IC thread updated with a couple more options, and challenges associated with the ideas currently put forth.
I think once we've got Trinia settled in somewhere, we'll be able to move on to the next day! THE BIG DAY.

Also, Aliani should definitely ask Saldado how he found him - apparently the sergeant is a better investigator than he gets credit for.

As far as magic is concerned - Darvin is correct that Detect Magic would be able to pick up things like Disguise/Alter Self without further protections such as Magic Aura (which hides it) or Nondetection (which throws up basically a "404" error whenever a Detect Spell tries to scan a person - unless they manage to overcome the detection DC as described in the spell). That being said, that sort of thing would be more common as a security checkpoint rather than randomly on the street as it does require a person (who cast the spell) to peer intently at you, as it's usually fairly obvious when someone is Detecting, and it's relatively short-range (I think 60'?) There are adventurers and an entire school of magic-users in the city, so magic is not uncommon by itself, although pinging as having a (Transmutation) magical spell affecting you could be cause for further suspicion. There's generally not roving bands of guards with a wizard casting Detect Magic on passer-by though, so it's not a major concern unless you think the guard is going to launch a city-wide manhunt for Trinia (which they will . . . in a couple more days). Also as a note for the future, important people (like, say, Queen Ileosa ) will generally have Nondetection on them, as a way to block people from figuring out what protective spells they have running so would-be assassins can't figure out how to thwart them ahead of time. So detecting someone only to be "404'd" is not necessarily a signal that they're hiding something, besides that they're serious about their security. You are, of course, welcome to be suspicious about whoever you feel like for whatever reasons you wish, just wanted to point that out now in case it comes up later when Dalen is randomly scanning people.