Aurishalq shakes her head. Maybe it should be difficult for him, seeing things from the Inside as he does.

"Inari's might have the advantage of numbers, but in a place like this, your membership is still mostly the people who come in by default? That's no good. Not that I don't appreciate them each, but it's not encouraging, you know? Besides the red vulpans and the kitsune, Inari's has fenethi, pokemon, elves, humans, nameless-faceless-monsters, dragons and giant spiders... I see the problem; you don't know yourselves!"

"But you're starting in the right direction. Here in the shadows, you're more accepting. Somehow, given that Inari accepts pretty much everything, we have a hard-earned reputation for being even more liberal... You have a different type of magic: the mysteries of the shadow. You have a closer connection to your goddess and her Messengers; The Mother of Foxes can be so busy, and the first foxes so overworked. You have the example of a heroine ascending to the heavens; that speaks to a lot of people. You have the endless grandeur of the night, a quiet restive perfect world full of possibilities, enigmas, comforts. You have a community of free associates and partners, devotion without obligation. And most of all-"

The giantess reaches down to pick up Steven and toss him into the air before catching him again.
"-you have a sense of humor! You do, don't you?"