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I'm just starting a 4e game for the first time and we've only been able to find a 2010 update for CB, is there a newer update?
Not officially - but someone put together a patch called CBLoader and distributed it with files to get everything that was produced for 4e by WotC (mine also has the Zeitgeist Adventure Path).

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Does someone out there have installation instructions and/or files? Mine suddenly stopped working and I tried to reinstall it but now it still won't work. My friend did hers and it works for her. I have no idea what's gone wrong and I'd like to try again. Are there any verified files/methods around? (I've read to install it into my documents instead of program files, but hers defaulted to program files x86 and it worked for her anyway. Neither works for me :( )
Check your virus checker. When this started happening on a friend's computer it turned out that hers was considering CBLoader to be a hacking tool and silently quarantining it because it wasn't the original exe file.

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I just switched our group to 4e, as they have never played it and were interested. Im looking into electronic solutions to make everyones life easier, especially mine. Can I ask what sort of tools you all are talking about?
The main one's a computerised character creator that produces fairly nice A4 character sheets with the powers all on cards and does most of the math for you. There's also a less useful monster design tool.