"Yes. Is that a problem, miss? You doubt me?"
Aurishalq's ears prick forward, concerned.
Steven asks what she does and then complains about it when she hears the answer? How's that?
"Oh, here."
"These robes in grey and grey, are still quite nice.
But now the fit is imprecise.
For this new Steve

The robes should stretch and shrink in all the right places to fit the disguised Steven.

"Be sure to ask your own marketing expert." begins the wolf-fox. "You want an obvious path to, well, convert people from visitors, to attendees, to part of the community. Once you help them, let them help you. Keep it personal. Then you've gotta know what's good about different positions, what kind of people would be happy there. And look into the broader community. There's sure to be fox social groups and shadow organizations that don't even know about you. Change that."
"That's a start."