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    Quote Originally Posted by ProphetSword View Post
    I just switched our group to 4e, as they have never played it and were interested. I’m looking into electronic solutions to make everyone’s life easier, especially mine. Can I ask what sort of tools you all are talking about?
    Here's a link to getting the online tools from WotC to work via a subscription and the thread is a place to note problems and issues as they come up.

    If for nothing else, it is worth it to get a month's subscription so you can then legally download *all* of the Dungeon/Dragon magazines for 4e's entire run.

    Also, here's a link to all the materials from Living Forgotten Realms. Year 3-5 are the best parts imo, but year 2 & 6 aren't bad. Year 1 has some issues due to massive overkill(and therefore some bad parts)
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