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    Arina opened her eyes, disoriented, and shut them tight again for a long moment to clear her head. Slowly, she got to her feet and took stock of her surroundings. For once, the whispers were actually somewhat comforting; they had been noticeably absent in the... dream? Vision? Whatever she had just woken up from. Had they been absent still, she would have thought she was still trapped in some sort of otherworld. The halfling's declaration was surprising enough--how in the world had they ended up in one of the most dangerous places in Golarion short of the Tainted Lands themselves?--but not quite as much as the voice which seemed to speak to them all, from everywhere and nowhere. It's message, at least, was clear enough--they had no time to waste.

    "Arina. I'm... I'm okay. I also remember being at the negotiations." She realized her hand rested on the brooch fastening her cloak, and she quickly lowered it, annoyed at herself. You still haven't learned to break bad habits, Arina. She was taking stock of her surroundings and her other companions when the words of that voice caught up to her. What did that voice call herself? Guardian of the forest? Hadn't the vision said to find the Guardian of the Sacred Grove? It was all a lot to take in, more than she was able to sort through while still shaken up and disoriented... but if the vision had been true, this might be the very being they were supposed to find. "Do the rest of you remember a vision?" she asks quietly. "Before we all woke up here?" As her head cleared, she began trying to orient herself and help the others plot a course out of... wherever they were.

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    Do we see the wagon with our gear here as well? Or is it just us?
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