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Or is a baby less important than an adult?
Curious that you have to ask that question.

Yes, it is. So are children and maybe even juveniles, at least according to your own line of argument so far.

So far, you mix up the ability to learn, adapt to a culture and modify that culture, with the culture and how it "stores and updates" data itself.

A human baby by itself is practically worth nothing, canīt accomplish nothing, wont solve a two squared equation and will be eaten by wolves. A human baby/child is probably less capable of survival then an equal animal and will reach full consciousness/ego/sense of self at around the same age, 3.

Now we're social animals and our major trait is to learn, teach and adapt, what we call "culture" or "society", to be top of the food chain. This is where you get your Proto-Nazi thoughts from, because you canīt grasp that we act like a self-replicating virus and any growth that we experienced is only based on us trying to battle and dominate ourselves because we have run out of natural enemies.