"My goodness, that's no way to treat a fellow guardsman. Almost like you're just random thugs instead... Aliani continued, before realizing that his spell would have no effect on anyone he wanted it to. "Your friend here is just a bit starstruck -- happens to the best of them. Don't you know who I am?"

He'd always hated that line with a venomous passion -- it implied that the answer mattered somehow. Of course, it did. It shouldn't, but it did. Regardless, this was the perfect time to use it, he thought, put the little bastard on edge a bit, let him know that he was trifling with someone not to be trifled with.

He gave a quick tip of his imaginary tophat and a wave to the woman on the balcony. "Sorry to disturb your beauty rest, ma'am, though you clearly don't need it!"

Backing away, he began to scan the alleyways for a suitable exit, or vantage point to determine just who was coming. Just one further thought was bothering him; he couldn't let it go. Glowering at the men, he snarled "Get what girl?"

He was pretty sure he already knew the answer.

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Free action: smack talk
Double move to roughly where P43 would be, looking for a suitable escape route should one be needed. Not running yet, still trying to delay them a bit further. General plan of escape will be to make a quick jog down an alley, quick-change into another disguise, and then throw them on a "he went thataway" imaginary chase.