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I think more people read this thread for your stories...
I wish. I'm trying to illustrate ideas which would be very dry tldr stuff.

For example, the Sea People

Build seagoing canoes to travel among volcanic islands
Originate on the far side of the world from the Storm People
Have little contact with other people
Are copper-skinned and have only dark brown eyes
Have a family-based culture
Do not have or use metal
Use stellar navigation
Hold navigators in high esteem
Are small compared to Storm People
Tend to beardlessness
Live in tropical regions
Think of clothing as decorations
Have no body modesty taboos
Have we reached tldr yet?
Use kapok, palm, and other plants for every day purposes
Craft most of their tools and limit specialization to complex crafts
Reward exceptional members of their culture with higher social status
Use tattoing as social recognition and status symbols
Make war on rivals and train for war at an early age
Use song and dance in regular conversation
Have extensive knowledge of the sea
Are all fishermen
Use spear fishing techniques
Okay, there's more but I have bored myself now.

The ideas which would take a paragraph each to explain can be part of a story and explain themselves in the context of the story, which is why I've presented them as stories rather than lists of facts.

Of course, you are free to use or ignore or modify any part of these stories for your world. As your details coalesce my stories lose relevance, but it helps me to see a big picture from which I can work out the smaller ones.