Since I'm a cyborg partially made out of titanium-cobalt, does that make me a metallic human?

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John Drake
Spoiler: Fluffy stuff

“Gather round, younglings.” The aging Treant called, and in a manner of minutes the open space before him was filled with all manner of creatures. Pixies, Sprites, a couple of young Eladrin, even a particularly intelligent squirrel or two.

“Today, I’ll be teaching you about humans.” The Treant opened the old book, and started to lecture. “Humans are a short-lived species, but also one of the most dynamic. They learn fast, but few have the patience to only stick to one topic. Humans can be scholars or warriors, mages or milkmaids, kings or thieves. Unlike many other species, they have no inborn inclination towards good or evil. If there is one unifying trait of humanity, it is their ambition.”

The Treant slowly turned a page in the old book, and continued his lecture. “Now, as they age, their skins harden into tough scales, and they gather huge hoards of wealth. They will also breathe fire on anyone that dares disturb their domain. They…yes?” One of the squirrels had raised its paw.

“Ehm, sir, didn’t you skip a couple of pages here?” She chittered. “This doesn’t like humans to me.”

The Treant shook his head. “I don’t make mistakes like that, youngling.”

“But the number at the bottom of the page is far higher than the one on the page before.” A Sprite that had taken its place on the Treants shoulder chimed in.

“Harumph, be silent. If you think you can give the lesson better, than go give it somewhere else. Now, everyone should pay special attention while I teach you the difference between metallic and chromatic humans…”

Spoiler: Build

CG Human Human paragon 3/dragonfire adept 2/Chameleon 1
Ability scores
STR: 8
DEX: 14
CON: 16
INT: 14
WIS: 13+1(level 4)
CHA: 13+2(Human paragon 3 boost)

Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
1st Human Paragon 1 +0 +0 +0 +2 Bluff 4, Disguise 4, Sense motive 4, Spellcraft 4, sleight of hand 4, Search 3, Open lock 3, intimdate 2 Able learner, jack of all trades Adaptive learning (Disguise)
2nd Dragonfire Adept 1 +0 +2 +0 +4 Bluff 5, Disguise 5, Sense motive 4, Spellcraft 5, sleight of hand 5, Search 4, Open lock 4, Intimidate 3 - Breath weapon 1d6, Dragontouched, least invocations
3rd Human Paragon 2 +1 +2 +0 +5 Bluff 6, Disguise 6, Sense motive 4, Spellcraft 5, sleight of hand 6, Search 5, Open lock 5, intimidate 5 Draconic heritage (brass), Draconic senses Bonus feat, +1 level of dragonfire adept casting
4th Human Paragon 3 +1 +3 +1 +5 Bluff 7, Disguise 7, Sense motive 4, Spellcraft 5, sleight of hand 7, Search 6, Open lock 6, intimidate 7 - Ability boost (+2 CHA), +1 level of dragonfire adept casting
5th Dragonfire Adept 2 +2 +4 +1 +6 Bluff 8, Disguise 8, Sense motive 4, Spellcraft 5, sleight of hand 8, Search 7, Open lock 7, concentration 1, intimdate 8 - Breath effect(Frost Breath), scales +2
6th Chameleon 1 +2 +4 +1 +6 Bluff 9, Disguise 8, Sense motive 4, Spellcraft 5, sleight of hand 9, Search 8, Open lock 8, concentration 1, intimidate 9 , skill trick: Conceal spellcasting Practiced Spellcaster (Chameleon) Aptitude focus 1/day (+2)

Epic Feats
Frightful presence
Draconic knowledge
entangling exhalation
Draconic resistance
Draconic toughness
Ability focus (Breath weapon)
Draconic skin
Exhaled Barrier
lightning reflexes
Skill focus(Bluff)

Beguiling influence, Magic insight

If the Chameleon picks divine spellcasting, he can get any divine spell of 1st or 2nd level, and gets them the same way a cleric does. Pick the spells you expect to need in the upcoming adventuring day. Examples could be endure elements when doing desert survival, Doom in case you have a plan relying on someone failing a save, zone fo truth in case you need to question someone, etc.

If the Chameleon has picked arcane spellcasting, he's dependent on spells he's been able to find, as he doesn't get any spells known. He can copy spells into his spellbook like a wizard would. That having been said, you should try and get your hands on scrolls made by a trapsmith, as they get all kinds of nice spells at lower spell level, such as haste(1st), dispel magic(1st) and dimension door(2nd). If that's not possible, taking many of the low level usual suspects (grease, glitterdust, invisibility, etc.) should help you as well.

Spoiler: Crunchy Numbers

HD: 5d8+8(first HD)+18(CON)+12(Draconic toughness)+1(Dragontouched), average: 61
AC: 15 or higher. John's unarmored AC is only 15, but Chameleon gives proficiency with all forms of armor, which is useful when he isn't suing the arcane focus aptitude.
Breath weapon: 2d6, Reflex for half: DC 17
Vision: Low-light, dark-vision 60 feet, blindsense 20 feet (Draconic senses)
Fire resistance 18 (draconic resistance)
Spoiler: Skill modifiers

Bluff +14 (+20 with beguiling influence)
Disguise +10
Sense motive +6
Spellcraft +7
sleight of hand +11
Search +16
Spot +8
listen +8
Open lock +10
concentration +4
intimidate +11 (+17 with beguiling influence)
Knowledge(all) +8

Spoiler: Playstyle

John Drake is good at a lot of things. He knows a decent bit about everything, he can find a needle in a haystack, and then use that needle to open a locked door, he can bluff himself past a lot of problems, and can cast a spell or two when he feels like it. His particular skill-set makes him perfect for courtly intrigue, or a heist, or just about any other job that doesn't involve a lot of single combat.

John can help the party out on the social front, and having decent bonuses for all knowledges make him an excellent resource. He won't do as well as someone who specialized in a knowledge skill, but since it's unlikely all knowledge's will be covered by the party he can pick up the slack where their knowledge fails. Between spells and skills, he can also help the party on the infiltration front. The lack of hide and move silently can be compensated for with a spell or two, or a really good disguise and a quick story, while his decent senses and skill with various tools will allow him to find what he's looking for, and get it out of whatever container is protecting it.

His damage in combat is abysmal, but if there's a party around him he has a number of useful crowd control abilities. He can entangle everyone within his breath weapon range, or put up a barrier of frost or flames. Frightful presence allows him to cause hordes of weaker enemies to become shaken. If he's picked divine or arcane focus for his chameleon aptitude he can also cast a couple of spells to help his party out.

Spoiler: Notes for the judges

John has [Draconic] feats, being Draconic Heritage, Draconic Senses, Draconic knowledge, Draconic resistance, Draconic toughness and Draconic skin. With the exception of Draconic skin, all of these scale with the number of Draconic feats you have. John has 6 of these, so the final effect for each of these feats will correspond to that number of draconic feats.

Dragonfire adept does benefit from the increased spellcaster level from human paragon. It increases the breath weapon damage, DC and invocations known as if the adept was 2 levels higher than he actually is, so by character level 5 he knows 2 invocations and can use his breath weapon as if he was a level 4 dragonfire adept.

Practiced spellcaster (Chameleon) could be considered an invalid pick, since a chameleon is only a spellcaster some of the time. I haven't been able to find an official definition of what is and isn't a spellcasting class, and the Chameleon does have spell slots listed in his class information, so I'm assuming he qualifies. I might have missed such an official definition, however.

Spoiler: Sources

Dragon magic: Dragonfire Adept, Draconic knowledge, draconic senses
Unearthed Arcana: Human Paragon
Races of destiny: Chameleon, Able learner
Races of the dragon: Draconic heritage, Draconic resistance, Draconic toughness, Draconic skin, entangling exhalation, exhaled barrier
Draconomicon: Frightful presence
complete scoundrel: conceal spellcasting
Monster manual: Ability focus
complete divine: practiced spellcaster
PHB: skill focus, lightning reflexes
complete adventurer: jack of all trades