I guess he ran across the Sahara? Geddit? Geddit? Because desert half-orcs have Run? Oh, just look at the build already.

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Sahran, Will of the Desert
Desert Half-Orc Half-Orc Paragon 3/Barbarian 2/Fighter 1

Spoiler: Intro
Khalif was dying. Dying alone under the fierce desert sun, exhausted, starving and above all, thirsty. He'd run from orc raiders, but in his haste to flee, he left the trail and lost himself in the vast wasteland. His camel had stopped moving days ago, but he'd kept walking, refusing to lie down and wait for death. Now he dragged himself over the sand, knowing his death would come soon, yet not accepting it. Vultures circled above him, waiting for the moment when he stopped moving and they could claim what was rightfully theirs.

Suddenly, a shadow fell over him. He could barely lift his head, but he saw black robes. He vaguely wondered if this was the Reaper, come to claim him at last, but then there was a soft thud as a full waterskin landed in front of him. Khalif seized it and drank greedily, draining the waterskin in moments. Then, exhausted, he slumped to the ground, and everything went black.

Spoiler: Background
To be a half-orc is to be alone. No-one knows that better than Sahran. As far back as he could remember, he lived on the outskirts of a human desert village, a scavenger who lived off whatever meagre scraps he could find. One day, an orc tribe descended on the village and destroyed everything. They spared Sahran, but they would not accept him. Outcast of two peoples, his outlook was grim indeed. The desert is a harsh place, where to be alone is to live on a knife-edge. Yet he survived, and learned to survive. And slowly he discovered that, as solitude is the essence of the half-orc, so too is it the essence of the desert. Now he wanders the desert, enacting its will. To those the desert finds worthy, he brings its gifts - water, food, shelter, salvation. To the unworthy, he brings fear. And to any who try to flee him, he grants the greatest gift of all: a swift and merciful death, devoid of all the suffering the desert has to offer.

Spoiler: Ability Scores
Ability Score Modifiers Final Score
Strength 16 +2 (Half-Orc Paragon 3) 18 (+4)
Dexterity 14 - 14 (+2)
Constitution 14 +2 (Desert Half-Orc) 16 (+3)
Intelligence 10 -2 (Desert Half-Orc) 8 (-1)
Wisdom 8 - 8 (-1)
Charisma 15 +1 (Level 4 Bonus) 16 (+3)

Spoiler: Build
Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
1st Half-Orc Paragon 1 +1 +2 +0 +0 Intimidate +4, Jump +4, Survival +4 Power Attack, Run (Desert Half-Orc) Divided ancestry, monstrous mien
2nd Half-Orc Paragon 2 +2 +3 +0 +0 Intimidate +1, Jump +1, Survival +1 - Rage 1/day
3rd Half-Orc Paragon 3 +3 +3 +1 +1 Intimidate +1, Jump +1, Survival +1 Intimidating Rage Ability boost (Str +2)
4th Wolf Totem Barbarian (Spiritual Totem: Lion) 1 +4 +5 +1 +1 Intimidate +1, Jump +1, Survival +1 - Pounce, Rage 2/day
5th Wolf Totem Barbarian 2 +5 +6 +1 +1 Intimidate +1, Never Outnumbered Improved Trip (Wolf Totem Barbarian) -
6th Fighter 1 +6 +8 +1 +1 Intimidate +1, Extreme Leap Imperious Command, Improved Bull Rush (Fighter 1) -

E6 Feats:
  1. Menacing Demeanour
  2. Combat Reflexes
  3. Knock-Down
  4. Shock Trooper
  5. Leap Attack
  6. Extra Rage
  7. Extra Rage
  8. Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Spiked Chain)
  9. Endurance
  10. Steadfast Determination

Spoiler: Tactics

Spoiler: Levels 1-4
Sahran is a standard low-level Barbarian at this point, charging and raging like everyone else. From level 3, the most dangerous enemy in an encounter will be shaken by his free +12 demoralize, but otherwise very normal.

Spoiler: Level 5
Sahran now makes everyone within 10 feet shaken with Intimidating Rage. At this point, he picks up a trip weapon and starts tripping people with Improved Trip. His trip modifier isn't amazing, so he should be careful who he targets with it, but the shaken condition helps him make it stick.

Spoiler: Level 6
People now start cowering when Sahran rages, thanks to Imperious Command. He also gets his second attack from BAB, which helps him make the most of the 1 round of cowering. From this point forward, his demoralize check reaches its final +20 modifier with Menacing Demeanour doubling up on monstrous mien. Combat Reflexes, Knock-Down, and Exotic Weapon Proficiency with Spiked Chain combine to let him trip people with damage from attacks, get a free attack if the trip is successful,and trip them again if they try to stand up, anywhere within 10 feet. Shock Trooper and Leap Attack need no introduction, but special mention should be made that cowering prevents enemies from capitalizing on Sahran's AC penalties. Extra Rage(s) ensure that he stays functional throughout the adventuring day, keeping him raging through 6 encounters. Finally, Endurance combined with Heat Endurance (from Desert Half-Orc) and Sahran's massive Fortitude score make him basically immune to the desert's heat. Steadfast Determination turns his pitiable +0 Will modifier into a slightly less pitiable +4, and a somewhat respectable +8 while raging.

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