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    Spoiler: Games I was/am in on the forums

    Welp, none lasted long. It's like I have a curse.
    Climbing the Tower of Babel [D&D 3.5] (dead) by Meijin, OOC, IC.
    Redemption at Rock Bottom [D&D 3.5] (dead) by pupaeted, OOC, IC.
    Aldhaven Vicious Betrayals III [D&D 3.5] (dead) by Rizban, OOC, IC.
    A Second Chance [D&D 3.5] (dead) by Clockyard, OOC, IC.
    Lost on Dark Waters: Strange Tides [D&D 3.5] (dead) by Zero_Point, OOC, IC.
    The Labyrinthine [D&D 3.5/Homebrew] (dead) by Rizban, OOC, IC
    Ironcastle Keep [D&D 3.5] )(dead) by Seharvepernfan, OOC
    Tribes of the Twelve Seas [Partial Free-Form] (dead) by Kessler, OOC, IC
    To Save Sonuklola [D&D 3.5] (dead) by Droid Tony, OOC, IC
    Reincarnation Wars [Free-Form] (dead) by Various,
    The Sembian Seer [D&D 3.5] (dead) by bundlesandflows, OOC, IC

    Spoiler: Theoretical D&D Stuff

    Spoiler: Werewolf/Mafia Games

    Beware of Bites! by Valmark, Thread - Lynched as the Trusting Detective (Town -> Evil) on Day 3.
    The Jellicle Ball by Avatar Vecna, Thread - Lynched as a Vanillager (Town) on Day 3.
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