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Then let me ask a few questions.

What is the place of demihuman and humanoid races in your setting? Do they participate in trade?
Not sure I want this setting to have "demihumans" as such, that's part of why most of the "People" are variant humans / near-humans.

The Moon People engage in trade, and have a fairly amiable relationship with the Storm People (Choumin), since they travel parts of the world that the maritime cultures don't see as much of (such as the vast inland expanse of the continent to the west of where we've been talking about). I'm not sure what category you'd put them in (demihuman, near-human, something else).

The Twilight People (Zath) have a thriving trade relationship with the Storm People. They have things to trade that no one else can make, and guard the knowledge of how to make or fix many of their products (there's a recurring subplot about the effort to keep certain things secret)... they're after exotic raw materials, oddities, and news from afar in exchange. For example, they've figured out a way to make stable rubber, which means they need the raw sap from places where the trees will grow -- but they're also very careful to not let the connection between the sap and the end products get out.

Most of the world's population is human, or from near/variant human groups. There are some others out there, like Fire People in the deep places of the world.

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Do at least some of them sail? (The minotaur galleys of Krynn come to mind.)
Most of the other big sailing cultures are other humans.

The Grey Ships of the Twilight People are infamous.

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Do aquatic elves live in that massive inland sea?

What other sapient races live in the sea? Are dolphins shape-changed aquatic elves, (Krynn again,) or are they sapient animals?

What part do whales play? Do they coexist with megadont sharks and mesosaurs?

Are squids intelligent? Are they baby krakens? How about octopi?
There are monstrous and legendary and mythic animals out there in the sea. I've considered making the cetaceans even more intelligent than in our world.

No "underwater elves" or such, undersea civilizations seem a bit far fetched outside the more fantastical settings, and this one is a bit more grounded.

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Seabirds played a part in many cultural mythologies, as in my albatross example. Do they play a part in Storm People culture? Are they exploited, such as the Northern European tradition of hunting out eggs in spring fertility rites, (Easter Egg hunts,) or are they forbidden or unlucky? (Again, albatross, this time from Rime of the Ancient Mariner.)
I've been thinking that the Storm People probably hold the big iconic sea birds to be sacred.