you won’t have much choice in the matter.
K.A.M. likes to wail on his opponents with his slams, but his scariest attack is his Bile of Hatred that at this point spews a 30 ft. cone of acid doing 31d4 damage at a DC:27 Ref save (1/2).

Spoiler: Cr 20 (Sweet Spot)
They are going to know he’s coming. He’ll crash through walls and obstacles to get to his target no problem. When he charges he can plow through just about anything or anyone, knocking the players into each other or walls, taking away a good chuck of HP from even the heartiest of Barbarian, and absolutely destroying any physical weapon they bring to bear on him. They won’t hate him because he’s hard to beat. They’ll hate him because of what it costs them in gear.
Most of his essentia will go into mauling gauntlets and Sphinx Claws to boost Strength checks (i.e. Bull Rush), and Thunderstep Boots and Cobalt Power for damage. It can be moved around every turn if need be for whatever reason.
Dungeoncrasher helps insure that nothing can stand in his way. More soulmelds increases his options and adds fluff and flavor(mmm, cherry). The one level of Warblade at the end gives him a useful and flavorful stance and three powerful maneuvers that just screams his theme of breaking stuff and knocking people around. Binding Aym for double damage to objects is just icing, and it is sweet. No item barred against him is safe. He will destroy them all.

Spoiler: A Few Ability Descriptions
Immunity to Magic (Ex): An alchemical
golem is immune to all spells, spell-like abilities, and supernatural effects that allow spell resistance, except as follows.
A neutralize poison spell slows it (as the slow spell) for 2d6 rounds, with no saving throw.
A poison spell heals all lost hit points.
Acidic Touch (Ex): An alchemical golem’s surface gleams with acid. The merest touch of the construct deals 2d6 points of acid damage. Any creature that touches an alchemical golem (such as with a grapple attack or touch spell) takes this damage as well.
Berserk (Ex): The same noxious mixture of ingredients that gives an alchemical golem life also makes it unstable. When an alchemical golem enters combat, there is a
cumulative 1% chance each round that its elemental spirit breaks free and goes berserk. The uncontrolled golem goes on a rampage, attacking the nearest living creature, or smashing an object smaller than itself if no creature is within reach, then moving on to spread more destruction. Once the golem goes berserk, no known method can reestablish control.
Breath Weapon (Su): 15-foot cone, once every 1d4+1 rounds, 5d6 acid, Refl ex DC 21 half. All creatures in the toxic, acidic cone must also make a DC 21 Fortitude save to avoid breathing in the poisonous fumes taking 2 points of Constitution damage. The save DCs are Constitution-based.
Rupture (Ex): Any single hit that deals at least 10 points of damage punctures an alchemical golem’s membrane. This releases a spray of chemicals that fills a 5-foot square in the direction from which the attack originated, its effects are identical to the breath weapon listed above. The membrane then closes, reducing the spill to a mere trickle.
When an alchemical golem is reduced to 0 hit points (by any source), the membrane collapses, spilling out all the remaining chemicals. The noxious materials fill a 15-foot radius with the same effect as the breath weapon.
Soulbound Resistance: A soulfused construct can invest its essentia in this special quality as if it were a soulmeld. Every point of invested essentia grants it a +1 resistance bonus on all saving throws. The maximum essentia capacity of this quality is as normal for a character of the construct’s character level.
Bile of Hatred (Ex): Once every 1d4 rounds, a hateful lost can spew acidic bile in a 30-foot cone as a standard action. Every creature in the area takes 1d4 points of acid damage per character level of the lost. A successful Reflex save halves this damage. The save DC is Constitution-based.
Twisted Mind (Ex): A lost’s mind is demented and difficult to control. If the creature fails its saving throw against a mind-affecting spell or effect, it can attempt to save again 1 round later at the same DC. The lost gets only this one extra chance to succeed on its saving throw.
Dungeoncrasher: You excel at overwhelming traps, smashing through doors, and pushing aside your enemies. At 2nd level, you gain a +2 competence bonus on saves and to your Armor Class when attacked by traps. You also gain a +5 bonus on Strength checks to break a door, wall, or similar obstacle.
In addition, you gain a special benefit when making a bull rush. If you force an opponent to move into a wall or other solid object, he stops as normal. However, your momentum crushes him against it, dealing an amount of bludgeoning damage equal to 4d6 points + twice your Strength bonus (if any).
Punishing Stance: You hold your weapon overhead, allowing you to chop down with superior force. However, this fighting stance leaves you vulnerable to an opponent's attacks. Only an initiate of the Iron Heart tradition can manage the perilous balance between trading attack power for defense. A lesser warrior would leave himself nearly helpless to resist an opponent's attacks.
While you are in this stance, you deal an extra 1d6 points of damage with all melee attacks. You also take a -2 penalty to AC, because this fighting stance emphasizes power over a defensive posture.
Stone Dragon's Fury: Your attunement to Stone Dragon’s earth nature allows you to spot flaws in objects with uncanny precision. You use this knowledge to your advantage, allowing you to make devastating attacks against objects and constructs.
As part of this maneuver, you make a single melee attack. If your attack hits a construct or an object, you deal an extra 4d6 points of damage. You can use this strike in conjunction with the sunder special attack and attempt to damage held or carried objects. Against other targets, you gain no special benefit from this maneuver.
Mountain Tombstone Strike: Your attack causes damage to the structure of your foe’s body. As part of this maneuver, you make a single melee attack. If this attack hits, you deal 2d6 points of Constitution damage in addition to your normal damage.
Earthstrike Quake You channel ki into the earth with your mighty strike, causing the ground to rumble and shake briefly. Anyone standing on the ground in this maneuver’s area must make a successful Reflex save (DC 18 + your Str modifier) or be knocked prone. Any creature standing on the ground in this area that is currently casting a spell must succeed on a Concentration check (DC 20 + spell level) or lose the spell. You are immune to the effect of the earthstrike quake maneuver. Your allies must still save as normal against its effect.
Walls and similar barriers don’t block the line of effect of an earthstrike quake.

Typical Soulmelds shaped:
Thunderstep Boots
Mauling Gauntlets
Frost Helm (more for fluff than crunch)

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