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Spoiler: Stats

Desert Half Orc
Str 16
Dex 10
Con 16
Int 10
Wis 8
Cha 16
Level up into Str

Spoiler: The Build

Base Attack Bonus
Fort Save
Ref Save
Will Save
Class Features
1st Dread Necromancer +0 +0 +0 +2 Concentration +4, Spellcraft +4 Precocious Apprentice Rebuke Undead, Charnel Touch
2nd Dread Necromancer +1 +0 +0 +3 Concentration +5, Spellcraft +5 Lich Body 2
3rd Half Orc Paragon +2 +2 +0 +3 +4 Intimidate Combat Casting Divided Ancestry, Monstrous Mien
4th Half Orc Paragon +3 +3 +0 +3 Intimidate +7, Concentration +5.5 Rage 1/day
5th Half Orc Paragon +4 +3 +1 +4 Intimidate +8, Concentration +7 Str +2
6th Rage Mage +4 +5 +1 +4 Never Outnumbered Improved Unarmed Strike Spell Rage
Epic 1 Superior Unarmed Strike
Epic 2 Tomb Tainted Soul
Epic 3 Practiced Spellcaster: Dread Necromancer
Epic 4 Weapon Focus Touch Spell
Epic 5 Touch Spell Specialization
Epic 6 Hammer Fist
Epic 7 Extra Rage
Epic 8 Improved Natural Attack: Unarmed Strike
Epic 9 Willing Deformity
Epic 10 Willing Deformity Obese

Spoiler: Snapshot

Spoiler: Combat
The way Sharom fights is an interesting method to say the least. She enters into her half orc rage and her spell rage at the beginning of the fight. Then she casts Chill Touch, which lasts 6 touches that can be touched once per round and begins advancing on her opponent(s). She then bashes them repeatedly with her fists dealing Unarmed Damage and Chill Touch. She has damage reduction and self healing via her dread necromancer levels, and can easily debuff everyone within 5 ft with a quick intimidation. When she doesn't want to smash people to bits she can always use her Charnel Touch. Her statblock below is assuming max HP at level 1 and average HP (rounded up) on all other levels. She only has a single nonmagical item listed in her gear and it is not required for her to function, but it is there to point out that she can wear Medium Armor.

In my home games we have a homebrew on Practiced Spellcaster to add the CL as if they were full spellcasting, progressing their spell progression as well, and if this is allowed then she would cast Vampiric Touch instead of Chill Touch, but otherwise has no bearing on this competition.

Spoiler: Statblock
Medium Humanoid (Half Orc)
2d6+4d8 + 24 (54)
Initiative: -1
Speed: 20 ft. in Mithril Full Plate (4 squares); base speed 30 ft.
Armor Class: 17 (10 base, -1 Dex, +8 Mithril Full Plate), touch 9, flat-footed 17
Base Attack/Grapple: +4/+8
Attack: Unarmed Strike (2d6+6)
Full Attack: Unarmed Strike (2d6+6)
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks: Charnel Touch
Special Qualities: DR 2/ Magic+Bludgeoning,
Saves: Fort +9, Ref +0, Will +3
Abilities: Str 19, Dex 8, Con 18, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 16
Skills: Concentration +11, Intimidate +20, Spellcraft +7, Never Outnumbered
Feats: Precocious Apprentice, Combat Casting, Improved Unarmed Strike, Superior Unarmed Strike, Tomb Tainted Soul, Practiced Spellcaster: Dread Necromancer, Weapon Focus: Touch, Touch Spell Specialization, Hammer Fist, Extra Rage, Improved Natural Attack: Unarmed Strike, Willing Deformity, Willing Deformity Obese
Environment: Material Plane
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 6
Treasure: 6th level adventurer
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Advancement: By Character Class
Level Adjustment:

Spoiler: Fluff
Sharom was a prodigy in her home tribe. Showing off some of the best spellcasting that the tribe had to offer from an extremely young age. The tribe sent her to one of the colleges to the far south, hoping that she could gain knowledge and power and be able to return to her tribe. While Sharom was there as a teenage half orc she learned that she was not the most powerful spellcaster in the world. And that prejudices against her race and often her gender were in full swing. She very quickly learned that the rules were that she couldn't use hostile magic or lethal means against her colleagues. So she used her strength and a good punch to put people into their place. Eventually the college expelled her regardless of the rules. This made her mad. When she returned to her tribe she returned as a true half orc. Raising her head and taking leadership. Sharom would eventually lead an attack on the college where she showed the headmaster that arcane might is not everything, and that a good groin kick and hammer fist to the back of the head would make any spellcaster rue the day that they kicked her out.

Spoiler: Sources

Heroes of Horror: Dread Necromancer, Willing Deformity
Complete Arcane: Precocious Apprentice, Rage Mage, Weapon Focus Touch Spell, Touch Spell Specialization
Unearthed Arcana: Half Orc Paragon
Player's Handbook: Combat Casting, Improved Unarmed Strike
Tome of Battle: Superior Unarmed Strike
Libris Mortis: Tomb Tainted Soul
Dragon Compendium: Hammer Fist
Complete Warrior: Extra Rage
DMG (or eberron campaign setting?): Improved Natural Attack
Book of Vile Darkness: Willing Deformity: Obese