Guide to Necrons
The Undying Host

Spoiler: Special Rules
Reanimation Protocols: Let's start with the iconic ability. This has gone through some iterations over the years, but in the current edition it acts as a way for your models to come back after they die... sometimes. On your turn, you get back a model that was slain (not removed via Morale) on a 5+. It's ok. It's not great, but when it happens it feels good. The main downside is that most models in the game pay a premium for this rule, when it often doesn't even come into effect. So you are encouraged to bring large units and things like Crypteks and Res Orbs to account for it, just making everything more expensive. Instead, just think of it as a nice benefit - when it happens, awesome, but I wouldn't build your army around taking advantage of it.

Living Metal: At the start of your turn, your Characters and Vehicles each regain a wound. It's free healing on stuff that's actually fairly difficult to kill, so not bad at all. Granted, you're only regaining at most 5-7 wounds per game, so it's not going to save you from a dedicated assault, but it will make you pretty resilient to chip damage, especially if you take advantage of one of the ways to make it d3 wounds healed per turn.

Phylactery: If a Character takes this, return d3 Wounds instead of 1 from Living Metal.

Quantum Shielding: When Barges or Arks take damage, roll a dice. If it's less than the number of Wounds it would do, ignore it. Laugh as Lascannons and Meltas. Cry against Plasma and Autocannons (unless you're really good at rolling 1s). It's useful to keep things around against heavy hitters, fairly solid rule but able to be played around by your opponent via chip damage.

Their Number Is Legion, Their Name Is Death: Objective Secured Troops always hold Objectives unless the opponent also has Troops on it. Our Troops are ok, and the game is based on Objectives. Alright.

Spoiler: Dynastic Codes
When you make an army, you choose a Dynasty that each unit uses. If all your units in a Detachment have the same Dynasty, the Code associated with that Dynasty affects all the units in that Detachment. Note that units that never get a Dynasty (C'tan, Triarch units, Szeras and Anrakyr) don't count for the Detachment.

Sautekh: If you Advance, you can shoot all weapons as if they were Assault. That's not entirely terrible, since everything is BS3+ or better, and it gets our relatively slow foot dudes some extra mobility. However, it'll mostly come up only in edge cases and isn't really something you build around. Also, you can move (but not Advance) and shoot Heavy Weapons as if you had stood still. That's nice for Doomsday Arks, Stalkers, and Doom Scythes, but little else. Technically it affects Wraiths with Transdimensional Beamers, but you're not going to take those in all likelyhood.

Nihilakh: If you stand still, reroll 1s to hit in shooting. You'd think this was great, and it is solid situationally, but since we like to play midfield, there'll be a lot of movement. The power shooting units we have are Destroyers and Heavy Destroyers, and they already reroll 1s. It's fairly good for vehicles, since Doomsday Arks and Annihilation Barges can often sit still and shoot, so it has uses.

Nephrekh: When you Advance, add 6" (7" with MWBD) to the move instead of rolling. Also, gain Fly (essentially). At first it seems like nothing special - we are, after all, a shooting army first and foremost, so don't want to Advance that much - but the speed actually makes us one of the faster armies out there. It also has some good synergies with various abilities and units. Tesla Immortals, in particular, can get some good power from this, since their weapon is Assault and you can affect them with MWBD.

Novokh: Reroll hits in the first round of combat. Not bad if you're going Assault Crons. But Assault Crons are pretty bad. Alright for a Detachment with Flayed Ones and Canoptek Units, but they also get a lot from other bonuses.

Mephrit: Any time you fire at a target that is within half distance of your weapons, gain an additional -1 AP. We already have good AP, and lots of Rapid Fire weapons. Easy to see how this works, and it turns our basic gun into something that will mow through all but the toughest foes. Very nice on Tesla, giving it actual AP, but then again Tesla units like to sit at max range a lot of the time.

Always remember that you can bring 3 Detachments and they can be different. A Novokh Detachment with Flayed Ones, a Mephrit Detachment with teleporting Warriors, and a Nephrekh Detachment with Destroyers (more on that later) is totally a thing you can do to get the most out of the abilities.

Spoiler: Generic HQs
Overlord: The main character for Necrons. Good stats both offensively and defensively, and has a great buff for any Infantry unit with My Will Be Done. Kitting him out is a fairly personal choice - Phylacteries are pretty good, unless he gets punked in a single round. Rez Orbs are useful, until they're not. As for weapon, melee weapons seem like a good idea, but you're not fast and not insanely tanky, so melee isn't always the best proposition, but the Staff of Light is also nothing special, so pick what you like best. Really you're taking this guy for MWBD and a solid statline.

Lord: Reroll 1s to Wound Aura. That's the main thing, everything is like an Overlord, but slightly worse (as you might imagine). Cheapish, but Crypteks are better for filling out the HQ slots, so you're taking these for the Aura and potentially as another Rez Orb holder. Same loadouts as the Overlord, you can give him a Warscythe if you're feeling it but it's not required.

Cryptek: Great generic HQ. Makes your dudes more durable, is cheap, just solid in general. Chronometron is better if you're footslogging with big blobs, the Cloak is better if you're going fast or heavy on Characters/Vehicles for the Living Metal bonus. Pick the right one for your list, both are quite good.

Destroyer Lord: Not quite like an Overlord, but faster and with buffs for Destroyers. A really solid Character - perhaps a bit on the expensive side, but speed and durability are really welcome. Rez Orb for Destroyers can go a good way to frustrating your opponent. Warscythe isn't bad because he's tough and has 4 attacks, but he's no melee powerhouse like other armies have. The regular Staff of Light shooting is nothing special, though, so pick what you think you'll use more.

Catacomb Command Barge: The most "unique" out of the bunch. It's a vehicle, and therefore has Quantum Shielding. But unlike the foot Overlord or DLord, doesn't have an Invuln, so it's a tradeoff. Even though it's a big floating hunk of metal, it's a Character so you can hide it, nice. For around the price of two Overlords welded together, you get double range on MWBD, better statline, but trade Invuln and some weapon options. It's a solid option, but not insane enough to spam.

Spoiler: Troops
Warriors: A fairly unique basic Troop. 4+ makes them squishier than MEQ, but Reanimation and LD10 sort of makes up for it. No special weapons, but our Bolters are AP-1, so they actually do quite good damage against most things in the game when brought to bear in numbers. The main issue with these guys is that they want to be spammed for survival and for weight of fire, but their points are a bit too high to bring huge numbers unless that's your whole game plan. One unit of 15-20 is not amiss in any list, though.

Immortals: The only other choice. Think Tactical Marines who traded their customization options for really dope guns. Tesla Carbines put out fairly insane damage just by weight of fire, especially when you pop MWBD for Tesla proccing on a 5+. And since they're Assault, you can Advance and still shoot with MWBD for regular shooting, which is pretty good. Gauss is pretty devastating at half range against most infantry or bikes, since it wounds better than Bolters and AP-2 will cut through most things in a flash. Both units have their uses, depending on how you're bringing them, which Dynasty, and what the rest of your list looks like.

Spoiler: Elites
Lychguard: These guys are your heavy melee punch. Warscythes are absolutely brutal, and Hyperphase Swords are no slouches either. T5 W2 3+ isn't the easiest to chew through, especially with a 4++ from the Shields or 5++ from a Cryptek nearby, but it's not invincible and these guys will go down to a dedicated melee unit trying to kill them. The ability to take wounds for a nearby Character is cute, but not why you'd take them. A bit too expensive for how slow they are, but when they get in, they get in and will bust through pretty much anything you point them at. Need a solid delivery system, which drives up their cost even more.

Deathmarks: Eeehh, Sniper is good but not that good. They're nice for innate SUA, and the Interception ability is cute, but you're rarely if ever going to drop down and obliterate a Character that just Set Up, which is what they're supposed to do. More often than not, it's better for dropping after a regular unit drops in and weakening them, but I suppose more importantly they force your opponent to rethink their SUA strategy. That in and of itself can be important, but generally not game changing. A minimal unit or two is nice for popping up and being an nuisance, but they're not winning the game by any means.

Flayed Ones: Still just shy of being great. 3 Attacks each rerolling wounds is nothing to sneeze at, especially if you're Novokh for rerolling hits as well. They are, at least, a bit more reasonably priced than the Index, but the lack of a reliable delivery system makes them a bit of a hard sell for me. SUA 9" is good, but a 9" charge is only slightly better than a 1/4 chance, and they aren't defensible by any means with a 4+ T4. Remember, if the unit gets wiped, there are no reanimation rolls, and they're gonna get focused super hard if you drop in and flub the charge. Then again, that might in and of itself be ok, but for me, it's not an instant take.

Praetorians: Can never have a <Dynasty>, and therefore can never benefit from My Will Be Done except from Anrakyr or Imotekh. More importantly, can never benefit from a Res Orb or Cryptek other than Szeras. Immunity to Morale helps, but if an Autocannon so much as looks at this unit they start crying a bit. In an awkard spot, since they're pretty fast and fairly tough, but without any synergies they really need to do their work solo, which isn't always reliable. As for their options, Rods make them better troubleshooters since they can jump around edges with a pretty ok gun, but the Voidblades give an extra attack and Pistol shot so they can get stuck in better.

Triarch Stalker: Also never Dynasty, but that really only affects healing from Spyders and Crypteks, so not as devastating. Quantum Shielding and a 3+ is pretty good defensively, though won't stand up to dedicated fire. The various guns are all ok from a damage perspective, but you're really bringing this guy to give out reroll 1s to hit for everything else, so in general I recommend the Heavy Gauss Cannon just for the extra range. For a solid gun that also gives out a good (but not great) buff, it's a bit on the expensive side, but one in a list can be useful depending on the rest of the army and what you're facing.

C'tan Shard of the Deceiver: The first of the bash bros, this guy brings a pretty solid melee punch (since he uses his Fists, I am a comedy genius) alongside the fairly insane C'tan Powers. His big schtick is the ability to move himself and d3 other units before Turn 1. While they can't charge, they can move and shoot, which can set up some pretty crazy Alpha Strikes, especially if you go first. Comboed with Zahnrekh (more on him later) you can make a crazy good turn 1 charge, but it's expensive to get to that point. Even if you're not going for the Alpha, though, he's useful just to get things up the board quickly and is no slouch himself.

C'tan Shard of the Nightbringer: More straightforward than his bro, the Nightbringer lacks any tricks but brings a pretty good shooting attack (hit on 2+ wound on 2+ Assault d6 ain't bad) and a good melee profile (the same but 4 swings), and the Powers on top of it. This guy is a beatstick, so while he's not doing anything sneaky, he'll wreck through big things like monsters, vehicles, and many Characters with little problem.

Spoiler: Fast Attack
Canoptek Wraiths: Theres's a bit of a divide on these guys, but I think they're great. Expensive, but you get what you pay for with T5, 3++, Move 12". Their weapons got a boost, and now will rip through infantry and heavier units with little problem. And they can't get locked in combat, since they can Retreat + Charge, so just throwing them up the table is never a bad idea.

Canoptek Scarabs: Cheap, fast, and not terrible in combat is a good combination. They explode when looked at, but you can bring them back in a couple ways, and they can screen for your bigger units fairly well. If your opponent is packing a lot of Damage 1 weaponry, these guys will survive way longer than they realistically should and be annoying as heck.

Tomb Blades: Not cheap, but at least affordable. However, like Wraiths, you get a good statline for what you pay for. Super fast, good shooting, and fairly hard to remove makes them great flankers and harassers. A flat -1 to hit them makes them far more durable than your opponent might think, and they get a huge amount of shooting for what you pay. Unfortunately can't be buffed with MWBD, but they can be supported by a Cloak Cryptek to force focus fire.

Destroyers: Insanely good. T5 3+ W3 is nothing to sneeze at, and their guns are pure punishment. Sure, they're in that awkward S6 spot where they suffer against Vehicles, but with 3 shots each and AP-3 D3 Damage, they'll rip to shreds most things they look at. Nephrekh Destroyers can be an insane Alpha Strike unit that wipes an important unit immediately, and their specific Stratagem just pumps them up more.

Spoiler: Heavy Support
Heavy Destroyers: Came down in points a lot, but still a bit expensive for a single Lascannon shot. Still, they can be hard to kill if stuck in cover, and will shred through any multi-wound target before you can say "EXTERMINATE" in your best Dalek impression. Destroyers are probably better per point, but there's plenty to be said for a unit that can just camp in your back field and take serious punishment. Always run in max size: 2 RP rolls isn't super reliable, but it's better than 0.

Canoptek Spyders: Pass. For their cost, they can be targeted out and don't bring anything to the table that makes a large enough impact on the game. The only thing worth considering is the Gloom Prism, which is basically our only anti-Psyker defense, but your opponent will just kill them before you can deny. Generally not worth. I guess a unit of 3 is a Distraction Carnifex? Eh?

Monolith: Pass. Oh, it's got tricks. The teleport abilities are good, the guns are pretty ok, and Deep Striking it is nothing to sneeze at, but for nearly 400 points, you would expect at least an Invuln save or the ability to teleport things the turn it comes in. Benefits from basically no Dynastic Codes other than maybe Sautekh, either. You can make it work, but I think if you want the shooting and teleporting there are way better ways to get it in the Codex.

Annihilation Barge: Awkward. The gun is good, since it gets 8 shots exploding on 6s, but with no AP (outside Mephrit) and only 1 damage, an Autocannon it ain't. Not quite enough shots to mulch through hordes, not quite enough quality shots to mow down elite units, it doesn't really have a great role. Best is probably cutting down MSU, but we can do that in a lot of ways. Still, it's not the worst gunboat in the game, if you want to put one in.

Doomsday Ark: THE Artillery for Necrons. d6 shots at S10 AP-5 D6 damage at 72"? Yes please. Not moving? Get that Nihilakh buff. This bad boy is probably the best way to get ranged Dakka in the list for killing things like Knights or Primarchs, tied with Heavy Destroyers. You would not feel bad about including one to even three of them in a list.

Transcendent C'tan: The generic version of the Bash Bros. Better in some ways, worse in others - less killy than Nightbringer and doesn't have Deceiver's trick, but you get to customize this star-god with some Personalities. Either pick one or roll for two, ignoring duplicates:
1) Use 2 C'tan Powers. The Powers are crazy good, and pumping out more MWs is one of the best things in the game. Probably the best.
2) Add 1 to saving throws. 3++ Monster who pumps out MWs? Also not bad.
3) Heal d3 wounds per turn. Not terrible, but not the best on the list.
4) Advance 12" instead of rolling. C'tan Powers aren't shooting attacks, so moving 20" and blasting out a Power is legit. Close to #1 in power level.
5) Reroll failed Wounds in the Fight Phase. Hahaha no.
6) Enemy units don't get cover when nearby. Hard no.
So there's 3 great ones, one good one, and two terrible ones. Is it worth rolling for two? If you end up with #1 and #4, you'll feel like a C'tan yourself. If you end up with #5 and #6, you'll feel like a paperweight. So... probably not worth rolling unless you have two on the table. Overall a great unit though.
(Protip: these guys only come in the Tesseract Vault boxes for the legit models, just convert one and put it on a good sized base. Especially if you're running multiple.)

Spoiler: Dedicated Transport
Ghost Ark: Only can hold up to 10 Warriors and Characters. That's not good. You're more bringing it to repair Warrior units since it gives an extra Reanimation roll to any nearby Warrior unit. Great for Silver Tide, meh if you're only bringing one unit. It's not bad at shooting since it fires like 10 Warriors, moves reasonably fast, and has Fly. If you're Warrior focused, it's good. Else pass.

Spoiler: Flyers
Night Scythe: Like a Transport, but not. Better since you can "share" units inside among other Night Scythes and Monoliths. Worse because if the last one explodes, everything inside dies unless you pop a Stratagem. It's fast, has good guns, and is -1 to hit, so overall it's a good model, and you can use it to deliver Lychguard a bit closer than normal, but they can't move after they come out, so they can be dodged.

Doom Scythe: Like a gunboat, but worse. The big gun always hits on 4+ at best unless you're Sautekh, which sucks. You're limited in the movement of it, which also sucks. When the guns go off, it can blow things up like nobody's business, but there are better ways to kill things. Hard pass.

Spoiler: Lord of War
Obelisk: More or less garbage. For more than a Monolith, get different (but imo worse) guns and sometimes can hurt things with Fly. Will 20 Tesla shots hurt things? Sure, no doubt. But is that really worth more than 400 points? It doesn't even have an Invuln save. Big no.

Tesseract Vault: NOW we're talking. This thing has 28 Wounds, 4++, and Living Metal (which can be buffed by a Cryptek as usual). It spits out 3 C'tan powers per turn and has the same guns as the Obelisk. So it's twice as durable as the Obelisk and has the insanely good C'tan Powers, which is 100% better than the Obelisk's Gravity Pulse. If you have one, take it and drink in tears.

Spoiler: Named Characters

Imotekh the Stormlord: +1 CP, comes with the best Warlord Trait, and can MWBD dudes from other <Dynasties> (or two different <Sautekh> units). Once per game, on a 2+, deal d6 MWs (but fail on a 1). His souped up Staff of Light is nearly a Warscythe in combat and better at shooting. This guy kicks butt and takes names, the only downside is the price tag, which is more than 2 Overlords put together. However, he brings a lot for those points, so it's very much worth considering, especially if you're going to be mostly Sautekh anyway.

Nemesor Zahndrekh: Can shut off enemy Aura abilities, but has to be really close to do it. Randomly buffs a unit per turn. The buffs are fine (+1 Attack, +1 BS, or reroll charges), but random is random and you'll always get +1 BS on your Lychguard and reroll charges on your Warriors. Not terribly great unless you're using him with...

Varguard Obyron: Has the regular Lord stuff, but better melee and can attack when he dies before you pull him. His big trick is the Ghostwalk Mantle. In your turn, teleport him and a nearby Sautekh unit to Zahndrekh. You only have to be 1" away from enemies, so you can use it to teleport 1.1" away from enemies and guarantee a charge with Lychguard, Flayed Ones, or whatever. It's a very strong Alpha Strike as long as you don't get screened away or Zahndrekh dies before it goes off.

Orikan the Diviner: A better Cryptek. Has a good melee weapon, and his Chronometron works in melee, so you can stick him with Warscythe Lychguard and have a grand time. He hulks out throughout the game and can turn into basically a C'tan, so he can be quite scary in the right army. A smidge more expensive than a Cryptek with a Chronometron, but if you're footslogging some melee dudes, you could do a lot worse.


Trazyn the Infinite: Terrible. Just bad. He's nothing special in melee and his weapon requires you to kill a Character to do its thing, so it's pointless. His ability to come back to life requires you to kill another of your Characters, so why? Just bad.


Illuminor Szeras: Like Orikan, a better Cryptek. Instead of hulking out and being a melee support, he's more of a backfield support guy. He has a good gun that's basically a Heavy Gauss Cannon, and permanently buffs a Troop unit per turn. +1 Strength is bad, but +1 Toughness on your Troops is dope and +1 BS on them is great. More costly than Orikan, but a solid buffer than can also support with shooting of his own.

Anrakyr the Traveller: Almost a great character. No <Dynasty> is a real killer for him. He can't teleport with the Veil or in a Night Scythe, so he's footslogging or getting the Deceiver redeploy (which is generally better spent on other stuff). Because of this, his really strong short ranged abilities are not that easy to actually utilize, making him a bit of a miss. His shooting attack is neat for a one-trick, but not enough to really bring him up. If you're footslogging Lychguard, he's giving them +1 attack and can MWBD them... but footslogging Lychguard is bad and you shouldn't do it.

Spoiler: Stratagems
Enhanced Reanimation Protocols: 2CP to reroll 1s of RP for a unit. That's asking a lot, would be good for 1CP. Probably won't use.
Wrath of the C'tan: 2CP use another random C'tan Power after you a C'tan goes in your turn. They're pretty great, so you can use this a lot.
Emergency Invasion Beam: 1CP to disembark from a Night Scythe or Monolith that dies. If you're using these for transports, it's nice to have, so make sure to keep 1CP around just in case.
Amalgamated Targeting Data: 3 Doom Scythes skip shooting their big guns and instead blast off 3d3 MWs to units near a point on a 4+. Why would you run 3 Doom Scythes?
Dynastic Heirlooms: 1CP or 3CP to get 1 or 2 extra Artifacts. We have good Artifacts, so a second isn't terrible. A third is probably too much.
Enhanced Invasion Beam: 1CP to drop a second unit out of a Night Scythe/Monolith. Not terrible, especially if you're trying to combo a Character with a unit. But won't come up that much.
Solar Pulse: 1CP to turn off Cover for a unit you're targeting. Eh? Keep it around, it might come up, but nothing game breaking.
Resurrection Protocols: 1CP, when a Character dies, they don't die on a 4+. 1CP to maybe deny Slay the Warlord or keep around a buff? Cool.
Damage Control Override: 1CP to use the best statline for a Vehicle no matter how much damage it's taken. Can really do work in edge cases.
Repair Subroutines: 2CP, a Canoptek unit gets RP for the turn. Look at your Wraiths. Look at all the punishment your opponent tried to put into them. Laugh.
Self-Destruction: 1CP to make a Scarab base explode in the Combat phase. On a 2+, it does d3 MWs. Neat, but that CP is probably better spent elsewhere. Still, could pick off a character's last wound.
Disruption Fields: 1CP to make an Infantry unit +1Strength in the Fight Phase. S5 Flayed Ones, S8 Warscythe Lychguard, heck even S5 Warriors is good. Solid.
Entropic Strike: 1CP to make the first attack (not weapon, single attack) of a Character ignore Invulns. It'll come up, but not all the time. Hilarious on the Nightbringer.
Dispersion Field Amplification: 2CP, if a unit of Shield Lychguard are targeted, go to a 3++ and bounce back MWs on a 6+. Actually fairly solid, if you put Shieldguard in the middle of the table, they can hold the line fairly hard. Combo with Nihilakh Strat (below) for seriously hard to shift dudes.
Quantum Deflection: 1CP to subtract 1 from your Quantum Shielding rolls for the phase. That means you can stop Damage 1 attacks on a 1, since it goes to 0. It also means you auto-stop Damage 6 attacks. Dope.
Extermination Protocols: 1CP, reroll all Hits and Wounds for a unit of Destroyers. 6 Destroyers is 18 shots at BS3+ S6. Should just read "remove enemy unit".
The Phaeron's Will: 1CP to use MWBD (or the CCB version) a second time from the same Character. Comes up, but save your points unless you really need it.
Adaptive Subroutines: 1CP to let a Canoptek unit Run and Shoot/Charge. Running and Charging Wraiths. Look at what the Nephrekh Code does. 18" Run and Charge Wraiths. Yes.
Dimensional Corridor: 1CP to teleport a unit on the table to a Monolith. Done at the start of the Move Phase, so you can't SUA the Monolith and then do it, sadly. It has uses, but Monos are bad.
Judgement of the Triarch: 1CP to give +1 hit to a unit of Praetorians for a Phase. Sorta to make up for no MWBD I guess? Praetorians are mostly bad.
Gravitic Singularity: 1CP to make the Obelisk's terrible ability against Flyers go off on a 4+ instead of 6+. Obelisk is terrible.
Cosmic Powers: 1CP to swap a power on a C'tan Shard. This gets around the "choose once" restriction on the Powers, or lets you change as good targets die. C'tan are great, this is great.

Methodical Destruction: Sautekh only. After a unit takes a wound from a Sautekh unit, 2CP to give the rest of your Sautekh units +1 to hit against it for the rest of the Phase. If you really need something to die, this'll do it.
Reclaim a Lost Empire: Nihilakh only. 2CP to give a unit +1 to Saves and Attacks if they're on an Objective or didn't move. 2++ Shieldguard or Wraiths. Heck, 2+ Immortals is good. Would have preferred 1CP, though, but it's fine.
Translocation Crypt: Nephrekh only. 1CP to put an Infantry or Swarm unit into SUA 9" Reserves during setup (so can use multiple times). SUA 9" is good. Staying away from Alpha Strikes is good. This is a good Strat.
Blood Rites: Novokh only. 3CP to Fight again. That's a lot... but Wraiths are good. Novokh Lychguard fighting twice? Nice. Flayed Ones? Sick. If you're Novokh, go all in on Fight.
Talent for Annihilation: Mephrit only. 1CP to gain exploding 6s (not like Tesla, and unmodified 6s only). Dropping 20 Mephrit Warriors in Rapid Fire range will put out an absolutely disgusting amount of AP-2 shots with this up.

Spoiler: Powers of the C'tan
Each C'tan Shard picks two and can use one per turn (unless you pick the best Personality on the Transcendent) and the Tesseract Vault gets to pick four use 3. You can't pick a power that's already been picked (until they're all picked), but if you generate randomly (d6 roll) you can get the same power on multiple C'tan. Rolling generally not recommended, especially since you can use Cosmic Powers to swap them during the game.

Antimatter Meteor: On a 2+, deal d3 MWs to the closest unit. If you roll a 6 (or a 5 for the Vault), deal d6 instead. It's Smite, but better since it can't be Denied.
Time's Arrow: Roll a dice for a unit within 18" (+1 if Vault). If greater than the best Toughness value, kill a model. Swingy, but you can also pop Characters with it. Can sometimes blow up elite models, too.
Sky of Falling Stars: Roll for up to 3 units nearby (-1 per roll if Vault). If you roll under the number of models in the unit, it takes d3 MWs, a 6 always fails. Great for anything but Characters.
Cosmic Fire: Roll for each unit close to the C'tan (+1 per roll if Vault). On a 4+, d3 MWs for that unit. If you take both Sky and this, your AoE is insane.
Seismic Assault: Pick a unit within 24". Roll a dice for each model (+1 per roll if Vault), deal a MW on a 6+. Hello, hordes.
Transdimensional Thunderbolt: Pick a unit within 24" (following shooting targeting for Characters). On a 4+, deal it d3 MWs. Every enemy unit within 3" of the original takes a MW on a 4+. Probably the weakest of the bunch, but still fairly solid thanks to range.

Spoiler: Artefacts of the Aeons
Orb of Eternity: Res Orb that gives +1 to the RP roll. This can stack with a Cryptek, to give a unit 3+ RP. It's not... bad, but it's a one-use Artifact that might do nothing all game.
Voidreaper: Warscythe or Voidscythe replaced - melee weapon that wounds on a 2+, S7 against Vehicles instead. Good general melee weapon, but not the best here.
Lightning Field: 4++ and deal a MW to each unit locked in combat with the bearer on a 4+. Great on a CCB since it lacks an Invuln and usually wants to be in melee. On a DLord or Overlord, you only get the zappy portion... which doesn't seem worth.
Nightmare Shroud: +1 to Save and -1 LD to nearby enemies. Well, 2+ Characters is nice... but is it worth a precious Artifact slot? Probably not. Does not boost Invulns since it modifies the Save Characteristic.
Gauntlet of the Conflagrator: Pick a unit and roll a dice for each model in 8". On a 6, deal a MW. It's bad.
Veil of Darkness: Teleport the user and a <Dynasty> Infantry unit anywhere more than 9" away from enemies, once per game. Teleport for free? Yeah it's not bad.
Nanoscarab Casket: Replaces Phylactery. Phylactery now works in both yours and your opponent's turn, and survives death on a 4+. Solid defensively, can really make that DLord hard to remove.
Sempiternal Weave: Infantry only (so no CCB), gain +1 Toughness and Wound. Also good defensively, added stats is never a bad thing. T7 W7 DLord is freaking hard as nails.

Abyssal Staff: Sautekh only, replaces Staff of Light. Instead of the regular shooting, roll 3d6 and deal d3 MWs if you beat the target's LD. Neat, but not top tier.
Timesplinter Cloak: Nihilakh only. Reroll a hit/wound/damage roll for the user per game, which is meh. Also, gain 5+ FNP, which is not meh, and in fact quite good. Nice on a DLord or CCB.
Voltaic Staff: Mephrit, replaces Staff of Light. +1 damage in shooting Staff of Light, wound of 6+ deals an extra MW. It's nice, but far from the best.
Blood Scythe: Novokh only, replaces Warscythe, extra d3 attacks for the fighter. It's probably better than the Voidreaper, but I wouldn't pick either over other options.
Solar Staff: Nephrekh only, replaces Staff of Light. SoL with 3 extra shots. For each hit it makes, on a 4+ the unit is -1 to hit and can't fire Overwatch for the turn. Great way to cover a charge, probably the best shooting Artifact.

Spoiler: Warlord Traits
6 Generic and one for each Dynasty, just like every other Codex.

Enduring Will: Reduce incoming damage by 1 to a minimum of 1. Decent for a fighty Warlord, but not the best.
Eternal Madness: Reroll Wounds for the Warlord in the first round of a fight. Bad.
Immortal Pride: Autopass Morale for all Infantry within 6", and Deny one power per phase. The best one, by a country mile.
Thrall of the Silent King: Increase range of abilities of the Warlord by 3". Pretty bad. Would have preferred something like 6". 3" doesn't change much, and isn't as good as other options.
Implacable Conqueror: Reroll charges for <Dynasty> within 6". Probably the second best, maybe best for full fighty lists. (Anrakyr has this. He doesn't have a <Dynasty>. GW????)
Honourable Combatant: Get an extra d3 Attacks if you target a Character. Bad.

Sautekh: Hyperlogical Strategist: Reroll a hit, wound, or damage roll for the Warlord, once per game. Meh. Regain used Command Points on a 5+. That's the best one. Immortal Pride is best... unless you're Sautekh, because CP is king. Imotekh is Sautekh, so has this trait, and gives an extra CP. Nice.
Mephrit: Merciless Tyrant: Add 6" to Assault weapons and can snipe Characters. CCB with Voltaic Staff, and this has an 18" range that can pop hiding Characters. It's not bad, if you want to hunt support HQs.
Nihilakh: Precognitive Strike: Always Fight First, unless the opponent Charged or has a similar ability. Bad.
Nephrekh: Skin of Living Gold: -1 to hit the Warlord. You should usually be hiding behind units, but I guess it's not bad if you're in combat or get caught out. Not as good as others, though.
Novokh: Crimson Haze: Nearby units get exploding 6s in the Fight Phase. It's pretty solid. Again, if you're playing Novokh, go full fighty.