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    Spoiler: Prologue To The End - New Big 16

    1. What game system are you running (D&D, Call of Cthulu, Palladium, GURPS, etc.), and if applicable what edition (Original, Classic, Revised, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 10th, etc.)?

    2. What 'type' or variant of game will it be (i.e. "Shadow Chasers" or "Agents of Psi" for d20 Modern)? What is the setting for the game (eg. historic period, published or homebrewed campaign setting, alternate reality, modern world, etc.)?

    Golarion, AR 4707.
    This is a sandbox, an incredibly massive sandbox. While combat in general is extremely lethal (1 death, and 2 near-deaths) it isn't necessarily frequent. With 15 pages and running, there has only been 3 true encounters. Though make a mental note that every single one of these encounters, while typically optional, has left at least 1 player dead or near-dead per fight (which is basically 100% chance of pain and suffering). The lethality doesn't just extend to the players, since the Long Night wounds have become more difficult to heal, and weapons made even more deadly. People will attempt to avoid combat when possible, and those that do have a mind for a fight don't typically engage with shield and sword. Battle has evolved into a ranged affair, while those who still brave the changed world with steel are either fools, or belong to the professional mercenary troupes known as Harriers, who favor blitz tactics.

    Quests are the primary method of leveling, while combat does not grant experience points. Instead experience is awarded by roleplaying but isn't benefited from until 6th level (more on this can be found in the houserules, but isn't that important right now). Players do not need to follow, accept, or complete acquired quests - in fact, it is not feasible to expect every quest is possible to complete, as some quests may be opposing, thereby becoming restricted by accepting another or meeting various conditions. Players are free to make their own decisions and pursue their own interests; though while cursed, some limitations may exist until freed. As long as PCs don't get pulled into the chaos around them, you'll have as much down-time as you want to take. Similarly, while the PCs currently start as a group, it is not assumed that they will always remain that way. Players could choose to go their own way, or may become separated - though players stand the best chance of completing the main quest by allying themselves with as many PCs as possible. Regardless, characters can choose to live and do what suites them with no obligation to pursue quests - though while cursed, some liberties are restricted. Removing the curse may want to be player's first priority.

    ⬨ High Technology
    (While rare, it does exist. Players may purchase technological equipment at 50% the listed cost.)
    ⬨ Firearm Setting: Commonplace Firearms
    (Advanced firearms do exist but are extremely rare even in Alkenstar. Modern firearms are unheard of, but do exist. Players may purchase Advanced Firearms at cost, no price reduction for firearm setting is applied to these weapons. Early and Advanced firearms are martial weapons and otherwise function as normal according to the Commonplace Firearms Setting rules. For details regarding the new Modern Firearms see section 7 below.)
    ⬨ Long Years
    (The game takes place over longer periods of time, often measured in months or years. Characters will get older and wiser as they progress throughout their life. Children won't stay children, men may become fathers & women, mothers. The greatest challenges our hero's face may be in retiring and raising a family.)
    ⬨ Mythic
    (The Long Night was only the beginning. Men and women the world over have begun to rally at your side to prepare for the 'destined end'. Some hero's hailing from even further than you can even imagine. Together, in the late years of your life, you will stand to defend the world from unspeakable horrors echoing through time.)
    ⬨ Generations
    (Characters get old and perhaps eventually die. There comes a time to pass the torch to a new generation of heros; your sons and daughters will inherit your legacy.)

    3. How many Players are you looking for? Will you be taking alternates, and if so, how many?
    3-5 (1 spot reserved for Triskavanski who is rerolling)
    This isn't a re-recruitment - I'm adding an entirely new party to this sandbox, unrelated to previous or current players. With that in mind, I'm not restricting anyone from applying with a new PC, be they old or new players (though I'd prefer not to have players with 2 character's, so new applicants will have precedence.)

    4. What's the gaming medium (OOTS, chat, e-mail etc.)?
    OOTS. Character sheets will be created via Mythweavers.

    5. What is the characters' starting status (i.e. experience level)?
    4th Level
    You weren't bad in your heyday, but you were never the best either. After 4 years in the can, your old skills have been left to rust, but new powers have also been brought to life from the cursed magic tainting your flesh.

    You begin with Scorned Abilities, make sure you don't forget to take these during creation.

    6. How much gold or other starting funds will the characters begin with?
    You might have been captured by the Club and sold to the Inquisition, but at the very least you weren't a poor man. You'd done some odd jobs, some dirty jobs, and some bloody work. At the very least no one could say the Club didn't pay well. Maybe you had enough, maybe you said 'no' to an offer you couldn't refuse, or you screwed up for the last time. Either way, you earned the ire of someone you shouldn't have pissed off, and they nailed you. Nailed you hard. The silver-lining? Apparently there was some honor among killers, and they left you what you had earned. After all, you might have been exiled and sold, but talented Scorned did frequently earn back their freedom, eventually... It was a lesson hard learned, but one you wouldn't soon forget.

    Note: If you're planning on gallivanting about in the Tainted Lands, which will typically be very close quarters, avoid pets and mounts, or anything that can't fit through a 5ft hole or plummet down a subterranean shaft without dying. Familiars and small sized creatures could be useful, at least for setting off traps, and general dungeneering utility, but don't get too emotionally attached with the inevitable bear trap sitting around to chop-up Mr. Fluffymittens. Pets and mounts are only practical in large open spaces, but players assume the risk if they get shot out some interdimensional-hole 400 years into the future and your favorite horse ends up getting left behind (stranger things have happened).

    Plan accordingly, you will burn/freeze or starve to death if you journey unprepared.
    Plan for some rough patches throughout your travels and bring a first aid kit.

    ⬨ Partially Charged wands are fine
    ⬨ Pre-game crafting is a go (There will be plenty of time for crafting if you make time for yourself. Feel free to be crafting focused.)

    ⬨ Due to the critical nature of resources, magical equipment which grants benefits of food/water and protection from environmental conditions are valued at x4 their listed cost. This includes such things as a wand of endure elements.

    ⬨ Additionally, with the scarcity and value of life-supporting aid, items which provide any source of magical healing are valued at 3x their listed costs. With the world changed, the need for priestly arts has made magical healing scarce and closely guarded. Clerics and similar healers are often tied to organizations and guilds to support warriors and mercenaries fighting back the hordes of beasts spawned from the Tainted Lands. The need for magical healing has made them invaluable, and thus they are highly sought after and sometimes even forcefully coerced into allegiance to more desperate bands. This has made magical aid to the public extremely difficult and expensive to attain. The commonfolk flock to such independent healers desperately, and frequently cause much unwanted attention. Groups of Harriers and other small independent fighting-bands which possess a healer make efforts to protect them above all else - as help is not coming, and even if it did, the odds of a priest being among their number or close to nil. Mundane healers have become the staple for patching men up, and Chirurgeon's are highly respected for their work, but they couldn't make miracles. Some men were beyond saving.

    7. Are there any particular character classes, professions, orders, etc. that you want... or do not want? What are your rules on 'prestige' and/or homebrewed classes?
    There will be crap loads of skill checks, putting the heavy lumbering plate-clad warriors in tough positions if you can't reduce your ACP. Most combatants value the highest quality armor they can afford without sacrificing their mobility. Running, jumping, swimming and squeezing through tight spaces is regular duty for those exploring the Tainted Land. Often it is the difference between life and death. Environmental hazards will be extremely perilous and common - plan accordingly, but don't skimp on your personal defense.

    Generally all 1PP material (Paizo) is good to go, but if it hasn't been uploaded to the SRD or Archives you'll need to pm the source to me so I can review it (yes, the whole damn document, not just the name of a book.)
    I'm open to accepting Pre-Core Paizo sources with the accompanying referenced source. So if you have that special thing you want from Dragon Issue# 186 that you really love, shoot it over to me and I'll give final approval.

    Note: Feel free to play whatever weird whacky races you want, but keeping it generally mortal is a good rule-of-thumb. If you have some 'special thing' you're interested in playing, send it over to me so I can review it.

    3PP from the following publishers is a go: (Make sure you annotate if any of these sources are used on your sheet & what you've taken)
    ⬨ Dreamscarred Press (*clears throat* Aegis is banned - I'll add an evil laugh later. Everything else on the PFSRD for DSP is good to go.)
    Spheres of (Power/Might) (DDS): Don't get too nuts.You're working with what's listed on the wiki. Obviously spherecasting classes are all fine, as are Spheres of Might classes. Conventional Vancian magic is still the default here boys, you're just a very unique magic slinger using methods others will likely be very unfamiliar with. This similarly extends to the unique martial practices of SoM, most warriors will view your techniques as completely foreign. These combat techniques will not be associated with any common regional practice or trade thematically. You're just plain weird. It'll be up to you to explain how you happened to come upon these unique teachings and who taught them to you. It'll give you something fun to think about that makes you unique.
    ⬨ Necromancers of the Northwest
    ⬨ Deep Magic (Spells)
    ⬨ The Book of Forbidden Magic (Spells)
    ⬨ Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved (Spell Templates/Runes of Energy & applicable feats)
    ⬨ Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved: Spell Treasury (Spells)
    ⬨ Ultimate Composition
    MC Expanded Archetypes
    Expanded Feats List -----
    Expanded Weapons List (SRD)
    FFD20 SRD: (All content is approved. Freelancer may be multiclassed)
    BoMT: Paleblade Assassin

    ⬨ New Exotic Equipment (See here)

    ((Modern Weapons: Firearms)): Ruins weren't the only thing beginning to appear, alongside them were strangers from an unknown land called 'Offworlders'. Their weapons and technology were far superior to your own, but still less advanced than the ancient technological marvels left behind from a bygone age. Modern Weapons are exotic and require the Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Modern Weapons) feat to use effectively. Modern weapons are not included under Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Firearms) nor the default class weapon proficiency 'all firearms', such as that granted to the Gunslinger. Due to their otherworldly design and nature, Modern Weapon proficiency must be specifically acquired via feat or similar means. These weapons and their ammunition are worth 3.55x their listed costs ($ is equal to a value in gp), but valued at a far greater price on the market. Neither of which may be crafted. These rare and powerful weapons are the pinnacle of ranged combat and are highly coveted. A number of unique unlisted ammunition types exist for these weapons. Due to the cost and difficulty in keeping them loaded, these weapons are only used during the most dire of circumstances.

    ⬨ Other 3pp by request: If I veto your request move on. This isn't a conversation, you'll get a 'go for it' or a 'naw'. I own a metric crap ton of 3pp books so it should be a rather prompt response, however I still require you provide an accessible source. If its something I'm not familiar with I'll give it a good look and get back to you.

    ⬨ Templates may be approved by request
    ⬨ Race Builder may be approved by request (RP value may very by request)
    ⬨ No Homebrew (exceptions may be made if the material is of exceptional quality, but don't hold your breath)

    The following swaps for Trap Finding may be taken. Additionally you may request to swap other class abilities from any class to take one of those abilities listed below, however you must still meet any prerequisites they may have (eg: if the ability uses sneak attack, you must have sneak attack). If you wish to exchange an ability for one not listed, I may approve it. No harm in asking. The purpose is to help you create the characters you want to play, but don't assume every request is going to get the green light.
    Spoiler: Pre-Approved Alterations (Swaps for Trap Finding)

    The Trap Finding Class Feature may be swapped for one of the following:

    Black Marketeer (Ex): You add
    half your level to Appraise checks made
    to determine the value of a common item
    (minimum +1). You also add your level to
    the percentage of an itemís value you receive
    when you sell it (normally you sell items for
    50% of their value), and reduce the price you
    pay for things by a percentage equal to your

    Chink in the Armor (Ex): Once per
    day, when you successfully strike with a
    sneak attack but the extra damage is negated
    (such as by armor with fortification), as a
    swift action you may deal half the additional
    dice of damage (round up) anyway. You may
    do this twice per day at 8th level, and three
    times per day at 16th level.

    Climb Walls (Ex): You add one-third
    of your level to Climb checks (minimum +1).
    You only need one hand free to climb, and
    you do not lose your Dexterity bonus to AC
    while climbing.

    Harass (Ex): When you successfully hit
    a target with a sneak attack, you may choose
    to deal fewer dice of sneak attack damage. For
    each die of damage you forgo, you place the
    target at a -1 penalty to one of the following
    categories: attack rolls, CMB checks, ability
    checks, concentration checks, or skill checks.
    This penalty ends at the beginning of your
    next turn.

    Hoodwink (Ex): You add half your rogue level to Bluff checks made to convince
    a target you are telling the truth (minimum +1). You may also make a Bluff check to form
    denials into phrases that are technically true, though misleading. If you are trying to avoid
    magical detection of a lie, the DC of your Bluff check is equal to the spellís saving throw
    +10. If you are trying to leave the impression you denied having done something without
    actually denying it, the Bluff DC is +5 higher than the DC of a Bluff to believably deny it outright.

    Ki Pool (Su): You have a ki pool equal
    to a ninja of your rogue level, and you may
    use your ki pool for the same things a ninja
    does. At 1st level you have no points in your
    ki pool, but treat all Acrobatics checks made
    to jump as if you had a running start.

    Pick Your Way (Ex): You add half
    your level to Acrobatics checks made to avoid
    taking attacks of opportunity when leaving a
    threatened space. You do not treat crowds as
    difficult terrain.

    Poison Use (Ex): You are trained in the
    use of poison, and cannot accidentally poison
    yourself when applying poison to a weapon.

    Trapmaker (Ex): You add half your
    level to your Craft (trapmaking) checks, and
    to the DC of Perception checks required to
    spot traps you make (minimum +1). At 4th
    level you may take the Learn Ranger Trap feat
    (see Ultimate Magic) as a rogue talent without
    meeting its prerequisites. You treat your
    rogue levels as ranger levels for purposes of
    this feat and all ranger traps. You may spend
    additional talents to learn +2 ranger traps per
    talent spent.

    Turn the Knife (Ex): When you
    successfully sneak attack a target that is
    denied its Dexterity bonus to AC, you deal
    +1 hp of damage per sneak attack die.
    Street Tough (Ex): You are proficient
    in all martial weapons.

    Sacrificial Blow (Ex): Once per day
    you may add half your sneak attack dice as
    damage (minimum +1d6) to a melee attack
    that does not normally qualify to be a sneak
    attack. Doing this leaves you exposed (as you
    reach to strike a foeís vulnerable zones despite
    his guard being up), and you provoke attacks
    of opportunity from threatening creatures.
    You may do this twice per day at 8th level,
    and three times per day at 16th level.

    8. What races, subraces, species, etc. are allowed for your game? Will you allow homebrewed races or species? 'Prestige' races or species?
    Non-monstrous races are all on the table, if you want to use alternate racial features, just give me a heads up, but are generally they are all good to go. If you're an Aasimar/Tiefling and you want to use their racial variant table you'll roll for the result. You can take or leave what you roll, but no rerolls. 3pp races case by case with a source.

    9. By what method should Players generate their attributes/ability scores and Hit Points?

    ⬨ Ability Scores: 5 sets of 4d6b3 (take the best). If you don't like your sets take a 36pb
    ⬨ Hit Points: HP is max first level. Subsequent HP is rolled, if below half take average rounded up (eg: 1d10 = 5.5)
    ⬨ 2 Traits
    ⬨ 1 Drawback (Optional, grants additional trait)
    ⬨ 1 Major Drawback (optional, grants a bonus feat)
    ⬨ 1 Flaw (Optional, grants a bonus feat)
    ⬨ 1 Compulsion (Optional, grants additional trait. Must be roleplayed & should be represented in your fluff)
    Background Skills: in Use
    Age: Starting age will not apply positive or negative penalties to your character, but subsequent in-game changes incurred via magic will. Add 4 years to your character's desired age to represent their time while imprisoned.

    10. Does your game use alignment? What are your restrictions, if so?
    Yes. Any. You aren't a band of good-guys, but that doesn't necessarily make you evil. You've done what you needed to get by. Some jobs were wrong, some were right, others were dirty. Maybe that guilt still weighs heavy, maybe you said 'no more', but the Club doesn't let it's member's go. They're magically bound to the establishment and the will of it's mistress, Cayla Vronds. You've survived by learning that sometimes you had to get your hands dirty, but that necessity didn't mean it was 'right'. Whoever you are, you know the bitter taste of moral sacrifice and making hard calls. Sometimes you couldn't save everyone, and sometimes people needed to die so you could live; that's what it meant to be a sellsword for such a prestigious group of neerdowells. Now you needed to remove this curse, complete this Undertaking and win your freedom back - then perhaps you could choose how you wanted to live. Until then, you had to survive, and these men and women around you seemed like as good a chance as you'd get. Finding trained men-for-hire with no love for the Club was rare, likely an opportunity you wouldn't soon find again.

    Feel free to be evil or good, but don't lock yourself behind some code of conduct which could never have been feasible during your days working for the Cotton Club. You've done jobs both good and bad, but more importantly, you've learned how to survive. Arguing about the morality of killing the witness or not killing the witness with your team is not how you managed to get by this far. Working together, even when things didn't go the way you would have wanted has kept you breathing thus far. You've already done things which would weigh upon the mind of any man, and you've put your survival above those reservations in your heart. While you might believe in doing the right thing, and acting for the benefit of others, you haven't possessed the liberty nor the strength to defend those beliefs. You sustained yourself and flourished among a den of wolves; beasts dressed as men. Rising above it required a will and might still foreign to you, as you watched good men die each day. It was an institution of murder not so easily overcome. Your Alignment isn't a straitjacket, it is flexible and will change as your motivations and personality grow and develop. Try to more fully explore your character and who they might become.

    11. Do you allow multi-classing, or have any particular rules in regards to it?
    Go nuts, no restrictions. You won't catch a stinkeye from me if you want to be a cleric/fighter/rogue, I'm more interested in the character as a whole and how they're represented. If taking a bunch of dips helps bridge the mechanical and thematic realms, then don't let me stand in your way.

    12. Will you be doing all of the die rolling during the course of the game? Will die rolls be altered, or left to the honor system? If players can make die rolls, which ones do they make, how should they make the rolls, and how should they report them?

    Forum roller. Players will post their rolls in OOC or in a spoiler at the end of their post IC. If you post a floating spoiler for your rolls in the IC with nothing else in the post... i'll kick you in the face. It goes at the end of you post IC, or in the OOC, and you can post however you'd like in the OOC. Forced rolls during the resolution of a round will be rolled by me to keep things moving. If you mess up your IC roll then just roll it in the OOC, no worries.

    13. Are there any homebrewed or optional/variant rules that your Players should know about? If so, list and explain them, or provide relevant links to learn about these new rules.

    So admittedly, there's actually quite a lot of houserules but not all of them are relevant for character creation. I'll leave the full length version right here, but below are my abridged houserules for character creation. If you've played with me before then you've seen them before, also see Grievous Wounds (it's important):

    Spoiler: Houserules

    1.) Skill Changes: Perception is now a Class Skill for all classes. PC's with a spell list gain K:Arcana, Spellcraft, and Use Magic Device as Class Skills if they do not have them already. Additionally casters who qualify for this gain a scaling +1 Bonus /2 Class Levels to Spellcraft and K:Arcana.

    2) Paragon Surge: Paragon Surge is banned.

    3) Feat Modifications: The Power Attack, Deadly Aim, Weapon Finesse, & Improved Unarmed Strike feats are freely available to any character that meets prerequisites without consuming a feat slot, however only one such free feat may be chosen in this manner. Point-Blank Shot and Precise Shot are now a single feat. Slashing Grace and Deadly Agility are now also a single feat. Dodge & mobility have been removed as a requirement for any feat. Slashing Grace may be used to qualify for all such class abilities which require a 1h/piercing melee weapon. (All Free Feats Must Still Listed On Sheet)

    4) Weapon Maneuvers: Improved Disarm, Improved Trip, Improved Feint, Improved Sunder, Improved Trip have all been merged into the Improved Weapon Maneuvers feat, which gives all their bonuses in one. Their Greater versions have been similarly merged

    5) Improved Combat Maneuvers: Improved Bull Rush, Improved Drag, Improved Dirty Trick, Improved Grapple, Improved Overrun, Improved Reposition, Improved Steal have been similarly merged into the Improved Combat Maneuvers feat. The same applies to their Greater versions.

    6) Two-Weapon Fighting: The Two-Weapon Fighting feat line is now a single feat - progression becoming available as prerequisites are met.

    7) Whip Master: Whip Mastery feat line is now a single feat, granting each benefit upon reaching the necessary BAB, etc.

    8) Skill Unlocks: All characters gain 2 Skill Unlocks for two skills of their choice at level 5 (see Pathfinder Unchained).

    9) Crafting: Classes that grant Craft () as a class skill now grant two crafts of your choice. Crafters may attempt a Spellcraft check (DC 20+spell level) to replicate a spell for crafting purposes, although the amount of ranks in the Craft skill must be equal to half the minimum caster level to cast the desired spell. The crafter may never take 10 for these spellcraft checks. All crafters gain the benefit of the Cooperative Crafting feat regardless if they actually possess it or not. Hireling costs may be paid to assist in pre-game cooperative crafting checks as desired, however these costs are incurred per item created cooperatively.

    The Following List contains all standard Craft Skills. Use the skill which most closely pertains to the item in question; for example, Metalworking does not grant the ability to craft any objects which would be covered by specific craft type such as armor, weapons, locks, siege weapons, traps, ships, art, firearms, etc.


    Siege engine
    (Technological) Pharmaceutical
    (Technological) Cybertech
    Technological Arms & Armor
    Technological Item

    10) Grandmaster Tools: Grandmaster crafting tools (That grant a +5 competence bonus for Lesser, +10 for Minor, and +15 for Major) may be purchased or crafted. Their market value is 2500 gp, 10000 gp, and 22500 gp, respectively, and require a minimum of 2, 4, or 6 ranks in their respective craft to be created. Legendary artisan tools are said to exist which grant benefits even greater than those listed.

    11) Knowledge All: The human racial alternate Comprehensive Education is banned, as are any similar traits granting K:(All) checks untrained.

    12) Psionic/Magic Transparency: Wondrous Items/Universal items may be crafted by either side, similarly Spellcraft works for either. However, K: Arcana and K:Psionics are different.

    13) Flying: Movement while flying is handled in the same way as movement while on land. No need for Fly checks - unless required by effect/status condition

    19) Minimum Post Length: You don't need to write a book, but ten word posts give me conniptions. A 4 sentence minimum is required for any IC post.

    21) Specialty Ammunition: Bolts & Arrows which possess a form of magic or specialty ammunition, such as a Slaying Arrow or Thundering Arrow can also be purchased in a bolt form. Consider this complete Bolt/Arrow Transparency.

    22) Non-Initiators / Sphere-Users: Character's without Initiator Levels or Spheres (SoM or SoP) gain a bonus feat at every level. Should the character gain an Initiator Level or Sphere from any source all bonus feats gained in this manner are lost, including any feats which were taken using these bonus feats as prerequisite.

    23) Bonus Feats: All characters gain a bonus feat at the following levels: 1 / 3 / 5 / 6

    25) Nonlethal Damage: Making a nonlethal attack with a normal weapon only incurs a -2 penalty instead of -4.

    26) Weight: Keep track of it, it's in use. (P.S. Your coins have a weight too, so don't be carrying around a fortune in your backpack)

    Posting Deadline: Players will be given 24-hours from the time the gm posts to respond. This is more relevant to major updates which move the party forward, or during combat. Quick posts, such as dialogue will retain this same time window. To keep things moving, players who do not post in this time will be skipped, counted as delaying their round during combat, or left idle. I reserve the right to bot PCs that are left unresponsive for the sake of progression. There is some wiggle-room on this timeframe, but this becomes a hard cutoff period if this period passes then the gm posts an update or resolves a round. If the PC was counted as idle, or skipped during their respective round and the player posts 0.007 seconds after... Too bad, so sad. This late post will not be resolved and will be ignored, unless I'm feeling unusually generous. The gm will typically wait until all players have posted, or a significant period of time has lapsed over the deadline before updating or resolving the round. Individual checks and results may be resolved immediately without a full update to accommodate players who are lagging behind. If you are unable to post, or require additional time, please provide notice and we can work with you to give you the opportunity to get your actions resolved.

    The "I Wish I Could Have Done Something" Clause: Yeah, we all know out of combat - time can be a little different. However, for the purposes of player's response and interaction in a PBP environment, player's are not 'sheit out of luck', just because Player009 posted walking-running-lighting a sunrod-then jumping off a cliff. Players are free to take those awesome longer sequence actions when 'combat time' is off, however, Players can act-stop-interrupt actions that would be outside of a typical round ( 6 Seconds ) - So if Cherry The Cleric has a mental break-down and is attempting to light a torch and then herself on fire, after attempting what would possibly be a full-round to prepare the torch - the party can still react before the self-immolation bit resolves even if Cherry's player posted her own flaming demise. Not all players will be on at the same time, it's a PBP, that's the nature of things. You can make awesome long posts - however players will still be permitted an opportunity to respond - or even backdate a response if necessary, to one another. I love long posts, but just don't get too far ahead of yourself and assume that all actions taken will not be responded to by your fellow players. This is specifically in regard to PCs reacting to PCs - If a long GM scene places you in a house after running though a mob of goblins, you do not have the option to begin combat with said goblins, and likely for a very good reason. So don't try to back date a post in response to the gm advancing the game without explicit permission

    14. Is a character background required? If so, how big? Are you looking for anything in particular (i.e. the backgrounds all ending up with the characters in the same city)?
    Minimum 1 paragraph history & 1 paragraph explicitly detailing their personalities and motivations. How characters act and why is very important, as is the character's ability to grow as an individual beyond what they enter the game as.

    15. Does your game involve a lot of hack & slash, puzzle solving, roleplaying, or a combination of the above?
    Large amounts of RP as you make your own way in this sandbox game to face an uncertain future and wrest your freedom from the Inquisition's grim organization.

    Intrigue. Plenty of mystery surrounds current everyday concerns and happenings, and some of your potential jobs and quests will reflect this.

    Puzzles. There will be numerous tricks and strange puzzles to thwart you.

    Dungeon Crawls. Many instances of employment will bring you to such austere locations, ranging from ruins, sewers, catacombs, caves, or even urban settings.

    Loot. You'll be earning crap tons of wealth, but more often than not, getting the loot out will be more difficult than how you got in. Securing your wealth after a job will require some travel and legwork to ensure your money wont fall into the wrong hands.

    Survival. With chase scenes and deadly traps between staving off hunger or sleep deprivation, often the environment will prove to be the most lethal enemy you face.

    High Lethality. Using your skill checks and wit to overcome life-ending obstacles will be critical in completing your ventures as you foray into these perilous territories, as will gathering information beforehand. Preparation before undertaking an accepted Quest will be key to achieving a smooth conquest.

    Horror. After the Long Night the world has changed and been corrupted by evils of a like the denizens of Golarion have never seen before. Men fear to tread upon those changed places which they call the 'Tainted Lands'. Even time itself seems to distort and break within these places, but even that does not instill the same fear as those horrible entities which lurk in the nameless beyond; the Veilbeasts.

    Kingdom Building. If you live to retire, grander things await in the future.

    42 Grams of Mythic Transdimensional Genocide. Though few remain to recall, the universe has already ended once before. Some prepared for the inevitable end of everything, returning to another time to rise up and stop it. Far past the Prime Material, beyond the Great Beyond, lingers other universes; all attached to the multiverse. Strange entities and powers, unimaginable, linger out of reach far past the mundane folds of the known physical world. Those unafraid of venturing the planes of reality or leaving their universe behind stand as the vanguard against otherworldly forces which men could not begin to understand. The ripples tear and rip at the world, as the stability of the universe slowly decays. Only those who dared to leave all they knew behind might alter the fate of their inevitable end, for the death of all was carved into the threads of time and destiny. Only the bravery and sacrifice of the few who would stand to defy fate could hold back the crushing collapse of existence, the barren desolation of the void. The Primeval Dark.

    16. Are your Players restricted to particular rulebooks and supplements, or will you be allowing access to non-standard material? What sources can Players use for their characters?
    Refer to #7, Chapter 1
    This is a largely 3pp-friendly game, so ask away as long as you can provide a source. You might just get a 'nah bro' or a 'cool go for it' without any elaboration. If it gets the No Beuno, look for a new couch, because all sales are final... if you know what I mean
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