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    The darkness of the dreamscape was a comfort to her, darkness had always been her friend even before she had come to this world. As she stood there staring off into the dark she looked around at the silhouettes of the others, "Seems like even in a dream we are bound to each other, guess if our fates are tied together like that voice had stated then it would make sense for them to be here with me. I wonder if the others enjoy the dark as much as I do, it has always been there for me... The one guaranteed thing in every night." As the voice faded off she began to wonder why she was here, when had she fallen asleep, she couldn't remember. There was just a black space in her memory, she thought back to what she had last been doing.

    She didn't care for the man that Avecna had found, Pebeltin had dug himself a hole. One that would end up being his grave if it wasn't for the money he was offering. He had gotten into trouble with the Sczarni and was trying to escape. Her group had just gotten done meeting with the Rello family and had managed to come to a deal with them. They could try and escort Pebeltin safely to his destination while the Sczarni would try and steal him away or they could leave him to the Sczarni and still make some money off of the mans death. If she was to be honest with herself she would much rather just let the Sczarni families have him, it was a much safer bet and could help them out later down the line if they ever needed the help of any of the Sczarni families. But in the end it was not completely her choice, she still needed to figure out how the rest of the group felt.... hopefully they were of a similar mind as her.

    As the darkness slowly faded away she became away of her surroundings. The thick smell of damp earth filled her nostrils, the softness of it caressing her as she laid there collecting her thoughts. Opening her eyes she waited for them to adjust to the darkness of the night. As they adjusted she began making out the web of roots that sprouted from the trees around her, "Another forest, grand... why is it that I keep waking up in forests without memories. Hopefully this time im not in an even younger body, or on another world again... One time is plenty for this life." As her mind started to catch up she began hearing voices around her. The first one seemed to be some sort of child, it was an unnerving voice as it seemed that it wanted to eat her and some others that must have been in the area as well. Thankfully a few more voices had risen up in their defense and seemed to keep the child from devouring her. She laid there listening to the voices, she tried to memorize the names being said. The Child seemed to be called Ka, he sounded wild and untamed as if the darkness itself had driven him mad. The second voice she heard seemed to belong to a man that none of the others seemed to have named, apparently he was Maa or at least that's what it seemed like seeing as he sounded wise and they had referenced him as such. The first female voice appeared to belong to a woman named Elaa, she seemed nice enough but apparently babied the child to much. There was another male voice, this one seemed wise but she never heard a name for him... She decided to call him the Elder since he sounded old and wise. The next female voice also did not get a name, it seemed though that this one was a voice of reason to the rest. She decided to call this voice Reason as it was what identified it the most. A strong male voice had entered the discussion, this one did not speak much but had named another... She liked his voice, it was strong and filled with power she would call him The Strong One. A final voice had spoken, this was had been named as belonging to Vec. As the conversation continued she was taken aback at the feeling of different presences vanishing suddenly, it was a welcomed thing as some of the being had a harsh presence that worried her a bit. Of course the entire conversation worried her, these being kept talking about a Hunt. She did not know what the hunt entailed but if the child's actions were anything to go by then it might have been sapient beings that were being hunted.

    As the last presence vanished from her senses she began to hear the groans of Denil as he woke up and began moving about. The clanging of his pack a welcoming sound after having listened to the different voices. Pushing herself up onto her knees she stifled down a groan of her own as a wave of nausea clung to her mind. As the nausea passed she took the time to survey the immediate area, black soil was under their feet as a heavy mist concealed much of the forest beyond it. At Denils mention of the lack of sound she strained her ears listening for anything, after a moment of not hearing a noise she began to get a sinking feeling in her stomach. "Why is it that I keep waking up in forests without memories and its always so silent. I guess at least this time im not alone." Standing up she checks her body over as she listens to Denil talk. The suddenness of a woman's laugh sent her heart into overdrive a slight squeak coming out of her mouth, it didn't seem like a malicious laugh but still the timing of it and the fact that there was no other noises in the forest had startled her a bit. As the woman spoke she realized that she had heard this voice once before, it was the same woman that had been speaking to the other entities. Her ears perked up as she listened, the woman seemed to want to help them... but she could only help to the sun rose, they needed to act fast.

    Hearing Aden and Arina speak up reminded her that she needed to put her facade back in place, though she hadn't fully broke it her voice hadn't been one of either cheerfulness or dread at the current predicament. As she set herself right she quickly replied to the others hoping that none had noticed her slip up, "Umm, I-Its stella... I think I'm good, though a bit worried as to where we are and what happened... Last memory I have besides that surreal dream was of the Rello family and us striking a deal with them. I don't remember any of what Denil said happened, maybe the kids potential is why we can't remember." Pulling her shoulders in she tried to make herself seem small and fragile, "Ummm, if they took our stuff back to sandpoint I would much like to go back there and have it returned. That carriage was my home and it had a lot of my stuff still in it... If Mister Pebeltin was taken then I think it would just be better to get our wagons back and meet with the Rello Family for their offer." She stands there looking at the ground with her hands fidgeting as she waits for the others to reply.

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