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    QQNot much here.

    Made this mostly for myself and because I want to keep the spoiler pyramid.

    Spoiler: Games I was/am in on the forums

    Welp, none lasted long. It's like I have a curse.
    Climbing the Tower of Babel [D&D 3.5] (dead) by Meijin, OOC, IC.
    Redemption at Rock Bottom [D&D 3.5] (dead) by pupaeted, OOC, IC.
    Aldhaven Vicious Betrayals III [D&D 3.5] (dead) by Rizban, OOC, IC.
    A Second Chance [D&D 3.5] (dead) by Clockyard, OOC, IC.
    Lost on Dark Waters: Strange Tides [D&D 3.5] (dead) by Zero_Point, OOC, IC.
    The Labyrinthine [D&D 3.5/Homebrew] (dead) by Rizban, OOC, IC
    Ironcastle Keep [D&D 3.5] (dead) by Seharvepernfan, OOC, IC
    Tribes of the Twelve Seas [Partial Free-Form] (dead) by Kessler, OOC, IC
    To Save Sonuklola [D&D 3.5] (dead) by Droid Tony, OOC, IC
    Reincarnation Wars [Free-Form] (dead) by Various
    The Sembian Seer [D&D 3.5] (dead) by bundlesandflows, OOC, IC

    Spoiler: Theoretical D&D Stuff

    Spoiler: Werewolf/Mafia Games

    Name and Duration Narrator Winning Faction(s) and Time Death Information Identity Role
    Beware of Bites!
    01.06.2020 - 16.01.2020
    Valmark Day 4: Town and two Neutrals Executed on Day 3. The Trusting Detective (Town, turned Evil on Night 2) You're the Trusting Detective, a Town Human role. You always believed in this stuff even when everybody else laughed at you, and are oh so much excited to work at this case.

    Each night pick a player. You discover who targeted them and who they targeted. In addition, you start out in contact wth the Doubting Detective. If the Doubting Detective dies, you get lost in despair and the Evilest One lingering influence overtakes you and you switch from Town to Evils.
    The Jellicle Ball
    16.06.2020 - 05.07.2020
    AvatarVecna Day 4: Town and Neutrals Lynched on Day 3. Vanillager (Town) "All cats are jellicle cats, you see."

    You have no special power. If you would be scried, and the scry would learn your role name, they are told you are Komadia.
    The Thing
    8.12.2020 - 22.12.2020
    rogue_alchemist Day 4: Things (Evil) Lived to see the end. Scientist (Town) Everyone starts as a scientist. Your job is to stay alive and find the cause of the sudden blood pools in the only method you know: testing. Each day you will all work together to choose who to test.
    Smugglers and Scallywags
    10.01.2021 - 30.01.2021
    AvatarVecna Day 5: Cult Lived to see the end. Switch Baner (Town, Mason) You are a townie, the switch baner. Every night, select one player: that player is either baned that night (immune to all other powers), or is daybaned the next day (and is immune to the lynch). You cannot target the same person two days in a row.
    Pelor the Burning Hate
    15.02.2021 - 24.2.2021
    JeenLeen Day 4: Town Killed on Night 2. Villager (Town) You are vanilla town.
    15.03.2021 - 27.03.2021
    Unavenger Night 3: Serial Killer Hit with a bell on Night 3. Anonymous Reporter (Town) Book Wombat, you are the Anonymous Reporter, a member of the TOWN.
    You win when all threats to the town are eliminated and at least one member of the town survives, even if that isn’t you.

    You have one ability:
    Report (Priority 5): You can target a person to see who they targeted last night. This information is posted publicly the next morning and you cannot choose whether or not to publish it. This ability’s late priority means you must survive the night to publish your results.
    Stranger Things
    12.04.2021 - 21.04.2021
    Apogee1 Night 2: Town Died on Night 1. Joyce Byers (Town) Book Wombat, you are Joyce Byers.

    You are the town voider.

    1. Every night, you may target a player. They will be voided/roleblocked and their action will not occur.

    As town, you win when the game when all Mafia/US Agents are eliminated.
    06.05.2021 - 12.05.2021
    Xihirli Turn 3/Main Phase 1: Heroes (Town) Lived to see the end. Teá Gardner - Magician of Faith (Hero) Book Wombat, you are Teá Gardner, the Magician of Faith. You never give up on your friends, even after they're technically dead.

    Dirge of the Lost: On your Main Phase 2: Target 1 Destroyed player on your faction's side. Gain the effects of that player, then perform the cost (targeting) as appropiate. Each character in the game can only targeted by Dirge of the Lost once after their destruction.
    Percy Jackson
    31.05.2021 - 15.06.2021
    gac3 Day 5: Town and two Neutrals (Evil surrender) Lived to see the end. Child of Dionysius - Drunken Fun (Town) You are a child of Dionysus

    Dionysus: You can be quite a lot of fun at parties, able to induce drunkenness or madness among those around you.

    You power is:
    Drunken Fun: Everyone is too stressed out and you just want to help them relax. Each night you can choose someone to help loosen up. They are unable to use their power that night and wake up with a hangover.

    You are town aligned.
    Craziest Idea
    07.07.2021 - 24.07.2021
    Unavenger Night 5: Town and Survivor Clawed to death on Night 3. Town Seer
    Spoiler: Cards
    Book Wombat, your cards are:

    Mafia Investigative
    Town Tracking
    Town Universal Backup

    This entitles you to the following roles:

    Mafia Tracker
    Mafia Universal Backup
    Town Seer*
    Town Universal Backup
    Town Watcher

    *You will need to choose your discard

    I'll pick Town Seer and discard Town Tracking.

    Book Wombat, your role is TOWN SEER. You may talk to yourself at any time.
    09.08.2021 - 25.08.2021
    AvatarVecna Day 5: Polterguists (Evil) Exorcised on Night 3 Psychic Ghost (Town). You are the Psychic Ghost. Your win condition is the elimination of all non-Ghosts except the Medium, whose status does not affect your victory one way or the other.

    Every night, you may target two players who have not been eliminated from the game. You may select yourself as one of the targets, if you wish. I will create a conversation QT named "Afterlife: [target 1] / [target 2]", and privately post a link to that QT in the personal QTs of target 1, target 2, and you. You are allowed to talk in this QTs, if you wish. If the two targets already have a conversation QT between them, your power fails.
    Love Letter
    09.09.2021 - 24.09.2021
    CaoimhinTheCape Day 5: Queen's Servants (Evil) Poisoned on Night 2. Handmaid (Town), unchanged You are a Loyal Follower of the Princess (Town).

    You win when all the Loyal Followers of the Queen (Mafia) have been eliminated.

    Your role is the Handmaid. Each night, choose one player (you may choose yourself). No further actions against the target resolve.
    UPick 2: Electric Boogaloo and Revenge of the UPick
    15.10.2021 - 30.10.2021
    Unavenger Day 4: Town and Survivor Commited suicide on Day 3. Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde (Survivor and Serial Killer) Book Wombat, you are Doctor Jekyll, a LOVED ROLE BLOCKER and the SURVIVOR, and Mr Hyde, BULLETPROOF and the SERIAL KILLER. You win the game if you kill every hostile character or nothing can prevent this from happening and you survive until the end of the game.

    You have FIVE abilities:

    Time for a Change (Passive): You start as Doctor Jekyll, and at DUSK, if you are Doctor Jekyll, you become Mr Hyde, and if you are Mr Hyde, you become Doctor Jekyll. You may type SERUM in the main chat during each DAY to avoid switching at the start of the next DUSK.

    If you are Doctor Jekyll, you do not have access to Mr Hyde’s abilities and vice versa. If an ability cares about your name, only one of the names is your name at a time. Further, anything you do as Doctor Jekyll is not traceable to Mr Hyde and vice versa. Finally, Doctor Jekyll is actually a Survivor (just a Survivor with an unusual victory condition) so you will appear as one if investigated.

    Loved (Passive): So long as you are named Doctor Jekyll, you have a passive -1 to your execution votes. This will NOT be announced unless it becomes relevant.

    Philanthropy (Roleblock Priority): So long as you are named Doctor Jekyll, once per NIGHT you may choose a player: they are role blocked tonight (Fast Priority and other Roleblock Priority abilities cannot be blocked).

    Lost (Passive): So long as you are named Mr Hyde, you are IMMUNE to dying during the NIGHT.

    Brutality (Kill Priority): So long as you are named Mr Hyde, once per NIGHT you may choose a player: they die. They will be reported as having been beaten to death.
    Afterlife 2
    17.11.2021 - 04.12.2021
    AvatarVecna Day 6: Lone Saboteur (Evil) Lynched on Day 5. Vaoillbger (Town) If you did not receive a PM, you are a vanillager. If you are on village team, you win when all scum are eliminated, as normal.
    Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
    22.12.2021 - 01.04.2022
    Xihirli Turn 5/Main Phase 2: Shadow Riders (Evil) Killed Turn 3/Main Phase 2. Chancellor Shephard (Town) You are the Duel Academy Professor.

    That could mean one of two things!

    Professor Shepherd – Seer: You know your students, and these Shadow Riders are certainly not your students!
    Your role PM only identifies you as “Duel Academy Professor.”
    Gold Sarcophagus
    During your Main Phase 2: Target 1 player. Learn that player’s role during the next standby phase. Targeting yourself will return the result “Duel Academy Professor.”

    Professor Crowler – Fool: In the words of Alexis Rhodes, “Crowler talks a good game but he plays a terrible one.” You’re never quite as clever as you like to say you are.
    Your Role PM only identifies you as “Duel Academy Professor.”
    Unfinished Time Box: During your Main Phase 2: Target 1 player. Receive a random role result as if it were a scry result in the next standby phase. Targeting yourself will return the result “Duel Academy Professor.
    Dead of Winter
    23.01.2022 - 31.01.2022
    CaoimhinTheCape Day 3: Town Lived to see the end. Town You are a Villager. Your goal is to vote out the mafia during the Day and plan your Night actions to help the group!
    Fallout 2: Courser Correction
    25.02.2022 - 17.03.2022
    flatfooted Day 6: Town Lynched on Day 6. Courser (Evil) Welcome to Acadia!

    You are Z2-47, a Jammer and member of the Wolves. Each night, target a player and choose a result. Their night action produces this result.
    Words of Power
    15.03.2022 - 04.04.2022
    gac3 Day 7: Town, Survivor and Jester Lived to see the end. Town Book - Epilogue. - You are paired with Zelphas. You both must be killed for either to die. You are both town.
    Among Who? Among Us!
    05.04.2022 - 09.04.2022
    Xihirli Roaming Phase 2: Imposters (Evil) Lived to see the end. Town You are a member of the crew. On your tablet your tasks are as follows:
    Clean Vent (MedBay)
    Stabilize Steering (Navigation)
    Clear Asteroids (Weapons)
    Prime Shields (Shields)
    Wilder West WW: Wait, Who Shot The Sheriff?
    29.04.2022 - 09.05.2022
    bladescape Day 4: Town Lived to see the end. Town You are a Bar Patron

    You're tired of all the cowboys running roughshod over your town, so you got together with the other patrons and sourced a bunch of guns from the gunsmith. Now armed with a fancy new gun, you want to show these cowboys what's what.

    You are Town

    You have no abilities (Yet)

    You have an unknown gun.

    — —

    Obvious Gun

    (Every time you shoot, your name is revealed.)
    Afterlife 3
    21.05.2022 - 04.06.2022
    AvatarVecna Day Six: Narrator Lynched on Day 4. Town You are a Vanillager, a member of town. You win when there are no living threats to town.
    Percy Jackson 2
    15.06.2022 - 25.06.2022
    gac3 Day 4: Town and two Neutrals Surrendered on Day 4. Romans (Evil) Child of Vulcan
    Scanner: Any power used on you grants you a single charge of that power.
    Vulcan - Booster: Your Hephaestus power is stronger than normal.
    Wolf Coin
    07.07.2022 - 17.07.2022
    Batcathat Day 4: Order of the Blackened Denarius (Evil) Lived to see the end. Town You are Ebenezar McCoy, the Blackstaff of the White Council, allowed to break the Laws of Magic in order to protect them.
    • The Blackstaff: Once per day/night cycle, you may write a player's name in orange and they will die instantly (or rather, as soon as I see what you're doing and have time to enact it) unless somehow protected.
    • Not easily killed: The first time you would have died, regardless of the cause, you do not.
    01.08.2022 - 16.08.2022
    CaoimhinTheCape Day 5: Mafia Lynched on Day 1. Town You are Town. Your goal is to eliminate all of the mafia members from the game.

    Although the living players have no special powers, you may receive help from beyond the grave...
    The Tarot Club
    19.08.2022 - 29.08.2022
    Book Wombat Day 4: Evil and Survivor Asleep. Narrator You are the Fool.
    Battle Royale 12! LET THE GAME BEGIN!
    09.09.2022 - 29.09.2022
    Xihirli Round 8: Opsimos, Snowblaze, gac3, Rogan, Flat_footed, and Xumtiil Killed by flat_footed on Round 6. Master Murder Mime of Morbidly Macabre Massacres Mime:
    Quick Mimic: You copy the action of the person who acts right before you in initiative (if it's a tie, you can choose out of those who have tied for that initiative). You can choose your target with this type of mimicry.
    Mimic: You copy the action and target of any other player.
    UPick: TV Tropes / Utropia
    04.10.2022 - 18.10.2022
    gac3 Day 5: Wolves and Neutrals Lynched on Day 5. Town Book Wombat you are the Tarot Reader, Town.
    Your tropes are
    >>> Cards of Power: Your deck holds your power. You have a single use of the following powers: A kill, A scry, A bane, A Roleblock.
    Third Time's the Charm: Sometimes you let the cards lead the way. Every Three nights you may perform a reading. (The first use of this may be any night). When you perform a reading, you randomly use one of your four powers on your target. This use does not count against your single use and having used the power already does not prevent it from being activated by this power.
    Candy-Coated Werewolf
    25.10.2022 - 11.11.2022
    Taffimai Day 8: Town Killed on Night 1. Town You are: vanilla town
    You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.
    Harem Comedy: "Busted!" Season One
    16.11.2022 - 01.12.2022
    AvatarVecna Episode 5-A: Town Killed on Episode 4-B. Scum Book Wombat, you are the Pervert Girl, scum. You win when your team can no longer be outvoted.

    Blackmail Material: You collect naughty pics of your competitors out of habit, just in case they try to take you down. Each phase, select one player. If you die during that phase, that player also dies. You may not use this power on the same night you use Playing Cupid.

    Playing Cupid: You have a knack for figuring out who's compatible with who, and setting them up to have a little private time together. Each night phase, select two players. At the end of the night phase, those players will be placed in a private chat. You may not use this power on the same night you use Blackmail Material.
    Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds
    13.12.2022 - 16.12.2022
    Xihirli Turn 1 / Main Phase 2: Rex Goodwin (Neutral) Lived to see the end. Town Kalin Kessler – The Survivor: Once the leader of Team Satisfaction, a self-policing force in the Satellite composed of yourself, Yusei, Jack, and Crow, you were put in prison by Sector Security. Now you’re out. It’s time to find out what your old friends are up to.
    Infernity Reflector
    The first time you would be Destroyed, a random other character is Destroyed instead.
    Deal with the Devil
    02.01.2023 - 14.01.2023
    Rogan Day 4: Town, Tempted and one Neutral Killed on Night 2. Neutral Hidden Truth: Once per night, you can send me a short text describing the death of a random NPC to be posted at the start of day. You may hide some truth in this text, for example a hint at your role or action, but not your alignment.
    Once per game, you can ask me to reveal the hidden truth. I will reveal your hints and confirm them as the truth.
    The Trader
    You are the Trader, neutral. You win by scoring three points before the game ends.
    Ironically, all this unrest is good for your business. Everybody wants to buy something, some want a charm to defend against evil, others prefer a book containing secret knowledge and again some others want a weapon to slay their foes.
    Tempting Offer: Each day, target a living player to offer them one of the items mentioned above. They will receive this offer at phase change and have time till the dawn of the next day to accept the offer. If they do so, they gain one use of either a protective, an informative or an offensive power, depending on your offer, while you gain a point. They will learn your identity, but not your alignment, on a successful trade. You may only trade once with each player and can’t sell the same kind of item more than twice.
    Raging Loop
    30.01.2023 - 14.02.2023
    Valmark Day Five: Town Lived to see the end. Town Monkey, the Siblings: There's actually two of you- you can tell at a glance who's your buddy, and know you can trust your sibling to always have your back. Monkeys share a secret chat with one another, and get confirmation of each other's Team from the Narrator.

    I confirm that Book Wombat and Snowblaze are both Vilagers.
    The Tarot Club II
    06.03.2023 - 17.03.2023
    Book Wombat Day Four: Town and one Neutral Asleep. Narrator. You are the Fool.
    Mutants WW II: Songs of the Fallen
    01.04.2023 - 14.04.2023
    bladescape Day Five: Town and the Demon Lynched on Day Two. Town You are:
    A Mutant

    One of the denizens of this mighty city, you have no particular power that comes to hand, instead living in this twisted existence in the shadow of Erian's grace. You start with no particular specialities but you may gain something a little unique if you're lucky.

    Your goal is to rid the city of Rieth's taint, you win when all of Rieth's Agents have been subdued.
    Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal!
    24.04.2023 - 05.05.2023
    Xihirli Turn 4 / Main Phase 1: Team ZeXal Lived to see the end. Team ZeXal Dextra – The Referee: You were present when Dr. Faker and Quinton were putting Kite through torture to mold him into a weapon. You were the only one who saw that he was a kid. And now you’re the only adult looking out for his safety.
    Photon Papilloperative
    During your Main Phase 2: Target 1 player. Starting the next Standby Phase, that Player can EITHER make a vote on their Main Phase One OR use their special ability on their Main Phase 2, not both. This effect can be active on only one Player at a time.
    Dead Of Winter 2
    16.05.2023 - 28.05.2023
    CaoimhinTheCape Day Five: Town Lived to see the end. Town Your alignment is Town
    You win when all threats to Town are eliminated

    Your Secret objective is What are you really up to?
    Scry the objective of 2 different players.
    Aces & Eights
    06.06.2023 - 18.06.2023
    AvatarVecna Night Four: Honest players and a Neutral Lynched on Day Two. An honest player You are the Gossip Monger, an honest player.

    You're not in this for the money, you're already rich from your life. But it's always interesting to find out what drives people to risk everything on a tournament like this. Owe a deep debt to the mob? Paying for your mother's medical bills? Flying your true love in from the old country and giving her a good life? It's all so fascinating, and you're gonna get to the bottom of it one way or another!

    Your starting vote power is 5. Every night, you may watch one player. You learn whoever they targeted that night.
    Murder on the Orient Express
    26.06.2023 - 11.07.2023
    Taffimai Day Five: Criminals (and those with fulfilled win conditions) Lynched on Day Two. Town Cyrus Bethman Hardman You are a travelling salesman for typewriting ribbons from New York, here on business. The only reason you can afford a first class compartment is because the firm pays your travelling expenses.

    You are: town

    Yours is a tragic story: your parents died when you were just nineteen. Your only living relative, a brother, had enlisted in the army years before and couldn't be bothered to come home for the funeral. All on your own, you fell in with some bad friends and wasted what little inheritance you got on drinking and gambling. Then you made some even worse decisions and took out loans from some... unsavoury types. With the enforcers breathing down your neck, you decided to fake your own death and start over in the great big U S of A. It worked... until recently, when some people have been making covert enquiries about you. What's worse, the wedding picture of your parents, which you've foolishly hung on to, has recently gone missing from your hotel room!

    Secret wincon: Avoid other people at all costs. You count as having fulfilled this if none of the following happen:
    • a person tries to search your compartment and finds you there
    • you try to search a compartment and the person is there
    • you and another person try to search the same compartment
    • you and another person try to observe the same compartment

    Remember that you can not win by claiming or hinting at your secret wincon.

    Special: Your wincon may get updated depending on events during the game.

    Fulfilled: Yes!
    Long(?) Live The Mayor!
    19.07.2023 - 29.07.2023
    Batcathat Night Three: Infiltrators Killed on Night Two. Town You are a Voter, a member of Town. You win when all enemies of Votersville have been eliminated or nothing can keep that from happening.

    Day Two: You have been elected Deputy Mayor, a mostly meaningless role but be ready to step up if the Mayor doesn't survive the night.
    Mafioso Pokemon edition. REVENGE for Blastoise.
    09.08.2023 - 25.08.2023
    Illven Day Five: Mafia and Cubone Won on Day Three. Neutral Cubone
    You are Cubone the Lonely pokemon. Neutral
    Blastoise didn't save your mother. Sure none of town didn't hurt your mom, but you're not terribly concerned about this. You are told the amount of wolves remaining, at every phase you get to make a guess as to the wolves. You are told how many succeeded, and win (being removed from the game) if you succeed.
    Alolan communication. You have access to dead chat
    The Wizard's Tower
    31.08.2023 - 20.09.2023
    Luizeu Day Seven: Town and Thieves' Guild Won on Night Two. Neutral Member of the Thieves Guild
    Neutral - Every night phase you might target someone and find if they are part of the thieves' guild. If you find them you will have open communications and will be able to decide to take something valuable from the tower (thus winning and leaving the game) or continue playing until the end as town (in this case, you receive 1 night kill - vigilante shot as a group - to use). If the other Guildmember is killed, before you find them, you will be able to decide if you want to support town or the Wizard's disciples (wolves).
    Isle of Chaos
    22.09.2023 - 05.10.2023
    Snowblaze Night Four: Serial Killer, Doctor, Pacifist, Enchanter and Mayor of Chaos Won on Day Four. Neutral Book Wombat, you are a Pacifist. You win if two phases in which no-one dies occur. You have the following powers:

    Save: each night phase, you may target up to one living player. If any killing action that does not specifically state it kills protected players targets one of those players, they will not die. For each night phase in which you do not use this power, the maximum number of players you can protect per night will increase by one. This number will be reset to one after you use the power.

    Rescue: once per game, during the night phase, you may target a living player. If that player would be eliminated the next day, they will not be eliminated and it will be announced that "no-one was eliminated".

    You may not use these powers during the same night phase.

    Good luck and have fun!
    Mountain Time
    23.10.2023 - 09.11.2023
    Metastachydium Night Six: New Lancaster (Operation Condor surrender) Lynched on Day Six. Operation Condor Book Wombat, you are
    The New Lancaster Fencing Academy
    –We Fence All Day: You are the New Lancaster Fencing Academy, founded by TORTHOS, PREVIOUS EMPEROR OF THE UNDERWORLD to help him destroy the world and kill everyone so they stop making damn children and so, him have actual work to do all the time. Now, fencing is easiest to do in well-lit spaces. Consequently, you do that a lot. Once per Day, you can stabbity-stab someone to death. They die.
    –And We Fence All Night: But that's not all! Due to your absolutely superior training, once per Night, you can do the same. Stabbity-stab someone to death. And they die. You can't use both during the same cycle, nevertheless. That would be crazy.
    Mice and Murder
    22.11.2023 - 05.12.2023
    Xihirli Discussion Phase 5: Murderer and Accomplices Lived to see the end. Town Gangie Green

    The groundskeeper of Loam Hall, you can’t access all the rooms the other servants can, but can navigate the exterior of the estate with more ease than anyone. You know where every body in the grounds is buried (there’s a graveyard).

    YOU ARE: Not the killer.
    YOU ARE SUSPICIOUS BECAUSE: You have a criminal past as a once-member of Fletcher Cottonbottom's gang.
    Upick 6: Time Warp
    20.12.2023 - ??.??.2023
    AvatarVecna To be seen. See above. Wouldn't you like to know. None of your business.
    00.00.2023 - 00.00.2023

    Spoiler: Old Records
    Beware of Bites! by Valmark – Town and two Neutral wins on Day 4, lynched as the Trusting Detective (Town -> Evil) on Day 3.
    The Jellicle Ball by AvatarVecna – Town and Neutrals win on Day 4, lynched as a Vanillager (Town) on Day 3.
    The Thing by rogue_alchemist – Things (Evil) win on Day 4, Lost as a Scientist on Day 4 (impossible to win).
    Smugglers and Scallywags by AvatarVecna – Cult win on Day 5, lost as a Switch Baner (Town) on Day 5.
    Pelor the Burning Hate by JeenLeen – Town win on Day 4, killed as a Villager (Town) on Night 2.
    UPick by Unavenger – Serial Killer win on Night 3, killed as an Anonymous Reporter (Town) on Night 3.
    Stranger Things by Apogee1 – Town win on Night 2, killed as Joyce Byers (Town) on Night 1.
    Yu-Gi-Oh! by Xihirli – Town win, won alive as Téa Gardner (Town) on Day 3.
    Percy Jackson by gac3 – Town win, won alive as a Child of Dionysus (Town, Drunken Fun Power) on Day 5 (Evil surrender).
    Craziest Idea by Unavenger – Town win on Night 5, killed as a Seer (Town) on Night 3.
    Afterlife by AvatarVecna – Poltergeist (Evil) win, died (again) on Night 3 as a Psychic Ghost (Town).
    Love Letter by CaoimhinTheCape – Queen's Servants (Evil) win on Day 5, died on Night 2 as the ally of Handmaid Ursula, Loyal Follower of the Princess (Town).
    Upick 2: Electric-Boogaloo and Revenge of the UPick by Unavenger – ??? Win, commited suicide on Day 3 as Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde.

    Spoiler: Related Quotes

    Quote Originally Posted by CaoimhinTheCape View Post
    Book Wombat randomly got both of the original things with RNG
    Quote Originally Posted by Supagoof View Post
    Bookie continuing to be amusing as neutral, I can't vote him in this game at all I think.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rogan View Post
    You know what makes this worse?
    I don't know what would be more weird, your claim being true or it being a lie...
    Quote Originally Posted by Batcathat View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Book Wombat View Post
    And the bladescape kill wasn't even on purpose...
    This was one of my favorite moments in the game. So funny. (I did feel a little bad for the wolves at the time, but since they didn't lose anyone afterwards... )

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