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I don't know animals which can double the square, but I know elephants and wild boars which can short circuit electric fences, crows which can read traffic lights, pigs, elephants and bears which paint, dolphins which help fishermen by driving fish into nets, etc.

There are countless of examples of animal learning which cannot be attributed to instinct. As the simplest possible example, doors with handles did not exist when dogs and wolves evolved, but both can figure out how to open those, both on their own or by observing another dog or wolf or a human do that. Likewise, animal creativity has already been proven. Just because you don't value, say, an orangutan making a whistle out of leaves on the same level as a human making a trumpet, doesn't make it not an example.

Once more, Donna, it's just your own false expectations which make you demand more. You think cognition is all-or-nothing, despite the fact that nothing empirical supports this. Your "proofs" still amount to nothing more than a slippery slope argument coated with pseudo-religious rhetoric.
Learning is not discovering principles which increase potential population density. No beast, no matter how clever, can wilfully increase its population density beyond its rigidly set genetic-environmental potential.