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    Default Re: Raincarnation into a newborn - what could be the implications?

    Quote Originally Posted by Goaty14 View Post
    Yea, a penalty to his scores would definitely debilitate a character, but the problem isn't necessarily penalties. The problem could be that the resulting character might have ability scores that don't support his class since he's in a whole new body now (not even his mind would stay the same, since we're transferring his soul), not just a simple reincarnate. Thus, the resulting (N)PC might try to overextend his abilities.
    Oooh yes, very good point. There's no precedent for this effect, so if it isn't handled the reincarnate way (keep your old ability scores, but use new racial modifiers) I'm not sure how it would work. Re-roll physical ability scores, but keep mental ones? I feel like the mental scores should stay the same as it's the same soul/mind/etc, just in a new body (as with magic jar).

    What's the goal here, nonsi? Are you planning a particular class, feat, NPC...? For example:

    Reincarnated Legend
    In a past life you were a great hero, and you've been sent back by the gods in a new mortal shell in a time of great need.

    Must be selected at character creation.

    Choose an archetype (see below). You gain the associated benefits.

    Archetype Benefits
    Trickster You gain a +2 bonus on all Charisma-, Dexterity-, and Intelligence-based skills and may use those skills untrained.
    Spellcaster +1 caster level (for all spellcasting classes you take).
    Warrior Gain 2 bonus [Fighter] feats for which you meet the prerequisites. You may select feats requiring BAB +1 for this purpose.


    Second Chance
    You died in battle, but have been granted a reprieve by the gods - by restoring you to life as a child.

    Must have died and been brought back to life by the reincarnate spell.

    You are restored to life as if by true resurrection, with the following changes:

    Your size is reduced to one size smaller than the standard size for an adult of your race.

    You gain a -2 size penalty to your Strength score and a +2 size bonus to your Dexterity score.

    Your age category is reduced to "juvenile" (one-half the minimum age for adulthood for your race). It is assumed that you were a normal child with only vague recollections of your past life before you reached this age.

    You age normally from your new age. Once you reach the minimum age for an adult of your race your size increases one step and you ignore all the ability modifiers described above.

    The effects of this feat supersede the effects of the reincarnate spell, though you may choose to be restored to life as a member of any LA+0 humanoid race (at the DM's option).

    You may choose to gain this feat as a bonus feat when you die (at the DM's option). If you do, you may ignore the feat prerequisites and you forfeit the next feat to which you would otherwise be entitled.
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