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I was noticing it, too. It was really odd, since the little text showing what link it should bring you to was correct... but it was still to my post. That was on non-mobile format, for me.

I was looking at your sheet, and I think I noticed your combat target numbers are lower than they should be.

EDIT: fixed math. I had your Corporeal Forces as 5, not 4, in the original post

From what I was told, accuracy is Strength + Corporeal Forces + Skill + accuracy, so Axe should be 11 + 4 + 3 - 1, or 17.
Also, I think the default Power for axe was +4, so at TN 13 you'd be at +5, since the bonus over 12 gives bonuses to your check digit. For 17, you have a base power of 17 - 12 + 4, or 9. So you do 1d6 + 9 damage. Of course, that's assuming the enemy doesn't have something like armor that lowers your TN.
Oh, wait, you add Corporeal Forces to an attack roll? I wasn't aware. Do you add your relevant forces to -every- skill roll? Like, if I have Lockpicking 3, Precision 6, and 3 Ethereal Forces, would my TN be 9 (Lockpicking+Precision), or 12 (Lockpicking+Precision+Ethereal Forces)?