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    Default Re: Warhammer 40K Tabletop Thread XXXIII: Only in Nerf Does Duty End

    Guide to Drukhari
    Raiders from the Dark City

    NB. This guide was written prior to Set Up Anywhere (SUA) nerfs preventing turn one arrivals. As such, Red Grief is better than it is here (since it lets you interact more on turn one in other ways) and the various SUA units and stratagems are noticeably weaker, though not useless.

    Spoiler: Army Wide Special Rules
    Power From Pain - all your nonvehicle units have a 6+++. This is a nice universal benefit, and makes the army slightly more durable than it appears (which is still pretty flimsy). As the turns go on, units get stronger:
    Turn 2 - reroll charge and advance distance. By this point in the game you should probably be in charge range anyway, but it means you won't get wrecked by variance at least. The Advance reroll is nice for maneuvering around the board and grabbing objectives later on.
    Turn 3, +1 to hit in melee. There's a reasonable number of effects in the book that key off sixes to hit, so this helps there. It also makes almost everything WS2+, so this is when you really start killing people. Note that your Archon and Succubus have RR1 to hit auras, so you pretty much never miss after this. Sadly, it's melee only, so you non-Archon Kabalites don't get a ton of use from this one.
    Turn 4, ignore morale. Frankly, by this point in the game, you are unlikely to have large morale vulnerable units left. Your stuff is mostly pretty high leadership anyway.
    Turn 5 or later, -1 leadership aura. Not bad for picking off late arrivals, but by then - as on turn 4 - there are unlikely to be large units left on the battlefield which is the targets most vulnerable to Morale.

    Combat Drugs - Wych Cult units get to pick or roll for a drug. If you pick, you can't pick the same one twice until all of them have been taken once.
    Adrenalight- Bonus attacks are always handy. Best combined with a strength buff (Cursed Blade) to help make your attacks actually relevant.
    Grave Lotus- Going from strength 3 to strength 4 is an important jump, lots of things are toughness 3/4/6/7. Pretty much always comes in handy. Note that it doesn't help with Agonisers and other fixed str weapons, including Reavers blades.
    Hypex- Movement is handy. Especially on a Succubus, since a 10" move is enough to let her keep up with transports without having to find a slot for her. Can be good for turn one charges, though usually Red Grief can do it anyway and non-RG can't even with it, so it's not as impactful there.
    Painbringer- Toughness is nice but your primary plan with most Wych Cult units is to let your transports eat the shots for you and take out targets before they fight back. It's good on Reavers though, as T5 is great against small arms fire.
    Splintermind - pretty underwhelming. Doesn't do anything on Succubi, Cursed Blade have Ld resistance anyway, and if youre taking enough casualties for ld8 to not be good enough your unit is probably all dead. It's solid on Beastmasters though, but otherwise pass.

    Spoiler: Obsessions (Sub Factions)

    Kabal of The Black Heart
    Obsession: Thirst for Power - +1 to the Power From Pain table. The only Kabal model that fights particularly well is the Archon himself, but he's not bad at it. Giving all your vehicles a 6+++ is good though - works best in a Spearhead of Archon + Ravagers (+ flyers).
    Warlord Trait: Labyrinthine Cunning - whenever a CP is spent, gain one on a 6+. Drukhari have a ton of uses for their CPs, and this fuels that well.
    Stratagem: Agents of Vect- 3CP cancel an opponents stratagem on a 2+. If you roll a 6, they don't get their CP refunded either. Save a 4th CP to reroll the die here. Very good utility, does a lot to shut down stratagem dependent plans. Stop opponent from using Insane Courage on a Ld debuted unit, prevent interceptor from shooting at your newly arrived skimmers.
    Relic: Writ of the Living Muse - reroll 1s to wound aura. Pretty great for shooting armies. Note that the Archon can't be in a transport, and units in transports don't get the buff, so it's best on shooting vehicles or foot troop units.

    Kabal of The Poisoned Tongue
    Obsession: The Serpent's Kiss - Reroll 1s to wound with Poisoned weapons and melee weapons. Makes your warriors universally better. Not many other sources of to-wound rerolls (though Black Heart get it in a Relic), so this buff never overlaps with anything and is always useful to have.
    Warlord Trait: Towering Arrogance - Leadership aura, meh. Not particularly impactful, especially since applying the aura means wasting the Obsession.
    Stratagem: Insidious Misdirection - redeploy 3 units for 2CP. Nice and handy, although faction free deployment tools are already available in Screaming Jets and Webway Portal. This would be more important if the army wasn't already so fast.
    Relic: Soul-Seeker - Sniper pistol, but only 2 shots at ap-1 and d3 damage isn't going to be threatening any relevant characters very quickly. You need a critical mass of Sniper to be scary and frankly DE don't really get there unless you're Dark Creed.

    Kabal of the Flayed Skull
    Obsession: Slay from the Skies - if it flies, it moves an extra 3" and ignores cover, and it's rapid fire weapons reroll 1s to hit. Also applies to passengers of Flyers (no matter the transport's obsession). This is a pretty solid benefit for shooting Splinter weapons out of Raiders, though it doesn't work on the special weapons in a unit. The extra movement is handy too, and ignoring cover is a nice bonus on top.
    Warlord Trait: Famed Savagery - +1 strength when charging / charged. Not bad, strength 5 Huskblades are nice. Impact isn't hugely dramatic, and requires you to risk your Warlord, but solid.
    Stratagem: Masters of the Shadowed Sky - unit gets +1 to hit against Flying units for a phase. Pretty good for dropping anything Hard to Hit, but situational. Flying units are not uncommon though.
    Relic: The Obsidian Veil - 4++ after your Shadow Field cracks. Helps with durability reasonably, especially if you're throwing your Archon in to take people out, but your Archon's best defense is still the Character keyword.

    Kabal of the Obsidian Rose
    Obsession: Flawless Workmanship- +6" range on assault, heavy and RF guns not named Eyeburst. Handy to have, let's you do things like Rapid Fire from outside Interceptor range and more easily apply guns like Shredders. All around handy to have and universally useful.
    Warlord Trait: Deathly Perfectionist - +1 to all your Warlord's weapons' Damage. Give him a Blaster and a Huskblade and chop some people up. Also a fantastic tool that's always going to be useful
    Stratagem: Failure is Not an Option- when your models flee, first they get to shoot or attack again, and if they kill anything they get to rally. It's risky since you'd do things like pick the Shredder armed model to run rather than a Splinter Rifle kabalite, but in exchange you get a discount Insane Courage and an extra shooting phase too. Seems very solid.
    Relic: The Armour of Misery - Power Armor that gives - 1 to be hit in Melee. That's where characters are most vulnerable, and this helps a lot, especially in combination with a Shadow Field and the PfP 6+++. Also means if you are getting shot at by small arms foe some reason, if you're in cover there's no downside to using Armor instead of your Shadow Field and ensuring it doesn't crack before the heavy hitters reach you.

    Cult of Strife
    Obsession: The Spectacle of Murder - extra attacks on the charge are great. Wyches use +A well, since they have access to strength from drugs and it amplifies the power of the Wych cult special weapons.
    Warlord Trait: Blood Dancer - 6s to hit are 3 hits. Always great. Note that it doesn't work with the Archite Glaive since it gives - 1 to hit, so swap it for a Shard net or Hydra Gauntlets or something. Works well with the PfP 3+ to-hit bonus. Note that it doesnt have any synergy with the WS combat drug since it doesn't actually give +1 to hit.
    Stratagem: No Method of Death Beyond Our Grasp- shoot or fight again if you killed a unit. Mainly fight (unless you brought a Tantalus) since 3CP to fire your wyches' pistols again isn't exactly great. A big Wych blob can do a lot of damage with this though. Note that you get to pile in as well, so you can use it to engage a lot of enemy units all at once.
    Relic: The Phial Bouquet - random extra combat drug each round. Can be handy, can be useless, but most of them are at least somewhat useful. Also works with the stratagem that doubles Drug effects, though you take mortal wounds back. Note that you have to roll at the start of the battle round, not on your turn.

    Cult of the Cursed Blade
    Obsession: Only The Strong Will Thrive- +1 strength is fantastic, especially when you get morale bonuses as a free add on. Going from strength 3 to 4 is a very relevant jump. Note that this doesn't affect Reavers' bladevanes.
    Warlord Trait: Treacherous Deceiver - 6s on saves in melee reflect a mortal wound. It's interesting, but there aren't any ways of rerolling your dodge save (short of spending CP) so it's not super reliable. On average, assuming you never get shot at, you get to do this once or twice before you die, unless you get forced to make a whole lot of saves all at once.
    Stratagem: Concealed Booby Traps - spend a CP to do absolutely nothing 50% of the time, or d3 mortals the rest. Pretty underwhelming, especially since you only get to use it if you're in cover also.
    Relic: Traitor's Embrace - when you die, explode on 2+ for d6 mortal wounds. Suicide bombing with this is pretty solid against a lot of characters, since the Succubus herself is probably going to do some work herself and she is also quite cheap. D6 mortals is a pretty good number when it goes off reasonably reliably.

    Cult of Red Grief
    Obsession: The Speed of the Kill - advance and charge, reroll charges. First turn people with Reavers to tie up any un-bubblewrapped shooting units. On Wyches, you still only threat 20" or so normally, so unless you're feeling lucky it doesn't get you there turn one. Note that this works on your Venoms and Raiders, all of which are pretty solid at tying up units if needed too and can get there on turn one.
    Warlord Trait: Hyper-Swift Reflexes- +1 to invulnerable saves. A 3++ Succubus with a Shardnet keeps people busy for a long time, which is great when combined with your mobility. A good option if you aren't using Alliance of Agony and your Succubus is actually worth the Slay the Warlord VPs.
    Stratagem: Athletic Aerialists- Consolidate 6" back into a transport. It's nice, although doesn't work with Reavers, and only works if both the transport and the unit are CoRG. Doesn't come up often, but can be a lifesaver when it does.
    Relic: The Blood Glaive - Archite Glaive, with better numbers and no penalty to hit. Strength 6 is great, though you want a source of extra attacks since otherwise you're stuck only making 4 swings with it. Nice if you want your Succubus to do the beating down personally herself, rather than just catch weak targets and Pin them down.

    Prophets of Flesh
    Obsession: Connoisseurs of Pain - 4++. Solid and good on everyone. Sadly doesn't extend to vehicles. More durability is always appreciated. Models with a good invulnerable, T5 and only one wound are pretty horrible to deal with since they're resistant to small arms and heavy weapons are often wasted.
    Warlord Trait: Dark Soothsaying- one reroll for Warlord, and D3 extra CP. Drukhari have a ton of good uses for their CP, and the trait let's you refund the price of Alliance of Agony which is a nice benefit. If warlord traits can be stacked this also goes infinite, but let's assume they don't.
    Stratagem: Black Cornucopians - bring a damaged unit of Wracks back in at full strength. Also useful for maneuvering since Wracks otherwise aren't the fastest. Sticking 10+ in the enemy back line means an actual unit needs to be dedicated to dealing with them or they tie up shooting units.
    Relic: The Vexator Mask - You can't be overwatched, an enemy unit within 6" fights last. Doesn't feel like Haemonculi want to be charging super often, and though protecting your flimsier units against OW is nice you could also do that with a Raider.

    Dark Creed
    Obsession: Distillers of Fear - 1 Ld aura, stacks up to three times. Solid if you're going for Morale shenanigans, but it only has an effect if you're 1) winning already and 2) within 6". It's okay, but nothing huge. Doubles up of a unit and it's transport though, which is nice.
    Warlord Trait: Fear Incarnate - Enemy units within 3" of your Warlord at the start of the fight phase suffer a mortal wound if you beat their Ld on 2d6. Pretty reasonable source of attrition damage, but needs you to be quite aggressive with your Haemonculi to get work out of it.
    Stratagem: An Esoteric Kill, Delivered From Afar- a Dark Creed unit gains Sniper for 2CP. Coven units with good shooting are not common though, unless you take a Tantalus. Talos or Cronos are otherwise the best options, and they're not the best at ranged combat.
    Relic: Spirit-Sting- Three shot pistol, wounds on 2+ with Ap4 and no invulnerables. Reasonable tool for the stratagem, since it'll reliably take 2 wounds off any character. Great against units with good saves/T and few wounds, like Wracks or some Nurgle models.

    Coven of Twelve
    Obsession: Butchers of Flesh - Extra point of AP on all melee weapons, which makes your Coven troops much more threatening. Coven stuff is still durable (for DE) so it puts you in a middle ground on damage and durability rather than full tankiness of the Prophets or full damage of most non Coven models.
    Warlord Trait: Scarlet Epicurean- Damage taken reduced by 1, minimum 1. Can be helpful - doesn't do anything to small arms fire though. Generally if your Haem is getting hit, it's by a Sniper or something, in which case it's probably not a high damage weapon anyway. It is a more powerful defensive tool than the universal Haem trait, though.
    Stratagem: Administer Punishment- shoot into combat. Sort of cool, but Coven shooting isn't so powerful you want to be spending CPs on it most of the time. There's already a stratagem to fall back and still shoot/charge, which does most of what this does anyway.
    Relic: The Flensing Blade- Poisoned 3+, AP2, D3 damage or 3 against characters. Pretty solid all round melee weapon, does what you need. Then again electrocorrosive whips are already available to Haemonculi and do most of the same things - a +1 to wound may not be worth a Relic slot.

    Spoiler: Universal Stratagems

    Webway Portal - handy, but Screaming Jets does this for cheaper, since your vehicles are open Topped you still get to arrive and shoot. Nice if there are specific units you can't SJ you want to drop in - such as Talos/Cronos or Beasts. It turns off Screaming Jets though, so may not be worth it other than in specific builds.
    Alliance of Agony - three warlord traits. There's at least one solid option for all the three subfactions, so this is usually solid. If you're taking a Prophets of Flesh haemonculus, it's free / makes a profit. If you have HQs from all three subfactions you pretty much always want to use this. It doesn't say Once Per Battle, but presumably it should because otherwise it's recursive with Dark Soothsaying and the game smashes apart.
    Architects of Pain - extra PfP is nice. Note that it's at the start of the battle round, so you need to do it in advance if going second. Mainly this is relevant for getting the +1 to hit bonus on something on turn two, or making a unit that's going to be targeted fearless. Doesn't come up often but is useful when it does.
    Haywire Grenade - better hope you're BS 2+. Handy in an emergency, but don't rely on it.
    Lightning Fast Reactions - - 1 to be hit for a unit for a phase. Good if you put all your eggs in one basket, or you just want to make Tau suffer. Your units are fast enough that you can often limit the opponent's targeting options, so it's often pretty obvious when one unit is going to get shot at a lot.
    Prizes from the Dark City - standard extra relics. You have several good ones though.
    Eviscerating Fly-By - good source of mortals if you have a big flying Wych unit. Best on a blob of 18 Hellions (~6 mortals on infantry for 1CP) but Reavers are better at pretty much everything else so you could stick with them.
    Flesh craft - Heal D3 wounds. Only use if it puts your Talos/Cronos back up above a wound threshold and you need it to be doing things.
    Fire and Fade - useful tool. Move your Archon aura around, dodge back into cover after shooting short ranged guns. Also handy for getting slow pain engines up the board quickly. Handy for moving dropped-in transports closer to allow short ranged guns (blast pistol, eyeburst) to shoot after arriving.
    Cruel Deception - fall back, still charge/shoot. Useful for Cult of Strife models or anyone that's mainly in combat to pin down enemies and stop them shooting.
    Release the Beasts - reroll charges for Beasts near a Beastmaster. Meh, I guess if you have a Beastmaster you may as well use him.
    Hyperstimm Backlash - double Combat Drug bonuses. Note that it's Start of Battle Round again. Mainly good with Adrenalight or Grave Lotus, puts out plenty of damage. Also solid on a Stimm Addict succubus, though if you want all the stacking bonuses you probably end up with your Wych units not getting any cool toys.
    Screaming Jets - yes. Note that dropping transports in and shooting out of them does reduce your options for getting your units into reroll auras. Good for keeping units safe until they shoot though, or setting up short ranged guns like Shredders. Getting to act before you get shot at is very important for Dark Eldar, and this is one of the best ways of doing so.
    Freakish Spectacle - this is nice because you use it after the Morale roll, so there's no chance you don't get any benefit if you spent the CP. 1cp to immediately kill a model every now and then is a nice thing to have - may not come up often, but every now and then you'll eat a marine or something with it.
    Torturer's Craft - flat wound rerolls on an entire Coven unit in melee. Always good to have, means practically anything is making a lot of saves. Note that this also makes your Wracks and so on potentially able to actually put a dent in some tanks if you have to, so you aren't completely useless if you meet a Dreadnought or something.
    Hunt From the Shadows - cover is handy,and Kabalite in power armor are a lot tougher. Sometimes this is stronger than Lightning Reflexes, and it's also cheaper. Also you can stack them both if you really need someone to live.
    Pray They Don't Take You Alive - doesn't come up often, but global - 1 ld is an OK debuff. Even more than the Dark Creed one, this is only really good if you're already winning.
    Soul Trap - great power up. Don't give your Archon an Agoniser. +1S +1A is a great bunch of benefits, if you get to reach a character. You pretty much always want to use this if you have the opportunity, unless you have a specific other use for your CP in mind.
    Enhanced Aethersails - mainly good on Red Grief transports to pin people down turn one. Otherwise, your stuff is already very fast and usually you don't need to be advancing with your vehicles.
    Onslaught - 'unmodified' is a sad word. Probably only worth it if you're making a ton of attacks, and then you're probably either killing stuff anyway, or you're fighting something you really shouldn't be.
    Crucible of Malediction - paying CP to fail. Take the wargear Crucible from the Index instead, at least there it's free. You can stack them, but it's only really worth if if it means the difference between a dead wizard and a living one.
    Torment Grenade - d3 mortals for 1cp on around a 2.5+ is not bad. PGLs are cheap. This one goes off pretty reliably compared to the other MW Stratagems.

    Spoiler: Universal Traits

    Hatred Eternal - works on guns and relics, which is cool. Great for the warlord's personal threat, especially if you give him a Blaster and/or Huskblade.
    Soul Thirst - gives a lot of wounds if you can reach a unit. Great for chopping up infantry. Getting both damage and durability at the same time is nice.
    Ancient Evil - leadership bombs are cool but 3" is not a long distance. If someone is within 3" of your Archon it should probably be dead. If it isn't, it's probably not something that's worried about Morale (i.e. monsters, characters, etc)

    Quicksilver Fighter - ASF is cool, though if you get charged your opponent can still hit you first with one unit. Most of the time you want to be the one being aggressive / doing the charging and then this doesn't do much.
    Stimm Addict - great bonuses. Doesn't play well with Wyches who also want the same buffs. Reasonable if you want to leave the Wyches at home and take an Outrider of Reavers instead.
    Precision Blows - unfortunately there is no way to give a Succubus a bonus to wound. If you could get her a Venom Blade this would be sweet. But you can't, so meh.

    Master Regenist - not bad to have. Helps against chip damage but doesn't do much against a dedicated attack. Only something you'd consider if you're Dark Creed, since Prophets have a great Trait already and Coven of Twelve's specific trait gives a similar but better bonus to durability.
    Master Nemesene - Works on relics which is cool. It's fine, but requires you to be in melee. Makes an Ichor Injector go off more often, but it's still not really what you want your Haemonculus to be doing. If something needs chopping up, get your hulking blob monsters to do it.
    Master Artisan - Rerolling 1s on a 6+ roll isn't a big jump, but it does make your Coven stuff a bit tougher. Not very high impact though.

    Spoiler: Universal Relics

    Parasite's Kiss - with a solid profile, this gives you a good combination of damage output and durability from the healing.
    Djin Blade - Turns your Archon into a real blender. A single MW isn't the end if the world, and you can always choose not to use if you're on 1.
    Helm of Spite - actual psyker defense! Note that you can't use it if you're in a transport. Still solid though.
    Nightmare Doll - yet another way to make your Haemonculus absurdly durable. Does the job well, but is it really necessary?
    Animus Vitae- d3 mortals on a 2+ isn't bad. The range is short though. Not bad if you really need a specific PfP buff this turn, but those scenarios don't usually come up enough to be worth a Relic slot. If you're taking this it's for the Mortals.
    Triptych Whip - Nice mainly because it gives both attacks and to-wound, meaning the good Drugs can be left for the actual Wych units. Not great for Cursed Blade since you waste the Str, but otherwise a fine option. Succubi are pretty short on base attacks so this helps there.

    Spoiler: HQ Choices
    Archon - Reroll aura is always nice. Solid personal threat and durable too. Can take a blaster from the Index, usually a good idea if you have enough points - he's more accurate than a Kabalite or Scourge with it. The Huskblade is usually the best bet for killing people with, since it makes use of the various strength bonuses available, unlike agonisers and venom blades.

    Succubus - Again, the reroll aura is good to have. Somewhat lacking in attacks, but then she only costs 55 points or so. Surprisingly durable with her 4++, she's good to give a Shardnet to and go tie up units - she can't really take an actual Cc unit head on though. Razorflails don't do much for her. Hydra Gauntlets or the Agoniser are the better damage options, but if you want her to actually kill anything you probably just want one of the relic weapons.

    Haemonculus- mainly there for the toughness aura, they're reasonably durable and have some good weapon options. Electrocorrosive whips are damage 2 agonisers, which are solid against most targets and probably your best option. The guns are weird but mostly underwhelming.

    Drazhar- I'd just pay the extra 30 points for two Archons. They do more damage, have more wounds, work with Stratagems and Obsessions, can have guns.

    Leleith Hesperax - She's slightly more points for a Succubus that can actually kill things and doesn't cost you a good combat drug slot. 3++ isn't bad either.

    Urien Rakarth - The points you're paying are for the Strength bonus aura. Since Wrack weapons are poisoned, it's mainly good for Grotesques. If you want lots of them, Urien is solid. If you don't, leave him at home. Simple as that.

    Spoiler: Troops
    Kabalite Warriors - 6 points is pretty good for a fast Obsec unit with good shooting. Shredders and Blasters are great - Shredders especially if your Obsession is Obsidian Rose. They aren't super durable, but you paid 6 ppm and they do have a 6+++ and good leadership. Raiders and Venoms do help keep them alive. Dark Lances on 10 man units are only worth it if you're staying on a home objective - if you plan on moving much then something without penalties to hit does better.

    Wyches - Lots of damage output. 3 attacks at 8 ppm with access to drugs and Obsessions above that is pretty scary. Hydra Gauntlets are great for damage - razorflails less so since you hit on 2+ later in the Game anyway, and Succubi give you reroll 1s - and shard nets are fantastic for pinning down units. Many armies rely on falling back to use their tools well and Wyches stop that dead.

    Wracks - 9ppm for a slower model without a ranged attack isn't fantastic, but they make up for it by being very durable and reasonably damaging. Wracks near a Haemonculus are very hard to shift for their points, especially Prophets of Flesh ones.

    Spoiler: Elites
    Lhamean- defensively, they're a 3 wound Kabalite for 15 points. They only have 2 attacks, but they wound on 2+ and do a MW on 4+. They're not a bad source of MWs. Only coming in units of 1 and being so flimsy and melee only really hurts them though. They probably won't one-round anything, and then they may well die on the backswing.

    Medusae - again they're a 3 wound Kabalite. This time round they have a gun, though. Four ap2 str4 shots for 21 points is a pretty great deal. However, 9" range means you can't drop in and shoot immediately, which is a deal breaker. The only way around it is to drop in / fly up, fire with the Venom, and use Fire and Fade to move to within 9" before firing with the on board Medusae. If you're willing to do that they're quite good, but otherwise don't bother.

    Sslyth - 27 points for an OK gun on a T5 model (note, no Power from Pain) with a 5++. These guys don't really do anything, unless you are incredibly worried about snipers and don't want to give your Archon a boat.

    Ur-Ghul - six attacks on a super flimsy body for 15 points. Wyches do everything this guy does better, and have ObSec and PfP. Only relevant if you really dont want to take a Wych Cult detachment for some reason.

    Incubi - 3 attacks each, with str4 power weapons. They even have 3+ armor (and PfP). At 16 points they're not absurdly expensive, if you want something that demolishes Marines. Make sure they get a transport.

    Mandrakes - also 16 points, these guys SUA (always handy), have a solid gun (~bolt rifle, but 6s to wound are Mortals) and are reasonable in combat while coming with a 5++ and permanent - 1 to be hit. They do a bit of everything and are easy to fit into a detachment, so never a bad option.

    Beastmaster - 40 points for a 3 wound Skyboard rider with an Agoniser. He's required for Beasts, so if you want them bring him. He's also somewhere you can shove the +2ld drug and have it actually do something, which is sometimes nice.

    Grotesques - durable, come in big units, reasonably damaging. They do like having a Haemonculus or Urien nearby for the nice T6. 4 wounds is great though, they take a lot of chewing through unless you have a lot of D2 weapons. Prophets Obsession helps against Plasma.

    Hekatrix Bloodbrides - Index only unit. Strictly worse than Wyches, do not take unless you like spending points on air.

    Kabalite Trueborn - Index only unit. These gentlemen do have advantages over Warriors - mainly, ability to take 4 Shredders or Blasters in a 5 man squad - but you pay almost double the points for the privilege. At only one point less than Scourges as a special weapon platform, their only upside is that they gain Archon and Obsession buffs. However none of those really help you shoot Blasters out of a Vehicle, since you don't get auras then. There might be a reason to take them involving Webway Portal, but you probably just want Scourges or Warriors instead of these.

    Spoiler: Fast Attack
    Clawed Fiend - basically a worse Grotesque for only a 3 point discount. Slightly faster, but less durable and less AP. It's damage 2 though so not awful at chopping up heavy infantry if you reach it. WS4+ does not help.

    Khymerae - same as Ur-Ghul, outclassed by Wyches. They're in the same obsession too, so even less reason to run these ones.

    Razorwing Flock - they are fast. However strength / toughness 2 with no save is a real problem. Especially at 12 ppm, even with 4 wounds.

    Reavers - 19 points for an absurdly fast model with T4/2W/4+ and two reasonable attacks, plus combat drugs. Best in Red Grief where you jump on anyone who can't fall back + shoot turn one with your 24" move. Even outside RG you threaten a long way though. Their damage output isn't fantastic for the points but they are great at tying things up. The Fly By stratagem works well with them too.

    Hellions - for 5 points cheaper than Reavers, you lose a wound, a toughness and a save, and swap an AP for a damage on your weapons. The only advantage these guys have is you can take 20 in one unit for 20 die fly by attacks. Otherwise, stick to Reavers.

    Scourges - faction independent 12ppm guys with SUA who can take 4 special weapons. Great heavy duty killers with blasters, great infantry killers with Shredders. Both good options. They are a bit flimsy - T3 4+/6++ - so make sure whatever you jump on actually dies. Haywire Blasters are probably the best vehicle killer in the book too, at 20ppm for ~1 MW per model against any vehicle.

    Spoiler: Heavy Support

    Talos- it's a big ball of stats with guns. It's only T6, so a Haemonculus helps. Note that it's only BS4+. Chain Flails are good for infantry, double Macro Scalpel is slightly better than Talos Gauntlet against larger stuff unless it's toughness 8.

    Cronos- mainly there for the melee rr1 to wound aura. Its also durable and cheap enough to tie stuff up for a good while. The low strength on its guns and the small number of attacks means it's damage output is nothing of interest, though.

    Ravager - 125 with disintegrator, 140 with Lances. Lances are less attractive than they used to be because Blasters are available elsewhere and provide similar anti tank. Disintegrator Cannons are fantastic against heavy infantry and with their high shots and good all round stats, aren't bad against most targets. Gets good use out of the Black Heart and Flayed Skull Obsessions, Obsidian Rose isn't bad either.

    Spoiler: Transports

    Raider- Cheap, open topped, fast, Screaming Jets target, carries 10. Does exactly what you want. It's a pity you can't run a 10 model unit for the extra special weapons, and still have a slot for a character, but it's still great. Take Splinter Racks if you're planning on putting Warriors in it. Note that Raiders do get +1 Toughness from Haemonculi. You don't have to carry units from your own obsession, so consider where you want your transports from. Usually you want Black Heart for the 6+++, Flayed Skull for faster movement, Red Grief for advance + charge, or a Coven to benefit from the Haemonculus' aura. Shock Prow, Grisly Trophies and Chain Snares aren't impressive, though if you have spare points they are Okay filler. Phantasm Grenade Launchers are still cheap, but have the advantage of setting up for the Torment Grenade stratagem if you need some extra Mortal Wounds, so it's useful to have a couple around. They're also one of the longer ranged Ld debuff options.

    Venom- see Raider, but 2" extra movement, and drops a Toughness for a -1 to hit. Giving characters their personal Venom isnt a bad plan - it's not a bad unit even without passengers, especially since it's good at keeping targets engaged and eating overwatches to protect Wyches.

    Spoiler: Flyers
    Razorwing Jetfighter - 10 more points than a DCannon Ravager, dropping one gun for the missiles and gaining Hard to Hit. Note that you can make a Black Heart Flyer Wing for a free 6+++. You can use Fire and Fade for an extra move to reposition after shooting (but you might explode, depending on your TO).

    Voidraven Bomber - 155-165 points for a flyer which just does straight up less damage than a RWJF. The only upside is the Void Bomb, which is admittedly not bad, but I don't know if ~6 mortals once per game is worth downgrading your guns and paying 40 points.

    Spoiler: Forge World Units
    Reaper - 150 points for D6 Dark Lance shots, so slightly more than a Ravager. However, the Storm Projector is Heavy, so you get penalties if you move and shoot it. The trade off you gain is a no-AP mode with more shots if you don't need the Lances. It's not really worth it, but you do also get to have a <Coven>/<Cult> keyword, which means you can use the Dark Creed stratagem to give it Sniper, or shoot twice with the Cult of Strife one. However, that's more relevant on...

    Tantalus- 350 points for a vehicle with 18W/T7/3+/5++. Not super durable for the points, but certainly tougher than most Drukhari options. The guns are pretty good - you get 12 plasma level shots, which are definitely solid against any target. The main advantages, though, are the faction options - as mentioned in the Reaper above - and secondly, it's a 16 person open topped transport which isn't too flimsy. Putting some reasonably shooty units in one of these machines and dropping it in gives you a solid firebase - note that four Raiders with disintegrator cannons are similarly shooty and cost similar points for more capacity, though they cost you more CP to use. Without Dark Creed, it's a good solid gun platform but pretty comparable to the rest of the army. With it, it's pretty dangerous. I wouldn't be surprised to see it get changes - hopefully removing <Coven> or something rather than just making it 650 points, but you never know. You have been warned.
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