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Thread: Offline Character Builder and CB Loader

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    frown Re: Offline Character Builder and CB Loader

    I've had that offline software for a while, now.
    In the last days, I've been fiddling with it because I am starting a new campaign.
    But then... one day it was working fine, the next day it shows some error message (it says it found "=", while instead it was expecting ";"... whatever that means) during the loading process... and then it does load up... but it's an older version, missing all the latest updates, themes, feats, etc.
    The saved character files seem to be unchanged... it's just that all the newer content in them isn't recognized by the program.
    My players are going to want to build their new characters next week, and asked me to use the CB.
    Does anybody know how I can fix this problem?
    Many thanks in advance for any help you could give me.


    Problem solved.
    Uninstalling and reinstalling wasn't enough, but I found a guide online with all the steps required.
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