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    Default Re: Why does Persuasion/Deception seem so ridiculously powerful?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cealocanth View Post
    it strikes me that Persuasion and Deception are far too powerful skills in this game.
    Persuasion and deception skills are incredibly useful, both in game and in real life. They aren't, however, automatic "I win" skills.

    As a GM, you have two "defences" against them.

    First, nothing says you have to roll. If the players does something that has no chance of success, you just say "no". If the player says, "Don't I get to roll?" you repeat "no."

    Something that has no chance of success automatically fails with no die roll; just like something that has no chance of failure automatically succeeds with no die roll.

    Player agency doesn't mean they get to roll for everything. Agency means that they are in control of their characters actions; you are still in control of the world's reactions to the character's actions.

    Second, eventually liars get caught. The longer the deception, the worse the consequences. Think Nixon or Clinton.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cealocanth View Post
    a character can literally walk into a throne room and declare themselves king, and you can't do anything about it
    Yes you can. Just say "no". :-)

    The guards respond, "No, you are not the king, get out of here before we put your head on a pike."

    But... If the character has spent time learning the king's mannerisms and has stolen some of the king's clothes to wear and has planned for a time when the king is away then yes, the deception should work. Kudos to the player for having their character try something really ambitious.

    However, at some point the real king is going to turn upů
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