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Spoiler: Tromboners. Heh.

"Hm. Woteva. S'not loik I kare 'bout sporez. As fer Trombone....Huh, dat makes a lot moar sensez. Fink da scriptjaz talkin' 'bout white korpse tings shoulda been my first kloo. Den da people dat follow in da Trombone Waaaagh.....dey Trombonerz?"

Both human Referas giggle at that.

"Yes. That is exactly what they are. They are Tromboners. I'm totally calling them that when I next get the chance."

"The best part is that it fits given their color!"

Masala is just confused for a moment before going.

"Ugh, y'know I still don't get your dirty jokes, moms."

Mekrashin and Stabbit both blink, they didn't get it either.
Starlight also blinked, not getting it. Not because ponies didn't have that kind of humor, but because she was just particularly naive like that.

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Spoiler: Solitus' Assault
The Solitus Assault: Begin

Solitus's eternal grin on his face widens a little more as he strokes his blond goatee.

"Yes. It Is Time! In My Perfection, I Was Thought The Initiative Might Be Lost!"

He turns to the assembled forces of Hell: space pirates, dead Arcosian soldiers from Hailing's conquering spree, murderers, assassins, bounty hunters from all across the universe, Jade soldiers that were a little cracked here and there, crazed nyagato cannibals, various saiyans long dead from their raiding and pillaging wanting to find Valhalla, Belilyans who tried to kill and the use skin of sapients in their clothing designs, demon worshippers who now praised Solitus instead, changelings from Equestria who in their gluttony sucked people dry of love, and so on. Villains of every stripe, every person that had ever sinned enough to be denied any place in Heaven was there- except for any Trombone Cultists.

"My Legions.....Let Me Tell You A Little Story. It Was A Man, Long Ago, Named Trombone. He Thought He Could Defeat Heaven. He Thought He Could Destroy All Of Existence. He...Was A Pathetic Failure. Behold! Heaven Still Stands! The Kais Still Rule! Now Let Me Tell You Why He Did Not Succeed:

Because. He. Was. Not. ME!

Let Those Pale Corpses Preach Their Failed Savior For Now. Soon They Will Realize Their Folly. For I, Am Solitus. King Of All Kings. God Of All Gods. King Of All Gods. God Of All Kings. Son Of The Sun. I Am Perfection Incarnate, And Thus While Others See Only Criminals And Wretches, I See In All Beings, The Potential To Be Just As Great As Me. To Be..... PERFECT! And I Want To Bring That Perfection Out Its Shell. To Make It Shine In Golden Glory For All To See! There is Excellence With All Of You. I Believe That You Can All Tap Into It, And Bring A Victory Upon Heaven That No Pathetic Talking Corpse Ever Could!

Here Are My Orders, Let Them Fill Your Heart With My Golden Light: We Will Take Heaven, In a Single Swift Coup. We Will Do So, With Minimal Casualties On Both Sides. For Every Soul Lost, Is One That Cannot Be Uplifted Into Perfection When I Rule. We Will Capture the Shinjin, The Kais And Make Them Our Slaves As Punishment For Sending I, Solitus Down Here To A Place Where He Does Not Belong, Clearly Because They Were Envious Of The Perfection That Is My Birthright, That They Themselves Can Never Achieve. Worry Not! All Souls, Like Your Own, Will Eventually Be Redeemed In My Golden Light! For I Am Solitus, The Most Perfect God Of Everything, Anything Less Than Perfection In Anything I Do....Is Unacceptable!

Therefore As My Followers, Anything Less Than That, Is Unacceptable For You As Well. All Your Actions Reflect Upon Me! Remember This And Strive To Bring Out The Arete Within! But Worry Not. Do Not Let Doubt Fester In Your Heart. Have Faith In Me, Faith in SOLITUS, My Perfection, And All Will Become As Utopia! Let My Golden Light Into Your Soul, And You Shall Be Empowered! Uplifted! Enhanced Beyond The Confines Of Your Previous Lives Into Part Of Something Greater, Something Divine! So I Ask You Now: Do You Believe In Me?"

"Yes Solitus!"







They yell at the top of their lungs, with every person chanting those words a golden "S" appears on their forehead in their fanaticism, their eyes glowing gold as they feel a heat within them pushing them to be better, to be perfect, to believe in Solitus with all their heart and obey his every command as the crowd reaches a feverish pitch. They were no longer a horde of motley criminals and villains, they felt....United. Singular. Unstoppable! They were one force. For one purpose: To fight for Solitus.


He looks up to the sky and shouts.


The golden clouds that separated Heaven and Hell move aside, letting the light of heaven cascade down upon them until the sky was completely clear, revealing Snake Way and the planets above. Solitus looks to his legions and smiles before pointing upwards and yelling one final time:


They roar in response and surge upwards all at once into the Heavens.
Meanwhile, a shadowy equine figure watched from the shadows, its form shifting and morphing like a living aura. It too hated the Trombone cultists for interfering in its plans. And while it didn't swear allegiance to this Solitus figure, their goals did align. However, it did not join in the charge on Heaven -- it had a different plan, a plan to escape and cast a pall of fear over Equestria, and the rest of the universe. But first, it needed a body, and a powerful one. Thankfully, a certain amulet had already been placed in Heaven, waiting for a being of sufficient power to pick it up....

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The Referas arrive through a rainbow colored teleport as if they were stepping off a rainbow bridge, along with Yankar who had come along for the ride. Mekrashin flew here with Stabbit riding on his back and were watching this from afar with orky binokularz while keeping their power suppressed.

Soon the fifty saiyans came marching out, forming two lines then bowing as King Vegeta himself and his Advisor Lettan came walking out with the King's theme playing on loudspeaker. King Vegeta the Seventh struts out to this music with his arms crossed, with a perpetual frown as always upon his face the king's gem-like medallion hanging from his neck and his cape flowing behind him. He stops after walking past all of them and announces.

"Greetings Earthlings, it is I, King Vegeta the Seventh, Strongest of All Saiyans!

I have come to peaceably do business with the inhabitants of your not-pathetic planet. Beware for we we have well prepared our negotiation tactics, and our greatest Peacerior Lettan beside me is ready to negotiate with whatever champion of peace you so choose to face him in talk! Tremble in happiness earthlings!"

He says this completely seriously as if your supposed to be afraid or something. It was almost as if he was trying to be both tough and diplomatic at the same time? Lettan decides not to correct him on calling on their planet "not pathetic" so as to not undermine his authority. Not in public.
Starlight teleported along on her own. She bowed respectfully, choosing not to comment on the music (What was it with humanoids and their obsession with music anyway?).

"Welcome to Earth, King Vegeta," she replied. "I have been studying your culture for some time now, and not to boast, but I think we can answer pretty much any of your questions." Despite everything, Starlight was still proud of her knowledge and research, especially on super saiyans. The trick was conveying it in a way that didn't let on her access to future knowledge.

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Shining City

Vodkana landed before King Vegeta, and wagged her tail.playfully.

He was so cute! Sayians had tendecy to get tsun tsun quite a lot.

12 years before she would have tried to force him to belong to her.. but she changed. She even bowed. 'Grrreetings, your highness. Nya. I am Vodkana, President of Hailing's Entertainment. How may I assist you?"
Katnep didn't need Lettan to usher her forward, as she was more than willing to step forward on her own, before he was even finished speaking.

"Vodkana!" she yelled. "I've come to seek justice for your crimes against my people!"

Out stepped the young half-saiyan girl. Despite being only 10, she looked as if she was 12 or even 14. While her power level was quite high, it was still lower than Vodkana's. When Lettan was finished talking, and he ushered to state her grievances, she continued. "Vodkana's people, my father's people, have oppressed the warrior caste for too long, with chefs taking whatever they want without any sort of consequence! And now, Vodkana, you seek to subjugate my people, the saiyan race, the same way with your 'Saiyan Chef Corps'! I will not allow you to destroy our culture and subjugate my people like this! I challenge you to a duel to the death!"

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"....So be it. Scorpio Art: Poisonous Chances"

She dodges the tail and then...pinches it? and then pinches more and more at the arcosian in a flurry of little scorpion like snips, quick light pinches with her fingertips, taking advantage of his underestimation of her. It looked like she was just pinching at the arcosian, but in reality she attacking the arcosian's fate itself, poisoning it with misfortune with every touch, and of course what makes this technique so deadly is that when the technique finally poisons the target's fate to be pure misfortune.....they die. Often from a heart attack, but any event no matter how bizarre will do. After all, the living are fortunate to live even one more day. He better be quick to realize things are not what they seem if he wants to survive. When she is finished, she leaps back and pronounces sadly while pointing at the arcosian:

"You are already dead."

Yup, she has the fate version of fist of the north star. Have fun with that.
Tabby's* eyes widened. "That was so cool, Asty!" she squealed.

*The little catgirl.