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Kitty Quarters

Xun obligingly gives Eswil a book and points out the runic designs. They'll go on the chest, here and here, and then mirrored on the other side. This symmetrical one goes right on the sternum.
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[Kitty Quarters]

”This fairy already got me to dance once. And she never will again.” Krayger rumbles. Though he does still do as instructed, going perfectly still.
Kitty Quarters

"If you're at all ticklish then bite your tongue and plug your nostrils. It's almost impossible to laugh like that and I don't want you messing up my strokes. My hands have warmed it up for you, so don't you complain about it being cold." With that, Eswill begins finger painting in short, deliberate strokes. The mud mixture is the same temperature as her hands, as advertised, and she crafts each line or arc in one motion before lifting her finger and moving onto the next, reloading it with the paste as necessary. With such methodical strokes she finishes the runes as perfectly as she can, painting with a fur covered finger on a furrier chest made of musculature and contours.

"Aaand Done! That wasn't so bad now, was it?" Ignoring, of course, that you've just had a major crush trace patterns across your torso, Krayger.