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Q 403: Is there any way to apply an enhancement bonus to the Sage's chi gong attack? It kind of gets murdered by DR otherwise.
No, though since it can be applied as a rider on unarmed strikes or natural attacks, scales up to 10d6, and is normally a touch attack when not used as a rider its damage curve is pretty solid.

Q 404: Chi gong counts as a light weapon, which means it's eligible for use with the energy blade talent; is that intentional?
Yes, though there has since been some talk of errata that might affect this in the future. Currently that is a perfectly viable option.

Q 405: Does an Enhancer Sage get any bonus if they take the lingering enhancement talent?
It would extend the duration of any (enhance) talents he gained, but it would not extend non-talent class features.

Q 406: Do the bonus dice provided by the meditation ability have an action cost?
No. The dice are added as part of the same action used for the check they modify, or as a non-action when used to enhance CMD.

Q 407: Can the Sage manipulate items in any way within the reach of the Rubber Ki ability?
Only insofar as it would allow him to attempt an unarmed strike or melee touch attack against the items. It's not a delicate enough ability for fine manipulation of objects.

Q 408: For the infuser combat maneuver replacement thingy, should any penalties carried by the combat maneuver attempt carry over to the reflex save dc? e.g. the open hand sphere allows an unarmed trip attempt as a move action, but at a -2 penalty. If the Sage replaces that trip attempt with the infuser ability, should the reflex save DC be reduced by two?

Q 409: Do Sage magic talents count as ki abilities for the purposes of the ring of ki mastery?
Yes, though the "minimum 1 ki point" cost still applies.