[Returning from mission]

Electra takes the chip, and quickly slots it into the same place she pulled the other one from on her auditory sensor. Her irises flash dimly, before she pulls it back out and hands it back to Dipsnig, before she speaks again.

"That's if what Shanti told us is true." She leans back slightly, pressing her lips together in concentration for a moment, before going on. "But you're right, KABAL is a growing concern. Their rank and file seem to be street gang types. They're engaged in that sort of business, after all, what with the drugs. Their SWAT squad didn't seem to have the best training, either. They deployed a sniper over the roadblock, but they didn't give him a spotter. Sloppy, and it let me get on top of him and knock him out before he had a chance to do anything about it. Most of the rest of them didn't seem much better. For the record, I only killed two of them. Everyone else at the roadblock either got hit with stun ordnance or got killed by one of their own pulling a pin on a grenade when their remaining leader agreed to surrender and retreat. I did kill the zombies that the demon made, but I'm not sure those really count."

She pauses for another moment, before going on.

"Based around the advertising we saw on the way to their base, I think they're going for quantity over quality. You'd think after your foe disabled or killed an entire SWAT squad, that you'd decide that throwing bodies at the problem isn't the solution, but as soon as we got on the highway, they started chasing us again, pretty much right up until we got to the elevator."