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Memyadu, the Spell Embezzler

CN Dark vaulkrau illumian Spellthief 9 / Fatemaker 9 / Mage of the Arcane Order 1

[Incoming Sending from Kevlamin Moonshadow, Arcane Order Guildmage:]
"Memyadu, the Spellpool contains Barkskin and Shillelagh again. Is this your doing? Henderson account again? We talked about this. Fellow guild mates getting confused. Over."

"Henderson not worth effort. Gave laugh to Henderson's lackeys. Paid debt as required. Find use for spell energy; I did. Graybeards not my problem. Over."

STR 14
DEX 14
CON 14
INT 14
CHA 15
All level-up increases go to CHA. Take-Charge Appeal also increases CHA.

Vaul: +2 bonus on CHA-based skill/ability checks
Krau: +2 bonus to CL for spells/SLAs, max of HD
Vaulkrau: 2/day, expend spell slot (not prepared spell) as immediate action to gain bonus to saving throw equal to level of lost slot
Dark: +10 ft movement, darkvision 60 ft, resist cold 10, Hide in Plain Sight, superior low-light vision, +8 Hide, +6 Move Silently
Multiclass penalty: No
Starting languages: Common, Illumian, Celestial, Infernal


Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
1st Spellthief 1 +0 +0 +0 +2 K: Arcana 4, Bluff 4, Intimidate 2 cc, Diplomacy 2 cc, Hide 4, Move Silently 4, Concentration 4, Tumble 4 Skill Focus (Bluff) Sneak Attack +1d6, Steal Spell (1), Trapfinding
2nd Spellthief 2 +1 +0 +0 +3 K: Arcana +1 (5), Bluff +1 (5), Intimidate +0.5 cc (2.5), Diplomacy +0.5 cc (2.5), Hide +1 (5), Move Silently +1 (5), Concentration +1 (5), Tumble +1 (5) No New Feats Detect Magic, Spellgrace +1, Steal Spell Effect
3rd Spellthief 3 +2 +1 +1 +3 K: Arcana +1 (6), Bluff +1 (6), Intimidate +0.5 cc (3), Diplomacy +0.5 cc (3), Hide +1 (6), Move Silently +1 (6), Concentration +1 (6), Tumble +1 (6) Sudden Extend Steal Energy Resistance 10
4th Spellthief 4 +3 +1 +1 +4 K: Arcana +1 (7), Bluff +1 (7), Intimidate +0.5 cc (3.5), Diplomacy +0.5 cc (3.5), Hide +1 (7), Move Silently +1 (7), Concentration +1 (7), Tumble +1 (7) No New Feats Steal Spell (2), Spellthief spells (1st level)
5th Spellthief 5 +3 +1 +1 +4 K: Arcana +1 (8), Bluff +1 (8), Intimidate +0.5 cc (4), Diplomacy +0.5 cc (4), Hide +1 (8), Move Silently +1 (8), Concentration +1 (8), Tumble +1 (8) No New Feats Sneak Attack +2d6, Steal SLA
6th Spellthief 6 +4 +2 +2 +5 Bluff +1 (9), Intimidate +0.5 cc (4.5), Diplomacy +0.5 cc (4.5), Hide +1 (9), Move Silently +1 (9), Tumble +1 (9), Spellcraft +1 (1), Appraise +1 (1) Cooperative Spell Steal Spell (3)
7th Spellthief 7 +5 +2 +2 +5 Bluff +1 (10), Intimidate +0.5 cc (5), Diplomacy +0.5 cc (5), Hide +1 (10), Move Silently +1 (10), Tumble +1 (10), Spellcraft +2 (3) No New Feats Absorb Spell
8th Spellthief 8 +6 +2 +2 +6 Bluff +1 (11), Hide +1 (11), Move Silently +1 (11), Tumble +1 (11), Concentration +2 (10), Spellcraft +2 (5) No New Feats Steal Spell (4), Spellthief spells (2nd level)
9th Fatemaker 1 +6 +2 +4 +8 Bluff +1 (12), Diplomacy +2 (7), Hide +1 (12), Move Silently +1 (12), Balance +2 (2), Tumble +1 (12) Arcane Preparation Take-Charge Appeal, Fatemaker spells (1st level)
10th Mage or the Arcane Order 1 +6 +2 +4 +10 Concentration +2 (12), Acrobatic Backstab skill trick No New Feats Guild Member, Spellpool (1st-3rd spells), [advance Fatemaker casting]
11th Fatemaker 2 +7 +2 +5 +11 Bluff +2 (14), Diplomacy +2 (9), Hide +2 (14), Move Silently +2 (14) No New Feats Confidence of the Fated 1/day, [FM spells 2nd level]
12th Fatemaker 3 +8 +3 +5 +11 Bluff +1 (15), Diplomacy +2 (11), Hide +1 (15), Move Silently +1 (15), Balance +3 (5) Master Spellthief Sneak Attack +3d6, [Steal Spell (5)]
13th Fatemaker 4 +9 +3 +6 +12 Bluff +1 (16), Diplomacy +2 (13), Hide +1 (16), Move Silently +1 (16), Sense Motive +3 (3) No New Feats Aura of Confidence, [FM spells 3rd level], [Steal Spell (6)]
14th Fatemaker 5 +9 +3 +6 +12 Bluff +1 (17), Diplomacy +3 (16), Hide +1 (17), Move Silently +1 (17), Sense Motive +2 (5) No New Feats Take-Charge Appeal
15th Fatemaker 6 +10 +4 +7 +13 Bluff +1 (18), Diplomacy +2 (18), Hide +1 (18), Move Silently +1 (18), Sense Motive +1 (6), Concentration +2 (14) Delay Potion Sneak Attack +4d6, [FM spells 4th level], [Steal Spell (7)]
16th Fatemaker 7 +11 +4 +7 +13 Bluff +1 (19), Diplomacy +1 (19), Hide +1 (19), Move Silently +1 (19), Sense Motive +1 (7), Concentration +1 (15), Social Recovery skill trick No New Feats Confidence of the Fated 2/day
17th Fatemaker 8 +12 +4 +8 +14 Bluff +1 (20), Diplomacy +1 (20), Hide +1 (20), Move Silently +1 (20), Sense Motive +3 (10), Concentration +1 (16) No New Feats Aura of Confidence +2, [Steal Spell (8)]
18th Fatemaker 9 +12 +5 +8 +14 Bluff +1 (21), Diplomacy +1 (21), Hide +1 (21), Move Silently +1 (21), Sense Motive +3 (13), Concentration +1 (17) Darkstalker Sneak Attack +5d6
19th Spellthief 9 +12 +6 +9 +14 Bluff +1 (22), Hide +1 (22), Move Silently +1 (22), Concentration +1 (18), Spellcraft +2 (7), Back On Your Feet skill trick No New Feats Arcane Sight, Sneak Attack +6d6, [Steal Spell (9)]

Spoiler: Magic

Note: Between level-based stat boosts and Take-Charge Appeal, Memyadu always has at least one bonus spell slot at the point at which she attains a new spell level.

Level (HD) Spellthief 1st slots Spellthief 2nd slots Spellthief 1st known Spellthief 2nd known
1st - - - -
2nd - - - -
3rd - - - -
4th 0 - 2 -
5th 0 - 2 -
6th 1 - 3 -
7th 1 - 3 -
8th 1 0 4 2

Memyadu's Spellthief spells per day and spells known do not progress via class after 8 HD.

Level (HD) Fatemaker 1st slots Fatemaker 2nd slots Fatemaker 3rd slots Fatemaker 4th slots Fatemaker 1st known Fatemaker 2nd known Fatemaker 3rd known Fatemaker 4th known
1st - - - - - - - -
2nd - - - - - - - -
3rd - - - - - - - -
4th - - - - - - - -
5th - - - - - - - -
6th - - - - - - - -
7th - - - - - - - -
8th - - - - - - - -
9th 0 - - - 2 - - -
10th 1 - - - 3 - - -
11th 2 0 - - 3 2 - -
12th 3 1 - - 4 3 - -
13th 3 2 0 - 4 3 2 -
14th 3 3 1 - 4 4 3 -
15th 3 3 2 0 4 4 3 2
16th 3 3 3 1 4 4 4 3
17th 3 3 3 2 4 4 4 3
18th 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4
19th 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4
Spells known (in order learned):
Spellthief 1: Serene Visage, Path of Frost, Appraising Touch, Nerveskitter
Spellthief 2: Quick Potion, Wraithstrike
Fatemaker 1: True Strike, Disguise Self, Sanctuary, Expeditious Retreat
Fatemaker 2: Invisibility, Eagle's Splendor, Spider Climb, Cat's Grace
Fatemaker 3: Haste, Tongues, Nondetection, Protection from Energy
Fatemaker 4: Restoration, Remove Curse, Stoneskin, Charm Monster

  • Skill Focus, Sudden Extend, Darkstalker: No prereqs (met immediately).
  • Cooperative Spell: Must have any other metamagic feat. Met after taking Sudden Extend at 3 HD.
  • Arcane Preparation: Must be able to cast arcane spells without preparation. Met at 4 HD with Spellthief spells.
  • Master Spellthief: Must have Steal Spell and be able to cast 2nd level arcane spells. Met at 9 HD with 2nd level Spellthief spells and 11 HD with 2nd level Fatemaker spells. Steal Spell is met at 1 HD.
  • Delay Potion: Must have 1 rank in K: Arcana. Met at 1 HD.
  • Fatemaker: Must have 4 BAB (met at 6 HD), Skill Focus Bluff (met at 1 HD), 8 ranks in Bluff (met at 5 HD), and 5 ranks each in Diplomacy and Intimidate (met at 7 HD), plus an alignment prereq that is met immediately.
  • Mage of the Arcane Order: Must have 8 ranks in K: Arcana (met at 5 HD), Cooperative Spell (met at 6 HD), any other metamagic feat (met at 3 HD with Sudden Extend), and the ability to prepare and cast 2nd level arcane spells (met at 9 HD with Arcane Preparation of Spellthief slots). Fun Fact: Since Cooperative Spell has a prereq of “any other metamagic feat,” this class’s prereqs would be functionally the same if the feat section just said “Cooperative Spell” and not “Cooperative Spell and any other metamagic feat”!

1-5 HD: Memyadu starts out as an unusually sneaky Spellthief. The Dark template grants her a good degree of extra mobility, crazy nice early bonuses to the stealthy skills, and early access to HiPS, making Sneak Attacks easy to come by. It’s also got a remarkably good fluff match on an illumian, considering that illumians have a stronger-than-most connection to the Plane of Shadow. Like all Spellthieves, she likes both stealing spells from enemies and borrowing spells from allies—friendly casters love the action economy advantage offered by having a Spellthief partner with them to get their spells on the field faster, after all. Even without a friendly caster around, though, she’s perfectly capable of sneaking around and shanking folks who don’t want to be shanked, possibly stealing some magic in the process. They call the Fated “takers” for a reason, after all, and Memyadu believes that she deserves your magic more than you do. Everything on the planes is fueled by belief, after all. She just also has the skills to back it up.

Speaking of not being shy, Memyadu’s better socially than the average Spellthief. With Skill Focus (Bluff) and the Vaul sigil, she’s got significantly more Bluff than most folks in her level bracket, and Vaul plus the synergy bonus from Bluff go a long way towards shoring up her cross-class ranks in the other social skills. Serene Visage is an ace in the hole for those really important deceptions.

Although she doesn’t have very many spells of her own per day, she has a better-than-average CL on them (by Spellthief standards), and Sudden Extend is remarkably useful for wringing a little extra mileage out of a spell. The Vaulkrau power word is not something that she invokes very often (Vaul and Krau are separately more powerful than the combination thereof), but it can be the difference between a close save and a bad time if things get really bad.

6-9 HD: Memyadu gets a few more levels of Spellthief under her belt, keeping up Steal Spell and getting at least a brief window where Absorb Spell is likely to be functional. Fatemaker offers as many skill points as Spellthief, a rather better skill list for our purposes, and faster advancement of spells. In particular, getting Balance, Sense Motive, and Diplomacy in-class helps a lot. Take-Charge Appeal helps her get better at talking and better at casting, both of which are rather important to this character.

She has access to Quick Potion now, which helps her satisfy the “if you can take it and can hold it” aspect of the Takers’ outlook. The duration on Quick Potion is one hour per level (or, once per day, double that, thanks to Sudden Extend), which means that any leftover slots (which she has relatively few of right when QP comes online, but that doesn’t stay true for long) can easily be turned into potions that will last into the next day’s adventures. Almost more importantly, any stolen spells that happen to fit the criteria for being potionable can be stored in the same way, which offers much greater flexibility than the usual one hour duration granted by the Steal Spell ability itself (and also frees up stolen spell level storage). Yanking a spell from an opponent’s mind, storing it in a bottle, and using clever tactics to access that spell on one’s own terms? It doesn’t get much more Fated than that—but stick with me.

10-15 HD (Sweet Spot): As soon as practicable, Memyadu pays her entry fee and joins the ranks of the Arcane Order, giving her access to the Spellpool. Fatemaker offers reasonably decent slot progression by the standards of unique-casting PrCs that aren’t Sublime Chord or Ur-Priest, but the spell list leaves something to be desired. Access to the Spellpool solves this problem in a big way, and this is really where Memyadu’s Fated attitude gets to shine. Other folks might be content with the spell list written in a sourcebook somewhere, but not her—and she intends to take what she wants.

By default, the Spellpool offers access to any Sor/Wiz spell in the PHB, up to the maximum level allowed by one’s MotAO level, plus other spells in other circumstances. This is already a huge leg up on the spells listed in the Planar Handbook. You can make an argument that Memyadu’s very high Bluff/Diplomacy mods might be used to convince someone who matters in the Arcane Order to allow her to access a few spells outside of the PHB, relying on the “additional spells” clause, but this is not necessary for the build to function. It’s just a nice option if you’ve got a GM who appreciates a good blend of thematic roleplay (Fated take what they want and aren’t merely satisfied with what they’re granted!) and the mechanical stats (Bluff/Diplomacy) to back it up. Either way, this is a crazy increase in utility, especially out-of-combat utility.

Anyway, Memyadu can access any Sor/Wiz spell of levels 1-3 from the PHB. This is coincidentally the level range she cares about for making potions with Quick Potion. If you’re worried about how she doesn’t get many 2nd level Spellthief slots per day, don’t be. She can steal her own 2nd level Fatemaker spells to fuel castings of it. CAdv pg. 16: “If the target is willing, a spellthief can steal a spell with a touch as a standard action.” [. . .] “Alternatively, a spellthief of 4th level or higher can use the stolen spell power to cast any spellthief spell that he knows of the same level or lower (effectively, this gives the spellthief one free casting of a known spell).” There’s plenty of touch-range abilities that one uses on oneself, and she’s willing.

Master Spellthief also comes online in this level bracket. This feat is tricky to use and tricky to read, but it’s very powerful. Let’s talk a little bit about Memyadu’s caster level, because Master Spellthief is a little bit unclear how caster level should be calculated in a situation like this. At a bare minimum, the combination of Krau, Spellthief 8, and however many levels in Fatemaker should put Memyadu’s CL equal to her HD. (MotAO advances Fatemaker casting, but even if MotAO isn’t factored into the calculation, Krau will make up the difference.) A more generous interpretation would allow Krau to be added to the Fatemaker level and/or to the Spellthief level (neither of which is alone enough to bump into Krau’s “max of your HD” cap) before adding the Fatemaker level and Spellthief level together, possibly increasing her CL by 2 (if Krau applies once) or 4 (if Krau applies twice, once to Fatemaker and once to Spellthief). So at 12 HD when Master Spellthief comes online, Memyadu’s CL (for both Fatemaker spells and Spellthief spells) is either 12, 14, or 16. Even assuming the least generous interpretation is pretty nice, considering that very few Fatemakers will have such high CL, and that CL never stops scaling, so Memyadu ends up with a CL way above the usual “maximum” for a Fatemaker. It’s also worth mentioning that while potions that are crafted or purchased are usually made at minimum CL to save on cost, nothing about potions (or Quick Potion) says that they must have minimum CL, so the potions made with Quick Potion should have Memyadu’s normal CL, which is considerable. And of course, Fatemaker levels now count towards what spells Memyadu is able to steal. (It is unclear if her Mage of the Arcane Order level contributes to this; I wrote the table under the assumption that only Spellthief and Fatemaker levels count, not MotAO.) Remember that spells can be stolen from enemies or borrowed from friends, so this is relevant so long as there’s a spellcaster somewhere on the field (but it doesn’t much matter where on the field).

Speaking of stealing spells, the Spellpool ain’t free. Spellpool users incur a spell debt, and that spell debt has to be paid. But what savvy businessperson pays a debt with their own purse? It’s much more efficient for Memyadu to pay back her Spellpool debt with OPM: Other People’s Magic. Stolen spells have just as much energy as honest spells, after all. Even if a given spell that Memyadu steals isn’t immediately useful to her, she can just funnel it into the Spellpool to pay off a debt for some spells that ARE useful to her. This is where she moves from being a “spell thief” to a “spell embezzler.” She has access to a much wider variety of resources than she should, she takes what she wants when she wants it, she shuffles magic between accounts with some accounting sleight of hand, and she forces other people to literally pay the price for her, keeping her own account clean except when absolutely necessary. How Fated is that?

Spellthieves are very big on action economy (that’s one of their best benefits to friendly casters, after all), and Delay Potion helps with that. Any potionable spell (there are plenty in the Spellpool, and Memyadu loves making Quick Potions) can be effectively Quickened with a little bit of prep time. Sure, it’s only possible to have one at once, but one swift action Haste or Invisibility or Fly or Blink or Displacement or Heroism (need I continue?) per encounter is a pretty noticeable benefit. Even Sanctuary (accessible as a Fatemaker spell) is interesting as a swift action, since it can be used after attacking; call it a “no tagbacks” spell.

Confidence of the Fated’s primary use depends on whether it’s ruled to be a standard action or a nonaction: if it’s a standard action (because it’s a supernatural ability without a listed action type; see MM pg. 315), Memyadu can use it while hidden from a target to line up an ideal opening attack, which is a trick that most Fatemakers cannot do as well. If it’s a nonaction, it’s useful for saving throws and for really important social skill checks. Sneak Attack continues to progress, and Memyadu’s baseline tactics remain useful. Aura of Confidence is a difficult ability to use well (such a small bonus at such a small range!), but it pairs very thematically with Cooperative Spell if Memyadu happens to have an aligned spellcaster in the party, and it’s not like a stabby person will never have an ally nearby. It also works out of combat to make obligatory Aid Another checks better.

16+ HD: Memyadu finishes strong, gaining lots of spells per day, more uses of Confidence for when things just need to succeed, plenty of Sneak Attack, and very strong spell-stealing capabilities. Many characters with Master Spellthief fall into the trap of being able to steal spells that they cannot hold, but not Memyadu—she always has enough Spellthief levels to hold whatever spell she is able to steal, up to and including 9th level spells. The Fated take what they want, and they can hold onto it as well. Darkstalker keeps stealth useful, and it’ll be hard to find a Fatemaker with a higher CL.

Memyadu’s skills after hitting the prereqs for her classes are relatively flexible—it’s wise to keep Hide/MS maxed and appropriate to keep some social skills high, but the exact progression of Balance, Concentration, Sense Motive, Spellcraft, skill tricks, etc. are easily adjusted to the user’s taste. 12 ranks in Tumble is enough to autosucceed on a DC 15 check after factoring in DEX and a minimum roll of 1. The single rank in Appraise at 6 HD is an “I’m trained, really!” rank to be paired with Appraising Touch (learned at the same level) on days when that happens to be the best use of a spell slot; it won’t be used every day, but that’s why it’s a single rank. 5 ranks in Balance is to help with not being flat-footed, especially once you can pull Grease from the Spellpool (Path of Frost serves a similar purpose before then). It’s very odd that Spellthief doesn’t get Balance as a class skill, but that means that Memyadu gets more benefit out of Fatemaker than someone who entered as, for example, a Rogue.

If flaws are allowed, take Darkstalker and Delay Potion earlier, then take Vatic Gaze (PHB2) or Craven (CoR) in the now-free 15 HD slot. The 18 HD slot can be used for the other one of Vatic Gaze or Craven, or it could be used for another low-cost metamagic feat, Martial Study (ToB), Obtain Familiar (CArc), Eschew Materials, Subtle Sigils (RoD), or whatever you like, really.

The last level of Fatemaker is less valuable than the last level of Spellthief because Memyadu already maxed out on Fatemaker casting and does not particularly benefit from a Righteous Might effect 1/day (she has Enlarge Person from the Spellpool for when she wants to be big, but sneaky characters rarely want to be bigger), so the ability to hold stolen 9th level spells is prioritized (in keeping with the “if you can take it and hold on to it” mentality of her faction). Fatemaker 10 can be taken nonetheless if LA buyoff is allowed; the table was built assuming that LA buyoff is not in play. It should be noted that Memyadu’s favorite feature from Fatemaker is the casting, and she has the equivalent of 10 levels in Fatemaker where casting is concerned.

If you want to prioritize stealth and movement over social agility, Uurkrau is a perfectly acceptable power word. I chose not to use it to avoid any arguments about why an Uurkrau illumian would have higher CHA than DEX (and also to focus on social skills, thereby making the best of Fatemaker’s requirements and abilities).

It is entirely reasonable to start with Skill Focus (Diplomacy) rather than Skill Focus (Bluff), considering that the two skills end up with nearly the same ranks (Diplomacy ends up with a slightly higher mod than Bluff thanks to synergy bonuses). Doing so would mean that Memyadu has similar high bonuses to Bluff and Diplomacy at early levels (as opposed to passable Diplomacy and very high Bluff). Skill Focus (Bluff) was chosen because flubbing a Bluff check at low levels tends to be worse than flubbing a Diplomacy check (and it’s often easier to get circumstance bonuses to Diplomacy checks through good roleplay than it is to get circumstance bonuses to Bluff, GM depending), though it’s good to be good at both of them.

Memyadu’s spells known on the Spellthief side are chosen entirely from non-PHB sources to ensure that they do not become redundant once Spellpool access comes online. However, if having access to certain effects at lower level is more desirable than making sure that your choices are never upstaged, it’s entirely reasonable to take spells like Shield, Charm Person, or Reduce Person as spells known.

Although Memyadu cannot access the Spellpool for 4th level spells, 4th level Fatemaker spells are pretty good for getting out of jams, and they can also be traded in to the Spellpool to pay debt, if desired.

For mundane equipment, Memyadu sticks to the best her proficiencies and her budget will allow. Morningstars and daggers (thrown daggers or crossbows serving for ranged options) serve well enough until Fatemaker unlocks longswords and shortbows. Use the best light armor you can afford (likely studded leather or a chain shirt early on and a mithril breastplate later, funds allowing). All skillful/roguish characters benefit from well-chosen masterwork tools, adventuring gear, and so on, and Memyadu is no exception. Similarly, every Spellthief should carry a few spare spell component pouches (ideally including just a few of the more common expensive material components, funds allowing).

Desired magical equipment would include standard numerical boosters (stat enhancers, magic weapons/armor, and something that boosts saves), wands of useful spells (since the Spellthief spell list is directly based off of a large subset of the Wizard spell list, there are too many good wands to list here), Mementos Magica, Rings of Wizardry, Metamagic Rods (especially Extend), Healing Belts, and so on. The cost makes them a “sometimes food,” but Delay Potion works with normal (non-Quick) potions as well, so any potions of useful spells that aren’t in Memyadu’s regular bag of tricks are more useful on her than on many other characters.

This has no effect on the build, but it’s weird enough that I feel compelled to mention it somewhere: this character has more unique sources of Speak Language than any other I’ve ever built. Illumians always get Speak Language as a class skill, and all three classes in the build naturally have Speak Language as a class skill, despite how rare it is as a skill. Weird, right? In a universe with more skill points, I would have liked to max out Speak Language and learn crazy rare planar dialects from all around the Great Wheel, but that obviously wasn’t practical.

  • Complete Adventurer (Spellthief)
  • Complete Arcane (Mage of the Arcane Order, Sudden Extend, Arcane Preparation, Cooperative Spell)
  • Complete Mage (Delay Potion)
  • Complete Scoundrel (Master Spellthief, skill tricks)
  • Dragon Magic (Path of Frost)
  • Lords of Madness (Darkstalker)
  • Planar Handbook (Fatemaker)
  • Races of Destiny (Illumian)
  • Spell Compendium (Serene Visage, Appraising Touch, Nerveskitter, Quick Potion, Wraithstrike)
  • Tome of Magic (Dark template)

Spells/Feats/etc. not mentioned are from the PHB/SRD. Certain items in the adaptation section are from the Magic Item Compendium.